While it wasn’t exactly backs to the wall for 90 minutes as some media reports are suggesting, Tottenham had to show a great deal of resilience to come away with a draw from yesterday’s encounter at Anfield.

After the game, Assistant Manager Kevin Bond hailed a ‘different type of performance’ as Spurs took a valuable point from the match.

“We’re noted this season for the manner in which we play our free-flowing football but we weren’t able to do that as much as we would have liked,” Bond said.

“I think we had a spell latterly in the first half where we kept the ball a little bit better and grew in confidence but we never really took that on so well in the second half so it was a different type of display from us today.

“Maybe in previous times we would have been here we might not have got something from the game so we got a point tonight in a different way. “

Gareth Bale may have turned that point into three with a clear chance late on but Bond chose to give credit to Pepe Reina.

“Credit to the goalkeeper, he made it really difficult for Gareth but overall we were really pleased with the manner in which the lads approached the game and applied themselves,” Kevin added.

The draw keeps Spurs in third place and next up is our home game with Newcastle on Saturday evening.



  1. I thought Parker was just brilliant with Dawson and Walker just behind. This was a game that we have lost in the past and augers well for the future. By the way Niko put in a good performance too

    We have so many tough games coming up and need to protect our points lead from fourth. Being realistic we are not going to win the league from here especially with injuries beggining to take there toll

    Three points is now vital against Newcastle

  2. This in the end due to injuries was a very hard match.Liverpool were at full strenght while we were missing half a team.All round it was a very good performance fron the guys.Liked Niko when he did get the ball felt he showed some great touches and great tackles.Parker i felt played his best game for us after he stopped giving away freekicks .Hope we can get a few back for Saturday as it will be just as hard and we need the crowd behind us.To Dare Is To Do.Faugh A Ballagh.

  3. Have to say i thought last night Parker was absolutely brilliant. No one else in the division does what he does and he should be commended for it. We missed lennon terribly last night. If we has one more outlet i believe we would have won last night. He is having a tough time with injuries over the last 3 years. Why oh why have we not bought a pacy winger to come into the squad?

  4. Parker was absolutely superb. I lost count of the number of important blocks and tackles he got in (and the knocks he took). Dawson looked sharp too, it’s good to see him back on form. The attack looked toothless though.

    It’s a good point, especially with United and Chelsea drawing as well. Onwards and upwards!


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