Our old friends the Daily Mail run a headline this morning stating that Harry Redknapp has ‘pleaded’ with Chairman Daniel Levy to do all he can in striking a deal that is tempting enough to keep Emmanuel Adebayor at the club.

In contrast with The Guardian who slated the player at the start of the week, the Mail’s article underlines the striker’s qualities but Harry’s quotes do rather stop short of sounding like a plea.

Here’s what he said,

‘If you want to keep the best players, we must find a way of doing a deal that’s near to what they can earn elsewhere.

‘We’re not in a position to pay £40million or £200k a week, we don’t do it.

‘The chairman Daniel Levy doesn’t run it like that and rightly so.’

We’ve already seen one loanee tied up on a permanent deal this month and while Adebayor’s future is unlikely to be decided until the end of the season, could Levy really be working towards an offer that suits all parties?



  1. Ade needs to take a pay cut of about £100,000 per week. Can’t see it happening. PSG or someone who have plenty of cash are likely to come in over the summer and blow us out of the water.

  2. I really like Adebayor.. He’s exactly what we have needed. Quick, strong, skillful and an aereal threat. But he’s not a £200k a week player. Just because City are so stupid I dont see why it should ruin everything for every other club. No player is really worth that much, but in the modern game players do. But surely only the very, very top players. Adebayor may be good, but he’s not THAT good. Not too long ago we were saying how stupid it was that the very top players were getting £100k-pw.

  3. Ade has been good for us this season, but a word of caution. Ade had been good for every team initially. He was superb for the Goons and City, because he worked hard and showed that same enthusiasm as he’s doing for us right now. But every single club he’s played for, he’s fallen out with because his work-rate has fallen off and lethargy took over. Without his graft, he’s ordinary and there are better and more willing players out there, who won’t break the bank we should look at before committing ourselves to a potential financial disaster. Real had him don’t forget, and Mouriniho’s no one’s fool! The guy comes with more baggage than the Aga Khan.

  4. Mourinho liked him… Still in contact now apparently.

    They took him on loan to cover injury, but look at their squad, he wouldnt play if they bought him permanently.

    • Apparently?, the facts of the matter are pretty damning all the same Matt-He’s a good player but factor his wages and his past and it’s not exactly great reading is it?

      • Apparently – as in he has come out saying he chatted with Jose about coming to spurs and he still gets texts from him. Like many players have said similar about Jose.

        I would have been a little peed off if I was him after joining City as the main man and then them spending god knows how many millions on people to replace him within a year! Arsenal fans never really appriciated him. But then how many players really could have replace Henry in his prime?

        As I stated above, there are better players, he’s not a £200k a week player, but how many that are better are within our reach and proven in the prem?

        • If any former employer gives you a glowing reference, it’s generally that he likes you, but doesn’t want you, lol. I watched Fletcher on Saturday giving us a hard time and there are plenty out there who can offer us the same. I actually like Ade and Defoe as a pairing, but it’s his past that bothers me mostly. As for the Goons, they fell out with him because he’s form dropped off and he stopped working-same as City and don’t forget his ‘strike’ to get away from Monaco intially. That makes every club and I’d rather it wasn’t us having a 20-30m dead-weight, that we simply can’t afford-good debate all the same Matt

    • me too, providing Kings fit that is, Dawson and Kaboul scare the bejeejesus outa me to be honest, I like a centre pairing with at least one braincell between ’em


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