Anyone who was at the match on Saturday or who saw the events unfold on television would have been shocked by what they saw and our thoughts are clearly with Fabrice Muamba this morning.

It’s hard to think or talk about football today but it’s worth noting that there is talk of postponing this week’s league game with Stoke, while there is also a question mark as to whether Bolton themselves will continue in this season’s FA Cup.

Currently there is no word on the midweek game but Stoke manager Tony Pulis confirmed that he would back any postponement,

I think we’ve got to go with the Tottenham players on this one,” he said.

“I will speak to Harry Redknapp on the phone and find out what the feeling is. It’s been a tragedy and all our prayers are with the poor kid.”

Meanwhile, more conjecture has emerged over a re-arranged sixth round tie as it’s felt that Bolton players would find it hard to come to terms with such a swift return to White Hart Lane.

Confirmed news will doubtless follow shortly but in the meantime we hope for some good news on the condition of Fabrice Muamba.



  1. Stuart Levy

    my heart goes out to muamba and his family, but gotta ask why is someone earning 30 grand a week for playing football having heart attack more newsworthy than 6 British soldiers earning 300 pound a week fighting for our liberty and dying? just a thought ??????????????

    • Although the soldiers should obviously get more recognition Stuart, I don’t think what makes the news is the point here. Football is such a universal game with incredible amounts of spectators, and the football world has become all the more united over the Muamba incident.

      The respect and support we have seen is something to be admired and encouraged not just in football, but all around the world. All the best to Fabrice Muamba.

  2. Stuart – take your filth like that a jog on!! nobody has said this is any worse – the simple fact of the matter is its a very rare condition and happening live on tv like that was shocking, the images will stay with people there forever! its not a case of comparing this to anything else – it simply made news due to the severity of this rare tragedy unfolding live before our eyes

  3. They had better bloody not cancel Stoke on Wednesday. First game I’m going to in years!!!
    My dad (spurs fan) died 3 weeks ago today and whilst I obviously hope for the best for Muamba and it’s very sad, I’m not gonna act like it REALLY matters to me anymore than anybody else who is currently in the same/similar position in the world. I’m not goona pray for him cos I also don’t write Santa Claus a letter at Christmas. I’ll send out hopeful wishes of recovery and will continue to do so at the lane on Wednesday night. Life goes on so lets get on with it. As a team we really don’t need to involve ourselves with grieving and get on with cementing a top four spot.

    • I really hope that Muamba’s heart attack doesn’t get in the way of your plans…

      The game’s on, but it should be entirely down to the players whether they’re up for it or not because a lot of them were visibly shaken.

  4. as a spurs fan i dont really care about the fa cup anymore, i dont want to see that game replayed and hope our club does the decent thing and forfeit the game and allow bolton to play in the semi at wembley for fabrice. i also dont think the players will be right to play on wednesday after such a traumatic experience. i have never prayed in my life but i am praying for fabrice.

  5. Sorry Stuart, but in my opinion death is part of being a soldier. It’s something that they don’t want to happen, but there’s an inevitibility about it. They go around killing other people……. don’t get me started on “soldiers are heroes”.

    A 23 year old footballer collapsing with major heart failure is not part and parcel of the job!


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