We’ve talked a fair bit about Steven Caulker this week but it’s worth looking at the player’s most recent comments as to where he feels his future lies. It’s been a big week for our centre half, currently on loan at Swansea and he marked his 4th under 21 cap with his first goal for England in the week.

After the game, Swansea’s Brendan Rodgers was asked about any plans to sign Caulker on a permanent basis.

“Steven is going to be a top player. He is only 20 years of age but he’s been a dominant player for us, brilliant all season,” Rodgers said.

“But as for signing him, I think Tottenham have got a big future planned for him there so I don’t think they’ll be selling him.”

Questioned on the issue, the player himself added,

“I’ve been out on loan and done my bread-and-butter work. Next season I will be looking to break into the Tottenham team.

“I’d love to play in the Champions League next year.”

Whether he will make the centre back position his own is up for debate but it’s looking increasingly like Steven Caulker will be an important part of Tottenham’s first team squad in 2012-13.



  1. Well with the fragile state of most of our defense he’ll definitely get a chance to play. And like he says he’s done his bread and butter work now its time to see if he can cut it with the big boys!!!

  2. We’ve had wide spread changes across midfield and upfront and the Back four is well overdue. Dawson doesn’t cut it. King sadly isn’t coping anymore, Gallas is injured all the time and Kaboul imo still isn’t there. So we are missing real quality at the back. It shows most weeks. Our best form of defense is attack. that 442 system must surely be thrown out. Saha is too old. ade is a one in 5 games player and harry doesn’t know who to play upfront. I would like to see caulker at spurs but I’d give him another year at Swansea. We need some experience back there and I don’t mean another of Harry’s Dads army.

  3. You guys have the making of a top player here. Really fitted that he has to head home soon but really grateful for the loan!

    Its going to be difficult finding a replacement for him, he is quality!

  4. you miserable sod spursguv!!!
    you’d think we were about to be relegated. Kab’s been great this season, king is a legend, daws is proper defender perhap not the best technically but in the Terry mould without being a scumbag.

    we’ve never had so good in a couple of decades!


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