Most Spurs fans will be grateful for an early weekend kick off as a chance to get back to the football after a mixed week at the club. Watford will host us in our fourth round FA Cup tie and one player almost certain to feature is the versatile Jake Livermore.

Jake has appeared regularly in the cup competitions, even filling in at right back against Cheltenham and has therefore underlined his potential to the club in more than one area of the pitch. Injuries in midfield to Tom Huddlestone, Sandro and Scott Parker have also seen him feature heavily in the league but if things had been different, the player could have been playing elsewhere this weekend.

“I had the opprtunity to move out on loan’” Livermore told Talksport this morning. “It was mine and the gaffer’s decision to stay and sit it out.”

Livermore went on to add that he has benefited hugely from playing around the likes of Parker, Modric and Bale and that can only be a good thing for himself and for Spurs. It’s still early days but signs are looking good for the Spurs future of Jake Livermore.



  1. The guy is RUBBISH … this is why we will NEVER win the PL – We need the best no middle of the road. But Harry does not see that, yes in a West Ham shirt he might look good but he does NOTHING for the first team pushing for the big one .. And as for a loan … I would not even keep him on the books, he will never make it at a top side. Could u see Man C/Man U or even Chelski signing him??? – No, and never could I – Sell the Twat.

  2. Peter, what the fuck are you on. Hes fuckin class. He’s still young so hel develop more. Obviously he won’t be the next messi but he’s good enough for our team and he’s also really cool in real life unlike some of the other spurs players….

  3. Yeah, he was rubbish-especially against Everton, his last full game, where he was man of the match in most peoples opinion, thank the Lord you’re not in football management eh? As for the likes of Chelsea or Manchester s, we’re not in their financial league, so bringing through the likes of Livermore, Carroll et-al, is essential to the long term future of our club until circumstances change, not rocket science is it?

  4. Excellent news. He’s already proved he can be a valuable part of the first team when needed – Everton was his stand-out performance and he rarely looks out of his depth – and he’s clearly going to benefit more from occasionally playing and training with such a classy squad than getting regular starting game time in a Championship or bottom-half club at this stage of his development.

    I can see him sticking around for a long time and being an important part of the team in years to come.

  5. Well Peter that was vicious and totally unecessary. Yeah he needs to add a few things to his game but hes not crap and well worth keeping with Parker entering into his 30s and Sandro seemingly quite injury prone. Just give him time.

  6. Didn’t we have this discussion as few weeks ago (I think just before the Everton game), loads of “fans” we cussing him, saying he would never be good enough etc.

    Well, I think he’s been great this season when played (first 2 games of the season don’t count, the whole team didnt show up). After that last discussion he put in a man of the match performance, he was a rock.

    What a lot of people haven’t picked up on (probably MOTD watchers, instead of people who see the whole game) is that his passing and ball control under pressure hasd generally been great, far better than I previously game him credit for.

    On top of that he’s strong and puts in a shift. After Parker, Sandro, Hudd, as 4th choice holding midfielders, I don’t see what peoples problem with him is. You wont get many better willing to come to us as 4th choice.

    Peter, you say about Utd, City, Chelsea wouldnt sign him. What about Cleverley? & Gibson a few years back etc? Wouldnt say either are better than him, but they have had game time at Utd while they won the league. City don’t count really as they buy Robinho for £37m, then loan him out, while getting shot of sturridge on the cheap to Chelsea.

  7. Don’t worry lads Peter is a gooner. This has been happening on a lot of spurs blogs at the moment. People who have never commented before come on with spurs related names and make negative comments about the team/manager etc. It’s designed to unsettle the team and the fans, don’t worry about it. ‘Peter’ stick to booing your own managers and players you utter pr*ck.

    Jake is a young guy who loves the club and has worked very hard to succeed. He seemed very level headed in the interview he did with talksport and I hope he makes it.

  8. More than capable player and has shown a lot of improvement recently. Remember after our Barcelona pre season game was asked what it felt like to score against the best team in the world to which he replied “best team in the world? I play for them”. After that he can stick around forever as far as i’m concerned 🙂

  9. thats because pete4arse wants him at arsehole, hes better than most of their players, dream on pal, you keep finding your walcotts.

  10. He isn’t bad and statistically, as well as visually, has had some good performances. He will never cut it at Spurs because fo the quality that is in front of him. If he can come on and do a job then great. Not a long-term player unless his development accelerates. Not bad though and good attitude, likeable character.

  11. Hmmm Jake Livermore

    I am glad the guy has stepped up. Nice to see a local lad coming through into the first team. However, he is nowhere near the required quality for Spurs first team at the moment (remember we want to be title challengers)

    That said, he has done a good job so far this season, and I am glad we have him around the squad as a utility man. Unfortunately, I think thats as good as he can be for us, and may eventually look to further his career as a first team regular elsewhere.

  12. I tell u what – any of you guys who think Livermore can cut it at the top know NOTHING about football. I have watched Spurs boy to man, I have seen people like him come and go and the sooner he goes the better. He is Wigan or Everton standard at best. He is no better than Pinnar and that guy is a tosser … to often we have seen this young lads with promise but never amount to anything and Livermore is in that pack. He does not have the vision or the skill – he is one year older than K Walker and look at the difference, Waker is ready for England , Livermore would be lucky to make it into Scotland …. Worlds apart and I bet in two years time you will all be saying … remember Livermore, whatever happend to him!!!

    • And you begin your tenure in football management when exactly? and can you also tell me the lottery numbers for the Euro and lotto draws as I’m skint and you can fortell the future, also the pools as I know bugger all about football, unlike you oh, wise one!

  13. Oh and lastly, because somebody has a different view to u moron’s does not make me a support of the other North London wankers (begins with an A if u understand the Alphbet) … but as you have no brains you would not understand that!!!

  14. peter4spurs.

    you more or less have said what i have said the difference being that you are being abusive to Livermore for no reason and are coming across as a prick.

    • Well said!

      You never know how a young player is going to develop but Jake is one of the more promising ones we’ve got, especially in a position where attributes like tactical thinking and positioning (that take time and experience to develop) are more important than things like speed and agility (which you see right away in promising young players). We know he can do a great job in the first team when needed and I can’t imagine he adds much to the wage bill so I can’t see a reason to loan him out or sell him.

  15. Any top side needs a player like Jake because he may not be able to start for us but he loves the club and won’t complain if he doesn’t start for months and he is very versatile.

  16. I have to agree with Pete4spurs but i would not put it has strong has he did the lad is good but he wont get any better. He is just like the lad from Utd Gibson he is okay in teams like Everton hard working and championship sides. When Hudds and Sandro are fit i expect him to be pushed further down the pecking order and in the summer move on too West Ham. I still think Carrol and Bostock will be better if one builds his body up and the other knuckles down.

  17. No better than average I’m afraid,nothing more nothing less.If spurs have aspirations of winning Premier league or competing in Champions league they’re going to need better quality players than Livermore… doubt about that fact!

  18. I know jake his just like his dad bully boy , i would love for him to make it but drink and drugs will finish him to much like his dad waister

  19. Hi Colin,

    Thanks for your reply. I would appreciate it if you would contact me on my email which is [email protected].
    A very good friend of mine knows this man and I’m very concerned. Thanks,


  20. Hi Nadine

    Not sure if his married , as for successful def not just a ponce anyone who knows him knows that. He has a lot of enemies by all accounts not to be trusted

  21. I was a good friend of his back in the day ,till he double crossed me and alot of people . Tell your friend keep away . Hi colin good to see you sat keep in touch .

  22. anymore on his dad ive spoke to a few people friends of the family and they say his ok but full of shit and if it wernt for jakes mum would have nothing.has he got any other kids or just jake.

  23. Colin said he was a waster like his dad his always on the gear and always was , should be banned for life disgrace to premiership

  24. Colin was right there Dave both jake and his father very involved in drugs not so much drink though more cocaine and steroids I herd . Where is his father gonna get his pocket money now


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