It’s all too easy to point the finger when a striker isn’t finding the net but you can be sure that the newspapers won’t shy away from targeting criticism towards a misfiring centre forward. Step forward the Guardian who are aiming a lot of flak in the direction of Emmanuel Adebayor.

The report suggests that the Togolese has simply ‘gone off the boil’ and part of the story states,

‘Gradually,  Adebayor’s form has dipped – he has scored once in the past seven league matches – and even though he found the net against Wolves only to have the goal disallowed for a debatable offside, this was perhaps his most ineffective game of the season as he continually found himself in the wrong place and the wrong time. It may not be a bad thing that his loan deal means he cannot play against his parent club next week.’

Striker rumours in the transfer market have gathered a bit of momentum this week and although Harry was quick to rubbish the Torres links, there has been a more believable story concerning Marseille’s Loic Remy. Elsewhere, other potential arrivals at White Hart Lane have been discussed at great length.

Firstly, is the Guardian’s criticism fair? A player of Ade’s calibre will always get back to his best but on the other hand, he isn’t our player and the likelihood is that his deal will not be made permanent. With that in mind should we look to the future now or should we keep our existing front line and trust them to keep us in the top three at the very least?



  1. Spurs already have a player in Defoe who is far more likely to score than Adebayor, if allowed on the pitch. I am not sure of the point of buying another striker when the ones at the club already can’t get much playing time.

    • Defoe’s allround game is poor. Granted he is a goalscorer and has scored important goals for us, but his hold up play is non-existant. I’d rather have Ade starting anyday over Defoe.

      • This is the biggest lie going round cast ypur mind back too when he ran back got the ball started the move and finished it. He and Ady where a proper partnership but Harry rewarded Defoe with the Bench and the culprit a Van with dodge breaks .He has scored 18 goals from the bench the most in the premiership and Harry needs someone too tell him Van has scored just one since October a lucky strike against Swansea. Why we need a defensive midfielder at Home is beyond me . Harry should trust our attack and back four and play this team Gomes without gaffs for his area dominance Walker Dawson Kaboul Ekotto Lennon Modric Van Bale Defoe Ady get the goals and shut up shop in the second half.

  2. We need our strikers on fire to continue to maintain our fine form. Ade has a fantastic allround game but he still needs to be putting the ball in the net. Sounds like Remy is a no-go, but I wouldn’t rule out Ba. Similar to Ade, but perhaps a little more prolific in front of goal. Let’s get that release clause activated!

    • Defoe was on fire we beat Wolves 2-0 and then Hamstring came back and we started limping over the line with Bale Lennon Walker Ekotto Defoe all helping us too win. The Wolves game was waiting too happen and the signes where there in our last few games 4411 was a busted flush and Ady plays better with Defoe dragging defenders out of position and leaving space for Ady Harry has gone blind with fear of dropping Vaart. We have two of the best attacking wingers in the World and only one striker too aim for it madness. Teams with energised players like Swansea Wolves thrive on a five man midfield and just all get behind the ball when Hudds returns this wont work because he can peg any defence with his raking passing.

  3. You are so right,Adebayor will not become a Spurs player next season,his wages are far to high. I have said it all year,if Spurs want a great striker now is the time to try buying Leandro.His work rate is the same as Sandro and he is a brilliant centre forward. One thing is for sure he would score plenty of goals.

    • What can I say more? Ade’s is not the no. 10 man we’re looking. He’s too casual (or, is he lazy…?).The chances of us getting Leandro or Damaio remain to be seen. The Jan window is closing soon, the longer we wait or contemplate), we’ll see no one coming in. Do we have to always look at those guys who will demand above 100k a week (at a cheap price)? Why don’t we try have a look at those who will be more than happy to get 50k per week (or less) yet will always have the drive and fire in their belly….. been observing Scott Sinclair and Nathan Dyer in the past few weeks, both are Swansea’s.

  4. Very unlikely Adebayor will be here next season so if a suitable replacement can be found it makes sense to get them in now if possible. Still hoping we can bring Damiao to the club.

  5. Whether you like it or not Ade has made a huge difference to the Spurs game. He has allowed them to play on the ground rather than punt it up for Crouch to get his head on it. If he leaves we need a similar kind of player to lead the line. Defoe is good but that is not his game. Incidentally if it were not for apalling refereeing Ade would have had a couple of extra goals in the last couple of matches.

  6. Adebayor has been good for Spurs, especially when compared to the static Crouch. Ade’s disallowed goal on Saturday was not debatable, it was on side, as was his winner against Chelsea, and equaliser at Stoke both of which were not even close to being offside. £10 Million for Defoe? If that was a genuine offer I would bite Liverpools hand off.

  7. What dip in form? There hasen’t been any dip in form, he has been excellent for us and continues to be.
    He didn’t draw a blank, he scored a perfectly good goal for the second time which the officials wrongly ruled out, that is not his fault, besides which it is a team game.

    Defoe has already said there is no chance of him leaving Tottenham in this transfer window so any bid is irrelevant for our current leading goalscorer.

    • I agree, he’s 9 goals and 6 assists in 19 games.
      Plus should have 3 legitimate goals on top of that which were ruled out (Stoke, Chelsea, Wolves).
      Gone of the boil? Behave! Some of you blogging drama queens need to get a grip…

  8. There is a very good reason Ade gets the nod over Defoe – and he would n my book even if I knew now that he wouldn’t score again all season. If Defoe plays he may well score another 10 goals. If Ade plays the team will score an extra 20. No contest. No brainer. Defoe would suit Liverpool – he’d fit in with the other 10 exceptional individual players that don’t add up to a lot. If the £10 million went towards Damaio I would be absolutely delighted.

  9. Adebayor can hold the ball and bring other players in play. BuT the downsides to his game are: He is not great at finishing. Check out his goals and he hasn’t scored a convincing goal for us. He is constanly offside! AND he needs to get his arse in the box! He hugs the wings where our wingers are more than capable and because vdv has no pace we then have no one in the box. He needs to be the spearhead and stay in and around the edge of the area..whikst staying onside of course. If I was harry I’d take a look at soldado at valencia (I think) very capable striker and his club are in trouble! Even have another look at huntelaar. Huntelaar and vdv would prob work! OR dare I say it berbatov?!

  10. Our biggest fear is Harry who keeps opening his mouth and putting his foot in it. The latest gaff is saying Ady will have to take a pay cut too stay at Spurs he was then playing well . You don’t ask a player on loan to take a pay cut unless he offers Chelsea could have alredy tapped him or one of our rivals for all we no/

  11. Look guys Ade won’t be here next season and the Damiao bid is dead, we should continue looking at loic remy, his agent has stated he could leave and wouldnt reject us, however he is more likely to leave in summer

  12. Adebayor is caught offside so many times in every game that he plays. He also misses lots of opportunities to score. Any fairly decent striker with the amount of chances he gets should score as much or more than him.

  13. when there was rumours of arse buying remy 1/2 seasons ago i was thinking why dont we buy him then. if he wants 2 come 2 us then get him. tha CLASS

  14. ade’s ability to hold the ball up is something we have never had in a striker my whole life supporting spurs … NEVER !!! (29 yrs)

    he works hard, closing down constantly and never staying still, (something i was not expecting when he turned up ) … he has the strength of drogba, the touch of kanu and although gets caught offside a bit , is still a better finisher than darren bent!

    nothing has changed, still a very classy and important and important player and we will be a lesser team without him against Citeh!


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