From starting the week with something bordering on an injury crisis, Spurs are almost at full strength for tomorrow’s clash at the Emirates and that raises plenty of questions about team selection.

Ahead of the game, Harry gave us an update on those returning to full fitness.

“Luka went down with the flu and Adebayor had a knee injury, hopefully they will be okay,” said Harry.

“Benoit Assou-Ekotto had a little operation, but he’s trained this week and is fine.

“Rafa has trained this week so hopefully he’ll be fit as well. So we’ve not too many out. Tom’s had his operation and will be out for the rest of the season, unfortunately, but most of the players will be available.”

The big question will probably be up front where Ade and Saha combined so well against Newcastle. Will Harry keep them together or will VDV walk straight back in?

We think that if they’re all fit, the boss will revert to the side that was at the heart of our long unbeaten run from the start of September, but what do you think?



  1. I agree that will be the team. If this game wasn’t against arsenal then I wouldnt have brought VDV straight back, because firstly, he hasn’t been playing very well, and secondly, i doubt he has any kind of fitness….. but he loves playing against arsenal and if fit Harry will definately start him.

    Having Defoe and Saha on the bench gives us plenty of attacking options if it all goes wrong.

  2. No I would stick with Saha, they played so well against Newcastle, surely you got to reward them by sticking to the same team. We always look so much more balanced in 4-4-2.

  3. I’d play Sandro instead of Parker and Saha instead of VDV.

    Sandro offers more at both ends of the pitch and Saha has shown that he knows how to get on the end of balls into the box from Bale and hopefully Lennon.

    However, I think your team will be the one and I think we may well lose.

  4. Spot on with your team selection, that team will have arseface winger have nightmare’s tonight, c’on you spurs pride of london make us proud like you have done all season.

  5. VDV is essential in this game! If we play a 4-4-2, we’ll simply get overrun in midfield even though our central pairing is better than their three. The link up option between midfield and Ade will be the key to winning this game whether it’s through the wings or down the middle through VDV/Modders.

  6. Stick with what git us here in the first place..and the team that has proven itself already against this level of opposition.
    Newcastle got spanked by us on the grounds of some quite abject performances thru-out, not the type of game that we will be involved in at the mosque ..

    As much as the : ade/saha show was a welcomed relief and accomplished bit of forward play, we will need the bread and butter that has kept us so well fed consistently over the season so far.

    Parker looked absolute tripe against that lower legue team last week, lets hope he;s had a few early nights

    now lets rip there bleeding heads off


  7. I think I have to go with the team you mentioned…..any side we put out will be good enough though.

    Unfair on Krancjar and Saha but we have to go and beat Arsenal…..3 in the middle is vital as our 3 is better than there 3, Lennon and Bales pace will cause them endless problems.

    This could actually be Lennons time to shine, Gibbs is injury prone and will be got at, If he doesnt start Vermealan will and that means Djourou :))

    Lennon and Bale switching sides is vital, Arsenal wont be able to handle us…..I will be truelly stunned if we lose and I am generally a very pessimistic fan


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