Spurs may be among the favourites to win the FA Cup but they are making hard work of disposing of the lower ranked teams as yesterday’s 0-0 draw highlighted. However, the game was pretty much as Harry expected with few chances on either side.

“It was as tough as I expected, nothing out there surprised me,” said Harry.

“I knew it would be difficult, Stevenage are a difficult team to play against, they’ve had a great season and they work their socks off.”

Much has been said about the pitch and Harry did make a passing comment in relation to the Broadhall Way surface.

“The pitch was bumpy and it was difficult to get the ball down and play.

“You have to compete, that’s the first thing you have to do and if you don’t, you are in trouble.

“We competed well without being able to play the football that we normally play.

“It wasn’t the day for that. We had to scrap away and in the end, we drew and we’ll have a replay.”

That replay has been provisionally set for Wednesday March the 7th with a home tie against Bolton awaiting the winners.



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