After Tottenham’s dour performance against Stevenage in the FA Cup, Harry Redknapp joked that the club’s showing may not have helped his chances in the race to become England manager. One more televised game later and maybe that joke has a serious side to it after all.

The press have just started to pick up on this issue with the suggestion that Stuart Pearce is now in pole position and a decent showing in this week’s friendly against the Netherlands could advance his case even further. Patrick Barclay in the Evening Standard also suggests that the notion of Harry taking charge for the Euros is ridiculous, given that Spurs’ season ends on May the 13th and would give Redknapp so very little time to prepare a squad.

The article goes on to state,

“He would be managing someone else’s team. He would not only have been unable to assess the form of most of his own players in the latter part of the season but the patterns, strengths and weaknesses of France, Sweden and Ukraine, England’s group opponents. Not to mention Moldova and the rest of the sides they will begin to encounter in early September as the World Cup qualifiers get under way.

If the loyal Pearce is intended to do all this, why don’t the FA just give him the job?”

The question of loyalty may have something to do with it and clearly Pearce is an FA man. The article in question doesn’t look beyond the Euros but the inference from much of the press suggests that the England job might just be Stuart Pearce’s to lose.



  1. If we beat united then how things will change again why do people get on his back for one bad game before you say it i no we drew with Steve as well but i blame that on the players………..

    • Exactly!

      If spurs hadn’t had a dismal 90 mins at the Emirates then this article wouldn’t have been written; 90 mins is all it takes for complete over-reaction it seems.

      We truly do live in the era of extremes and over-reactions, it’s quite sad really.

  2. International Football is dead. No one cares about it.
    The only people that do are supporters of Club half way down the Premiership and below
    Champions League is where the real international football is
    Stay where you are Harry and make the Mighty Spurs Great

  3. Give it to Harry not Pearce,Spurs need a manager who knows what they are doing,Would you see Ferguson doing what Harry did against the woolwich wanderers! Just sit there and do nothing if anything he made it worse!


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