Many Spurs supporters will be quite relieved that the focus this weekend is switching from league action to the FA Cup and that feeling seems to have seeped through to some of the players too.

Gareth Bale is one man who hopes that the sixth round tie against Bolton can help us recover our league form and he has a firm eye on Wembley at the same time.

“It’s a massive game for us. We know our league form hasn’t been great of late, but the FA Cup is a different competition and, being at home, we’ve got a great chance to get to the semi-finals,” Bale said.

“We know it’s not going to be an easy game. It’s going to be hard work – it’s a cup tie. We’ll just go out there, give it 100%, play our best football and hopefully we can be in the semi-final.”

Gareth is one player who has come in for a tiny amount of criticism over the last three games and with some suggesting he should be rotated, he may not even feature this weekend. However, the game as a whole represents a great opportunity to get back to winning ways.




  1. 4-5-1?! Are you having a laugh?! Just get out there and batter them – they’re crap so give it the old 4-2-3-1 and wipe the floor with them

  2. who gives a phuc what gareth (all hale bale) he a philosopher ? no. Is he a master-mind of football?no. Is he as good as his shit8 for brains manager thinks? definitely not. Can he even play effectively in more than one position? no chance.
    I say, when he puts a run of more than three games together, where he deserves the right to be called anything other than a – good left- sided player, then and only then, should we have the time to listen to what he has to say..he’s fast learning to be like his manager. All mouth and interview techniques galore and a ton light on the important stuff. That would be a shame , because he has the potential to be more than just a gob shite like rednapp is..

    *talk with your feet gareth and leave the rhetoric to the gaffa, with any luck we’ll have a manager that can, if they are able to, take you and spurs to the next level


  3. This is a lesson on Football in today’s media money driven game. Every time Spurs start to play well the praise is followed by the remarks from Chelseas ex players and Arsenal plus Liverpool all saying we need to get into fourth. This has followed Arsenals surge in form with late late goals Chelsea sacking there 15 million man and installing failed West Brom Manager De Mateo . Now all these pundits and our fans are calling Spurs and Harry and saying we wont finish in the top four. i warned all my fans and other media circles that Arsenal and Chelsea would find the form and tempo to start winning and clawing back our lead. The one thing that hurts me is our fans savaging the players and Harry for our last three games . This shows me football fans and the media have short term memorys. We where prasing our team when we won 5-0 and Arsenal went 10 and Chelsea Liverpool where also trailing in our slipstream. This was when i knew out would come the desperation tempo i first discovered four seasons ago. I wont bore you with the details but i will tell you this i can see this false tempo kick in its like seeing a formula one car use its booster gear. It starts at 15 mins then its at its most manic around 20 to 30 mins then after half time its frenetic and unless you defend in numbers you will lose or draw games you looked like winning. When Toure got caught i thought it would end but Arsenal an d Chelsea and now Liverpool have started using what i call TUT. I warned after January this would get worse with the fear of relegation and top four Chelsea winning last night and both Arsenal and Liverpool’s tempo show me the booster is on we need to start ours or get left in the pits.

  4. Just in case anyone of my fans start saying why not mention Spurs. Well when we have eight players in the box and the same amount attacking plus we can play any team and still win then i will stay silent. These are the teams with players from a team who got reported for using stuff that helps you score in the last seconds they bragged like Arsole players and scored many late late goals and defended in numbers and attacked with the same players. Barcelona Real Madrid Arsenal Chelsea Bolton


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