Harry has been speaking again on the subject of the England manager’s position and while he states it would be unfair to walk away from Spurs, he doesn’t seem to rule out the possibility of taking temporary charge at Euro 2012.

In the first place, Redknapp is aware that he is number one choice for most of the country,

“I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t the popular choice. I know I am, it’s been everywhere, in every paper every day,” Harry said.

“But it’s not an easy one. I have a good job and I work with good people and I have a good team. The fans have been fantastic to me. Just to walk away now, when we’re in such a good position, it wouldn’t be fair, it wouldn’t be fair on Tottenham. I have to really keep focusing on Tottenham.

“This week we have Stevenage in the Cup, then we have Man Utd, then we have Arsenal, then we have Chelsea. We have some fantastic games. It’s an important time for me with Tottenham.”

Redknapp then went on to concede that it may be possible to come in just for Euro 2012 but the prospect of a part time manager from that point onwards would be almost impossible for him to take on,

“Part-time? In the short term I think it’s possible for the European Championships. But I think in the long-term it’s not possible to manage a club team and manage a national team. It’s difficult enough to manage in the Premier League without having to worry about managing the England team as well.”

In one respect, Harry could fulfil an ambition by taking England to the Euros and then returning to Spurs but if he made a success of it, the clamour to take the national reigns on a full time basis would be even more intense.



  1. What he will do is take charge on a Part time basis then if it works well he will go full time but i still think Pierce will be put in charge with Trevor Brooking and Southgate.

  2. I would join up after the Euros if I was Harry. I believe he should take on the job with a clean slate and go for broke and try out a new England with a group of young players – Gibbs, Walker, Wilshere, Henderson, Jones etc. Time to do away with failed institutions like Gerrard, Lampard and Terry. Come with too much baggage which Harry will take with him if he joins up with England for Euro 2012. In the meantime, I think a guy with a proven tournament record like Guus Hiddink should take charge.


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