Spurs took the concept of winning ugly to new depths on Friday night in a poor performance that saw them edge past Watford and into the fifth round of the FA Cup.

Match winner Rafael van der Vaart conceded that this wasn’t the best performance by this current Spurs side but he was relieved to get through the tie.

“It was a bad game from us,” said Rafa. “It was a difficult night but we all know the main thing about the FA Cup is to get through and that’s what we did.

“Watford played well, we didn’t keep the ball as we usually do and then you can see why it was difficult.

“These cup games are always hard but we won and that’s the most important thing.”

The win gives Spurs an away tie at Stevenage in the fifth round. It may have been painful to watch, but we now have a great chance of progressing into the quarter finals.



  1. The FA Cup is a competition that should be respected especially by the top clubs. I am glad Spurs went with a strong team otherwise we may not be in the next round. I hope we go strong again with Stevenage because its going to be tough.

  2. We’re playing awful at the moment. Stevenage are a team on the up, looking at it they have every chance of beating us. We should be using our better finishers in the team like the Pav. King is past it, he should be leaving in the summer no questions. How can the tax dodging droopy dog carry on without signing anybody of note in this transfer window, we should be signing a couple of better standard players to try and push for the title, but no we’re going to burn out and end of finishing behind third rate clubs like Liverpool and Arsenal. Open your eyes fellow yids. We’re going to need to make a change and soon. REDKNAPP OUT. LEVY OUT. COYS.

  3. What this showed was more than a bad performance but a lesson too the FA they need too start swooping on players before and after games .I have tried tirelessly to stop this scourge that has hit Football and its fell on deaf ears because of the scale of the problem. We will face this tomorrow against Wigan and even worse against Liverpool at the weekend. The latest clue too what is going on can be seen in Ufas latest 2 year ban to 24 year old Donestk Keeper Repka he has failed a drug test for energy slimming drugs. This was the same excuse Kolo Toure gave too the Fa in there lenient six month off season ban . What is happening sometimes behind Managers backs teams are upping there work rate with energy giving drugs Ephedrine Waistline and one drug i cant spell used by the Hamilton player and South African Rugby players. He got of from a ban by the Scottish Fa claiming the instructions of the internet said there was no banned substance in the product. I looked this up and it took me two minuets to find it was a banned substance and once again a player got off from a ban. I discovered a team we play shortly four seasons ago using ephedrine and i expect them too be fired up and full up on Monday. We will be lucky to get any points so we need too beat Wigan and Hope Wolves take points of Liverpool. These last 16 games or so will be very hard to get points from and it will be touch and go if we get in the top four unless more fans question this work rate players gaunt slim faces through weight loss. Also illness and sudden deaths through mixing energy drinks with other substances causing a deadly cocktail.


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