For Spurs fans the last thirty years or so have seen them sit uncomfortably in the shadow of their holier than thou north London rivals.

Particularly galling for the Lilywhites must have been the last 15 years as Arsene Wenger guided their bitter rivals through a golden period of success on the pitch, whilst they made do with a solitary Carling Cup triumph. However, going into this weekend’s north London derby with Spurs sitting pretty in 3rd, 10 points ahead of the faltering Gunners, it’s time to ask, who really is the bigger club these days?

Interestingly, both managers have a Bantr fan approval rating of 90% that whilst strong, suggests that are some corners of support beginning to doubt their respective bosses.

Let’s start on the pitch by comparing results and the playing personnel. Spurs can now argue a superior team to Arsenal at the moment, probably more so than the league standings suggest. Their starting line up blends a handful of world class players in their prime, with a talented English spine and some of the most exciting youth prospects in the Premier League. It is the perfect mix of youth and experience that has gelled marvelously in the last couple of years.

Arsenal’s current squad however, can be considered their worst in recent memory. Their only world class performer, Robin van Persie, has elevated himself the absolute footballing elite in the last year, but finds himself surrounded by a questionable defence, and a midfield lacking in leadership. Compounding all this, the Arsenal injury list at any given point is longer than a Cesc Fabregas transfer saga. Why is Wenger now settling for mediocrity in the transfer market? Has his judgement of young talent will truly make the grade also slipped?

The current superiority of Spurs is also something reflected in the talents that they are bringing in and capable of bringing into the club. This week their punching power was made clear, when Eden Hazard, widely thought of as the most exciting young talent in Europe, shocked many who expected him to end up in the clutches of Barcelona or Real Madrid by stating that a deal with Spurs is close.

Compare that to Arsenal who resorted to the need for more creativity by signing Yossi Benayoun on loan – the perennial substitute has unsurprisingly looked on forlornly all season. It is also worth noting that the last few years have seen world class talent like Modric and Van der Vaart coming into White Hart Lane, where as down the road it’s all traffic in the other direction as the likes of Fabregas and Nasri tired of forever being the bridesmaids.

Away from the pitch, things are even looking peachier for the Lilywhites, despite Arsenal’s global appeal. Between 2010-11 Arsenals revenue grew 4%, whilst Spurs rocketed up 10% during the same period. They are packing out White Hart Lane week in week out and making plans to upgrade, whilst the downturn in form at the Emirates is seeing thousands of empty seats as the season wears on.  As Spurs’ are virtually guaranteed Champions League football next year, the revenue this will bring will only close the financial gap with Arsenal further.

As Jermain Defoe nonchalantly noted this week, of the upcoming derby, Arsenal need this much more than Spurs. This is the status quo and Arsenal might have to get used to it.




    • All Arsenal fans, as you know its the 10th annual blowjob comp tomorrow. Could all Gooners please stay away as we would like a female winner this year. Cheers champs.

        • Spurs are better now thats all that matters, the whole country is saying it, I heard Merson and Charlie Nicholas saying how bad you lot were on Sky today.

          Its gradually been happening for the last few years, 2009 was the last time you beat us in the league…..2010/11 we performed better in the champions league and 2011/2012 we are now smashing you in the league….

          We cant keep talking about history if that was the case we would let Man Utd and Liverpool win everything and go home…

          Spurs and Man City are the new breed, play the best football and have the best players, NO HISTORY BUT WINNING MATCHES

          • Spurs are better that The Arsenal???
            Gotta be kidding me- no team with plucked chicken on basketball on its crest can be better than Gunners, bunch of tax evading cockney bastards and sheep shaggers

  1. Tottenham have been the better club this season and for the first time in a generation. And thats it. Not a bigger club, not by a long way. Not by any factual measure. Not by any finical measure. Not by any performance measure longer than two thirds of a season. Get a grip. This article is ridiculous. To try and say that Tottenham’s growth rate makes it financially “bigger” is almost stupid. My daughter has doubled in size in the last year; does that mean she is “bigger” than me in terms of size?

    • You dumb wigga cunts. Arsenal have their new stadium and still cant hold off Tottenham. Arsenal wont appeal much longer to Little Britain fans, they will lose status like Liverpoo and fall away.
      Tottenham are the best supported club in London and will smash em with our new stadium, and smash the cunts tomorrow.
      Hopefully van persie will get injured and bye bye Arsenal.
      Arsenal are fucking scum, bunch of pedo pussies.

  2. When you win something ask again .. and if you finish above Arsenal a few more time ask again ,,, 1961 was before most of you were born ,, Your not even the top team in Tottenham

      • Yeah it does. ‘Big’ clubs have millions of supporters, world wide fame due to a history of continued success. Like Liverpool, arsenal and Utd. Better clubs beat more teams and win more games, and if they sustain it become a big club. So now spurs and city are in this category.

  3. No, we are not a bigger club.

    On pretty much every criteria that these things can be judged, Arsenal are currently bigger. Not surprising, really, given that we have only just emerged from the worst 15-20 years of our modern history while they have enjoyed the best 15-20 years in their modern history.

    They consequently have a much bigger: honours list; global fan base; stadium; and revenue.

    But we currently have the better team (regardless of the result tomorrow). And we also have forward momentum while Arsenal have gone backwards over recent years or, at best, stagnated.

    • An honest answer. As an Arsenal fan, it sticks in the throat to say it, but Spurs are playing better football and getting better results this season.
      That does not signify a cataclysmic shift, just that Spurs are actually realising their potential.
      I’ll wait until ‘Arrys managing England and you have a new guy in charge before I decide whether it’s going to last though.

  4. One good season… and the spuds are better than gunners…. gallas retiring in a year.. king cannot play…. modric is off in summer… your manager a short term fix…. adebayor… on loan,… van der vart…. another short term fix… friedel retiring next year.. with only bale and walker (an english spine..???) hazard… dream about him… toppling arsenal??? this dream will remain as a dream…. Ramsey, Wilshere, Meiyachi, Schezny, The Ox… Wallcot…. that’s the spine… though… enjoy your season…

    • Miyachi watched him against Bolton piss poor, the new Vela…..

      Walcott rubbish and you know it, a poor excuse for a footballer.

      Ramsay cant pass a ball thats why you lot have been asking for him to be dropped….the Ox, Szcielsny and Wilshere yes but you have to buy 8 more players then.

      We have Caulker who is an excellent centre back playing for Swansea on loan, Walker 21, Bale 22, Kaboul 24 (French International), Sandro 22 (Brazil International), Lennon 24 (better than Walcott he will prove that tomorrow) and Jake Livermore 21 who looks better every game……

      Plus Modric, VDVaart, Defoe, Krancjar, Ekotto and Dawson are all below 30yrs old and will command massive fees if sold.

      The Ox is good but he wouldnt get a game in our squad not yet, he is only playing because you guys are desperate.

      Wilshere is as likely to leave in the future as Bale, our future is brighter boys

      • Lol sometimes been dipping into the absinthe again. “we have an excellent back on loan to Swansea” LOOL. Modric will pull 20m MAYBE. Everyone else will sell for 10-13. get real. Lenon has been stagnating with your shit team for a while now, while Walcott has exploded into an amazing player that you WISH you could have. The only person that’s fit to argue is Denilson. He seems about right up your alley. Have fun with Europa cup drab and mind the GAP! See you gents on St. Totteringham’s say!

  5. Deluded yiddos. We’ve won the league at your own ground the same amount as you have league titles.

    You may have the better team at the moment, hence your higher league position, but it’s been 15 years since you’ve finished above us.

    We are the far bigger club, in every way.

  6. As a rare Arsenal fan who (shhhhhh) likes Spurs, I can’t yet rationally call Spurs a big club because of the lack of titles. I don’t think any team can claim to be ‘big’ if they haven’t won their domestic title in over 50+ years and doubt that if you list any of Europe’s elite 20, any of them will have gone that long in winning a title.

    Having said that, Spurs are certainly the better club this season. But I doubt whether Arsenal and Chelsea will have such a poor season again and that will be the acid test for this Spurs team next year. It’s been one of the most inconsistent seasons for Arsenal Chelsea ManU & Liverpool, and Spurs have benefited greatly. But next season could see the usual suspects dominating again.

    Are Spurs bigger than Arsenal? Well, again no. This is Spurs Best ever Prem season – and subsequently Arsenal’s worst. And you’re only one place ahead. Also, globally (being someone who travels for work) Arsenal are huge all over the world and Spurs are not.

    Tomorrow’s match? Spurs are the better team and close to full strength. Arsenal are decimated at the back, but purely on the law of averages – I cannot see them lose 3 games in a row, or two straight home defeats against Spurs, so its a narrow Arsenal win – maybe a late one like the old days. 🙂

  7. You are having a laugh you deluded Spud. Firstly Arsenal have a much bigger fan base than Spurs, we are financially much superior to you, our total honours dwarves your pathetic one, as for players Sczeszny Sagna Vermaelen Koscielny Wilshire Oxlade Chamberlain and RVP better than what you have to offer. In fact only Bale Modric and maybe Parker would get a place in the Arsenal side. Yes you mob have punched above your weight this year and we have been poor but still 13 games to go. If you win another batch of titles and FA.cups build and fill a 60,000 stadium ha ha ha joke and of course play champions league for 15 consectutive years then you can compare to Arsenal. You are nearer West Ham than Arsenal in size of club and you gotta catch Chelsea before us. Finally Hazard ain’t going to Spurs it’s between Arsenal Utd City Chelsea or a Spanish club. COYG

  8. When the new grounds built when we have finished above the Arsenal passers then we will be a bigger club. But at the moment we are higher and bragging bastards enjoy it we need to concentrate on getting the three points and leave History too the future

  9. No doubt you guys are having a good year but you need to be realistic and win a few things, and be consistanlty in the top 4 before you can start to think of yourselves as a bigger club

  10. Arsenal fan in peace – Spurs have had a better season and arguably have the better team at the moment. You may win the Cup and will probably finish above us. But that doesn’t dictate the size of a club. Our stadium is far bigger, our finances are much better, our relatively recent history (ie last 10-20 years) is still considerably more successful, and although I wouldn’t know how to prove it other than from my own trips to Asia/Europe/the Americas, our international fanbase/merchandising etc must be well ahead. Not disputing the current football situation, but we’re bigger – as are Liverpool despite the mess they’re in. May the best team win tomorrow.

  11. Spurs fans should keep their feet on the ground. One good half-season, and you’re going on like you’ve won the Champions League and Arsenal have been relagated. Things change quickly, but you’ve got a lot of catching up to do…

  12. We are not a bigger club yet and won’t be for a few years but the future is bright hopefully we will look back at this in 5 years time and this will be are defining season by then we will be in a new packed stadium can’t wait to see what.the next.20 years holds things are looking up for are club.

    Looking forward to tomorrow COYS!!!!

  13. This post made me sick, as a Spurs fan. I know the Scum are a bigger club. But there no way in hell you can tell me that they have a better side, as of right now. And also for those who think that the Spurs is going to implode over the summer they need to stop wake up. We have a great chairman who’s every move is to make Tottenham the biggest side possible and won’t let all that good work go to waste. And I don’t know how people think that united have slipped this year? The only horrendous result for them was the city thrashing. And for those other sides their results and position in the league is a result of their mediocre squads. In a least the next 2 years if ‘Arry stays Spurs will be Champions!!

  14. You will never be a bigger club than arsenal but do not depair. you will always be a bigger club than that micky mouse club in fulham called chelsea. oh, you are going to loose tomorrow too because it’s time for a reality check.

  15. NO!

    I’m a Spurs fan and thi shit is embarrassing. We’ve won two titles in our entire history so we may be better served leaving the ‘big club’ disscusions to the Irish Utd and Liverpool fans.

    One could make a convincing case for Spurs now being a better TEAM than Arsenal, but we have a long way to go before we call ourselves a bigger club.

  16. We are currently better but not bigger, there’s not a lot in the size of the club in terms of fan base but until we get our new stadium we are always vulnerable

  17. Hi there,

    As the person responsible for this article I thought I would add some context as there seems to be some extreme views. Arsenal are clearly a bigger team, their revenues are higher, have a stronger international fan base and have won more trophies.

    With the article I was trying to show that the momentum is shifting and that Spurs could potentially become the bigger club in North London.

    Obviously it depends how you measure size but in terms of footballing quality and the ability to attract the top talent then Spurs certainly are…and a Champions league spot at the expense of Arsenal could become a regular occurrence.

    As a fan of neither team I have been to games at both grounds and there is a significant difference in terms of footballing quality, entertainment and quality of support.

    Further investigation of the finances of both clubs shows that Daniel Levy is a smart cookie and with everything Harry has achieved a lot of credit needs to be handed to the chairman.

    Spurs may not be financially a bigger club but will find it easier to attract the top talent in Europe and be better equipped to win trophies, possibly that makes them a bigger club.

    Interesting debate either way.


  18. ARSENALOL is all I’m sayin…your days in Champions League is over! PAY UR DEBTS YOU CUNTS! Fuck arsenal – Tottenham not just London’s no.1 team now, but the Pride of Nort London.

      • I think I speak for most Yids here when I say you’re welcome to your international ‘fans’.

        Let’s see how long they stick around when you’re not in the Champs League next season.

  19. Spurs fan here: BOTH clubs are BIG clubs. Arsenal have more trophys but many of them have come when spurs had there worst era of there history! Both teams have a long list of honours, infact spurs are one of only two teams to have won something every decade! Arsenal are not the other! As for fan bases they are similar. Both similar size clubs although arsenal do have the new stadium which spurs will soon be getting. As for arsenal having the worst season as spurs have there best I totally disagree! Arsenal will finish the season on around about the same points total as the last 6 seasons. Chelsea have taken a hit but when you look at it are only a few points behind this stage last season. The fact is man city, spurs and man utd have upped there results and pulled away. Where as arsenal have stayed stagnant and chelsea are in transition. Financially spurs is the best run club in the league in terms of profit to cost ratio. The bigger stadium will only help further along with champions league money. Arsenal have had it easy sitting in the sky top 4 for almost 20 years where as spurs had probably there worst period through there history. Spurs last challenged in the 80s. The 90s was a huge blip and it took most of the 00s to put the club back on track and there finally benefiting from this. Spurs now currentely have a better team than arsenal. To the extreme that only RVP would get into it. Both are big teams. Arsenal a little bigger as they edge it on trophies and stadium but that was the past, the future is now and at the moment, spurs are awakening from there slumber and are catching up. Who’s to say spurs don’t now go on to dominate arsenal for years to come. Its happened before and will again. An whilst we have this argument about who is the bigger club. Consider chelsea in this. A team who some of these arsenal fans on here consider to be a big team. Yet when looking at there history, the fact it took abramovich’s millions for them to win there status by buying trophies, the fact they don’t even own there ground and were basically a very average team throughout most of there history. The fact that most of there honours came in the abramovich era and not too much before it puts into perspective how big arsenal and tottenham are because they have better than chelsea in every department except the recent success created by and from a russians deep pockets!

  20. I’ve never understood this English fascination with who has “the bigger club.” This is particularly true when no one seems to be able to define “bigger.” Is it revenue? Then Spurs are one notch smaller than Arsenal according to the last financial ranking I’ve seen. Is it profitability? Then Spurs and Arsenal are far bigger than Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man United, etc…Is it past glories…then I guess Everton, Blackburn, and Sheffield Wednesday are far bigger than Man City and Spurs. Is it current form? Then Spurs are much bigger than Liverpool and have a substantial edge over Arsenal. Is it the size of merchandising? Really….? Football is about glory…it’s entertainment. Spurs are entertaining and having a wonderful season. They have been on the up for several years now and have loads of potential with very stable management and a bright future ahead including a new stadium and hopefully Champion’s League next season. They are in the hunt for the F.A. Cup this season and have an outside chance at the title. And they play damn entertaining football. That’s the only measure I care about….how are we doing and how are we likely to do going forward. The future looks good and I can’t be happier with how Spurs are playing right now. I wouldn’t trade our position with anyone right now. How happy are Arsenal fans right now? The one thing they got going for them is stable management and fiscal structure. To be fair, aside from Spurs, Arsenal are a club to be admired as they have been successful without mortgaging their future away or “buying” success. They and Spurs are doing it the right way and the rest of the League should look to North London as an example of how to run a club.

  21. If Arsenal were looking to finish above us for the first time in nearly 2 decades, and started posting articles saying !are we now bigger than spurs?’ we’d laugh at them.this sort of article gives ammunition. Things are looking good at the moment, we’re going well and I’m loving it but to start claiming we’re bigger than them now is premature. We’ve always been as big as them, they’ve just been more successful recently. I’m shitting bricks about tomorrow. Too many people expecting us to win. It was only last season we broke a 50 game run of not winning away to a top 4 club now we’re suddenly favourites? It’s going to be another horrible 90 minutes

  22. Fucking spurs mugs, you are more interested in Arsenal than your own fucking under achieving wanky lot! You enjoy your plastic wonder season while it lasts cunts! 2 league titles in 130 years! Fuck me what a joke lol

  23. All we have to do is turn up tomorrow and we win the game. I can’t wait for the Pride Of North London – the mighty THFC to give our inferiors their latest footballing lesson. Arsenal have disgraced English football for years and I cannot wait for us and King Harry to stick it to them and put their manager who is past his sell by date in his place. Arsenal fans have laughed at us for too long but Spurs have always been the bigger club. We have a better team, better manager, better stadium, better atmosphere and better supporters. We will teach them another lesson that they will never forget.


    Arsenal 1 Spurs 4

  24. Yes!

    Of course we are. A by far better team, better manager, best training complex in world football, a rich history with plenty of money to spend and crucially a better board with more ambition.


  25. The tots were recently crying for the olympic stadium. It went to westham by the way. Crying out for taxpayers money to build their stadium. 15 million I think . What a disgrace!

  26. Stupid mouthy yid mugs. As ever all mouth but will you make any noise or turn up at Emirates tomorrow? No your away following is pathetic not that of a so called big club. The times we have been down to shite heart lane and made it like a home game. COYG

  27. As a Spurs fan, this article really epitomises the dreadful and untrue stereotype that has been hanging around Spurs’s fans for god knows how long!

    For crying out loud, don’t get carried away after one season (or a few seasons playing well)… when we have finished above Ars*l a number of years with a couple of league titles behind us for good measure, then you can say what u are saying. Liverpool, who haven’t won the league in over 20 years, would you say Ars*l are bigger or chelsea ‘cos they have won FA Cups and League titles many times since? no you wouldn’t when you think of the 18 league titles and 5 european cups – even Man U, when comparing trophies, still can’t be categorically considered as passing liverpool as they have 2 european cups less, although allot more cups.

    Spurs fans, please show a little intelligence and stop making yourselves look so damn stupid and loose of a few brain cells. you are leaving yourselves open to all sorts of FACTs, and most sane people only deal with facts than wishful thinking! Our success this season is nothing to do with size of clubs but teams…we have a better team than Arses, that is all.

  28. arsenal income is massive but so are the outgoings. next season how many will renew those 4 grand season tickets in the middle tier? if you miss the CL you are properly in the sh*te. global fanbase? united and liverpool have one of those, you and chelsea are dreaming. dont believe the lies your board tells you.

  29. Being a “bigger” club is all about quality of support. Spurs have, throughout the barren years of the 1990’s, packed out their stadium with singing, enthusiastic loyal support and are generally regarded as some of the best and most vocal away fans and the best-supported away team.

    Arsenal, on the other hand, have a greater number of supporters due to their successes under Wenger, on a global level – but look at the quality of them. There is certainly a small hardcore of support, but the bulk of their UK support are Johnny-come-Lately prawn-sandwich eating silent glory-hunters. The global fans are basically glory-hunters too and will switch clubs easily when the piss-taking from their mates gets too much.

    In view of this, Spurs have always been the bigger club, as we carry our support even when we’re shit. And our support is proper.

    If Arsenal miss the CL spot this year, it’s the end for them. Falling attendances, dwindling global revenues, players (well only RVP that really matters anyway) leaving to play CL football elsewhere, debts from the building of the Emptycrates unpaid and “supporters” deserting in droves.

    This game is a make-or-break for the Arse. Lose, and CL next year looks unlikely.They will do a Leeds and fade into obscurity. I can hear the tumbleweed blowing down Holloway Road now. Win, and they might get 4th. But they will never be a bigger club than Spurs until they get better quality support on their doorstep.

    (And can someone please teach you lot the difference between ‘there’ and ‘their.’ Basic English always helps get your point across).

    • If only we could discern what point you are attempting to get across. It seems to be that packing 30,000 or so people into a pathetic slum makes the spuds into a big club. No mention of the fact that your “big club” haven’t won the First Division title or the Premier League in half a century, Yes that’s right HALF A Century! 1960/61.

      You do make a small mention of the barren years of the nineties, but what about the seventies, the eighties and the noughties as well as the nineties.

      Fifty years and counting……

    • Coming from a Gunner in the US, I can tell you we will never switch allegiances. We are not Spuds fans, we are Gunners through and through. So good luck going another 5-2 years without a title hahaha!

  30. Yep. Spurs are a bigger club now for sure. I mean, being ahead of us in February surely proves that don’t it?
    Fucking hilarious! COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. 5 – 2, What was the headline? Oh yeah! “Are Spurs a bigger club than Arsenal now?” As Shakespeare might have said “yer ‘avin’ a larf!!!

    My meal this evening will be steak and MASHED SUDS!! Ha, ha, ha, ha……..

  32. 5 – 2

    Spuds showed heart and class in that one. Yes they did.

    Last game recall they got lucky.

    It’s only a question as to who the bigger club to you guys. No one else in the whole country would put Spuds in the same class as Arsenal from an historical pint of view.

    Now sod off.

  33. Best spurs team in 50 years vs the worst Arsenal team in 15 years and Arsenal still won 5-2.

    One way to hush noisy neighbours.

  34. Great score shame about the headline
    Without question Arsenal is and always will be the cream of London Monkey face is a cheat no penalty and the other goal was a rebound while our five were all class COYG’s


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