Many of Spurs’ fringe players have been linked with a move away from the club and generally speaking, rumours about possible departures for the likes of Vedran Corluka and Steven Pienaar have been met with a clear ‘no’  from Harry Redknapp.

That hasn’t been the case with Gio Dos Santos however and after the manager is believed to have vetoed a last minute move in the summer, it now seems that he is finally prepared to let the Mexican go.

“We’ll see what happens in this window,” Redknapp said. “I think he’ll probably move if we get the right offer, but we have to get the right offer. He’s an international player and it was a real big offer last year. I’m sure the chairman would not want to let him go cheaply.”

Gio impressed on Saturday as he did in some of his Europa League outings and while we often see frustrating signs of his true potential, Harry also gave a clear indication as to why the player isn’t part of his overall plans.

“He’s got talent but has to work harder in training and get fitter,” explained Redknapp.

“When he does that he has a chance. He has had a real opportunity to play here if he’s at it, but there are lots of good players here.”

So there we have confirmation of what many of us suspected but it remains to be seen if Gio will finally end his Spurs career in this transfer window.



  1. Wrong, Corluka has been met with a clear “NO” to West Ham ONLY, not as you again suggest a no he will not be leaving.

    You clearly are unaware that Harry has said his head is not in the right place and he is not even trying in training. The West Ham offer is £1.8 million which is way lower than levy wants, so if someone stumps up more money he will be off.

  2. Such a shame.The kid is really good but needs to be wanted and played to get the best out of him. He has top quality players in front of him and the only way to get ahead was to do it in training and then when he gets the chance to play. He has just not done enough

    So sad because i think we can all see he has real talent and quality. I am sure he will go and hope we get a good price to reinvest and Gio goes with my best wishes and much sadness of might have been

  3. A pity because he has talent and like i said in a earlier blog would be a great playmaker due to his ball control and passing skills.Sadly its passing a bar or a round of drinks that has let him down.He is more suited to Spain or Italy and i feel that is where he will end up.As he is still young he could go to any club for a few years and still end up at Sevilla which is where he seems to want to go.

  4. Why would he try hard in training. Harry clearly has his favourites who he plays regardless of for VDV for example. Instead of managing his squad, rotating his players and making them all seem like part of this winning team. He has segregated them. I can understand players who lose interest. When i played pro, i had a many who picked his favourites. Even though all the other coaches rated me. on my two appearances i made things happen. But as a man and a player, once you lose belief in your manager, you lose respect for him. Gio perfect replacement for vdv, like for like but harry never played him, even though for me vdv is no existent is most games. Sad, same for Pav – just my opinion.

    • ALL managers have favourites – even the best. Fergie would not play Solskjaer, and is now not playing Berbatov. Back in da day, Fergie would not play Brian McClair. Wenger did the same with numerous players. But the fact is that Gio is NOT in any way a replacement for Vdv. You just cannot say that. Vdv comes with guarantees – he will work hard, he will fight, will be an example, and will use intelligence, and often scores or assists. Gio only guarantees a weak performance – unless against teams of League One level or above. Or perhaps in the Spanish Leagues on loan. It is not about favouritism in his case. It is about NEVER proving himself in England. You CANNOT WAIT to be picked. You must DEMAND to be picked. Even Livermore has overtaken him, in terms of seniority.

      • VDV comes with guarantee’s :)) your having a laugh. Have a look at his last 5 games and tell me what he has given us. good start then thats it. He is so slow, he is greedy, takes all the free kicks and corners to justify his place, and messes up almost every single one. When he has the ball, be disrupts momentum, because he goes sideways and backwards. He is terrible. Plays one great pass everyone talks about it, and forgets that he was non existent in the entire game. Its like playing with 10 men. This is just my opinion, so i hope people don’t start having heart attacks. Just please, watch him against Everton, and I am sure he will stay true to form. The managers who named had their reasons, fergie in particular, harry’s favouritism see’s him signing the same players at every club he goes to. A good manager does not have favourites – he has reasons.

        • I do not say that VDV plays well every game, but he WORKS every game. P-l-ease do not TRY to say that he is terrible. That is just comical. Our top scorer from last season? Top assists last season? Gio is not fit to clean his boots. Gio HAS skill and talent – I am not denying that – BUT the APPLICATION is not there! I am not going as far as you – trying to unjustifiably belittle a player’s talent for the sake of an argument. Vdv is the best finisher at our club, and the most experienced. Gio is only experienced in playing for Mexico and being on the bench. Vdv was on the bench at Real Madrid, and voluntarily gave up money for the sake of playing time. If only Gio would try that, we may actually see the guy have a chance to prove some of his talent.

        • Plus Harry HAS reasons – 4th place, 5th place, currently 3rd place. That is proof in itself of him being justified in his selections. Every time Gio plays against a team of Premiership standard, he fails. Rose, Livermore, Carroll have all played well against teams of standard, but Gio has only played well against lower level teams.

        • Are you an Arsenal fan? We can go joint second on Wednesday. What are you moaning about?!? Harry can have as many favourites as he wants. We are genuine title contenders this season. How can you find faults??!!?

    • As much as I agree Gio maybe should have been given a chance with us, fact is harry sees the boy day in day out (when he reports to training that is). Harry loves attaking, fair players and so, I’m sure genuinely would have liked to have given him more of a run in the early days. Let’s not forget, he came from THE best place for young players to flourish at the top level, and IMO had far more natural ability at than say Pedro at the same age. Pedro worked harder at his game, Gio didn’t and Barca let him go. We took a punt on him, and clearly in Harry’s opinion he still hasn’t worked hard enough. We can go joint second tomorrow so I’m inclined to trust the man’s judgement! As for replacing VDV get real. Admittedly by his standars he’s not been great the last few games, but he still scored at Swansea, played the slide rule pass through to Pav for the winner v Sunderland, and anyone at the West Brom game could see he worked his socks off for the team in an unfavoured role. We should be pulling together and getting behind the lads because we could be on the verge of something very special here. COYS!!!!

    • I get your sarcasm, and your point is noted. However, it is about survival of the fittest. Someone who cannot prove themselves in training, is even less likely to impose themselves in games. Daniel Sturridge has ousted several more senior players than himself in order to become a starter for Chelsea – Malouda, Torres, Drogba, Anelka. Sturridge has put these guys on the bench. It not all about the manager because Sturridge WAS at a team that did not want to play him (City) – so he made a move happen (to Chelsea). Then, he made a loan move (to Bolton) happen. Then he made a spot in the Chelsea team happen. None of it was through waiting….like Gio. Gio’s career is passing him by. He could easily make a move happen, but he is choosing MONEY over career.

  5. Gio might not be good enough, or pav either for that matter, but I guess we will never know, because they never got a fair crack of the whip. By that i mean 4 or 5 games conseq, match sharpness and fitness is so different to training. It just does not compare, especially with the speed of the prem.

    • I like Gio, and he’s shown hints of real ability, but with our current position in the table and our aspirations for the end of the season we really can’t afford to give an underperforming player a month’s worth of consecutive start in the hope that he’ll discover his match form. What if we lose a couple of the games where he’s settling in? What if he’s no better at the end of the run of games? What if the player who’s left out loses his match sharpness?

      In a team that’s on such excellent form and performing so well as a unit, bench players get their starts when the opportunity arises (in easier or less important games, as injury cover or to give somebody a rest) and have to impress on those appearances. It’s a shame for them if they can’t, but doing it any other way could jeopardise our chances of CL qualification or a title push.

  6. would love to keep gio


    Adebeyor/ Dembe Ba (5m) / Defoe/ Coulibaye

    Bale Modric Van der vaart / a fit Dos Santos/ Lennon/ Hoilett (7m) / Dembele (swap for kranjcar with jol + 3m)/ Ceballos/ Falque

    Sandro/ Parker/ Huddelstone (also can use modric here if required)

    Akotto/ Rose/ Walker/ Naughton
    King/ Samba (8m)/ Gallas/ Kaboul/ Dawson/ Caulker

    ? Good young keeper

    Demba Ba; 5
    Hoilett; 7
    Dembele; 3 + Kranjcar
    Samba 8

    if he manages to get them lot for peanuts old harry will have done well, giving us a strong formidable squad able to compete on many fronts. : )

    will allow us to have young hungry players waiting in the wings and get rid of Pav, Pienaar, Kranjcar, Corluka, Jenas!!


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