Ledley King is, and always will be a legend at White Hart Lane in my opinion. In the past ten years he has been one of this country’s best centre halves, but if Spurs are to move forward and challenge for trophies consistently is it time for the King to relinquish his throne?

Don’t get me wrong I am a massive fan of Ledley and believe he is leader both on and off the field. If not for his knee problems he would have undoubtedly played a lot more for England and could have easily challenged John Terry and Rio Ferdinand for a place in the centre half spot. I will never forget his performance at the heart of the defence for England against France in the opening match of Euro 2004. He was a colossus and has been on numerous occasions for Tottenham over the years.

Ledley King still has a part to play for Spurs in the next couple of seasons and if I were Redknapp I would definitely hand him a new two year contract, but if Spurs are to challenge for honours in all competitions then surely we need a settled centre half pairing.

Younes Kaboul has stepped up to the plate this season and has been a rock at the back, finally showing maturity and awareness in his play. Michael Dawson, like King, has been a loyal servant to the club and is an England international, so why not pair him with Kaboul for next season? If injury hits then we have a more than able deputy in Ledley to come in and shine. Ledley’s injury problems will always make it difficult for us to have a settled back four and Kaboul and Dawson are competent enough to play at the heart of defence and deserve their chance to prove they can be the rocks to help take us forward.

Ledley King still has a big part to play in our future, but maybe it is time for him to pass the baton to one of the potential kings waiting in the background.



  1. Kaboul and caulker next season i would give king another year or if not give him a coaching role still want gallas swell he has so much experience and is great to have around the dressing room just look at him against chelsea yesterday.

  2. We have a problem with both Dawson and Gallas who have both been significantly prone to injuries. We need Kaboul, cannot yet be sure how much Caulker has yet developed, will be waiting upon Dawson for some time to come also. A decision needs to be made, and I think we need a good additional central defender, if we can persuade one to us. Gallas and King are great when they’re around, but we need the security of a stable partnership AND good backup. I’d say that has to be Gallas and King in the backup roles. and I’d go for Vertonghen, if we can get him. Dawson and Caulker have too many question marks around them, easily as many as King and Gallas.

  3. love ledders, he’s gotta go. caulker to do a K.Walker next season. drop dawson( not quite top prem material) gallas to be sold for scrap and kaboul and caulker it is with dawson as back up.

  4. How can you write such an article without mentioning Gallas who put in such a stirling performance against the Chavs…? Ok neither Gallas or King are spring chickens so we could do with a new centre back so is Caulker good enough or do we buy in?

  5. Kaboul and Caulker next season? No way.
    Kaboul wasn’t very good in the last 2 games. He got away with it against Chelsea, but was responsible for inexcusable lax defending for Everton game. Kaboul has had some good games but still needs senior defender next to him. Caulker obvious isn’t that. Looks good, but he also needs experience next to him. I would let Gallas go and sign experienced defender to take us forward for next season. King, Kaboul, Dawson can then rotate to play with the new guy. Caulker possibly too, but perhaps he would benefit from another season at Swansea first. By the time he comes back, he would have 60 games or so of Premiership football! Ready to start becoming the new “King”.

  6. Been Saying just this for weeks now, look at Ledley’s last few games, he gets turned too easily and his pace is lacking, not bad for the clubs highest earner. Agree with dawson and Kaboul but do need backup, The class of Vertonghan springs to mind, watched him for Ajax top marks, and he’s young. Problem is he’ll want more than 50p a week so that lets Levy out

    • A bit harsh… Before the 3 defeats in a row (where formation lost us the game – not King), King had lost only one game all season. The games that King lost in were all hard games anyway.

  7. I really hope you are joking “pair Dawson at the back with Kaboul for next season” Dawson is one of the worst defender I have ever seen all though I agree with you we do need another defender to go along side the brilliant Kaboul for next season but Dawson is not the answer he is a average defended at best and so slow it’s unbelievable bring in Vertonghen to give some steel at the back and also bring in Hazard, Robben and a new striker because Adebayor won’t drop his wage demand so we will have to pay big money for a world class striker keep Bale/Modric and we can push for the title next year and hopefully the champions league. COYS.

    • It’s drivel like this that makes me ashamed to be a Spurs fan. Idiots talking crap.
      Before being injured playing for England, Daws was on top of his game and looking every bit the top quality defender we hoped he would be. That said, he and Kaboul do not work together as a pair as Kaboul needs to have his hand held and get a constant stream of instructions.
      The rest of this post is utter nonsense!
      Ade won’t sign due to wages but Robben will??
      Push for the title and maybe the Champions League? Sweet jesus man, be a realist…
      p.s. punctuation means more than a couple of inverted comma’s.

  8. If it was me I’d sell Dawson that same ankle has gone twice in space of yr what little pace he had will disappear It’s same problem that finished Ireland rugby wing dennis hickey’s career. When he got injured first time around It’s a recommended 14month recovery for Achilles to heal properly. He didn’t take it & he’s only going to continue picking up up strains & ligament damage in yrs to come. I like Dawson a lot & he’s a very honest player & I’d b sad to see him go but we can’t go on with so many injury prone players.
    I’d leave room in squad thou for king for what he brings to dressing room would also try & get him to play less games & have him on training ground once or twice every other wk to work with caulker & rest of defence. If caulker or kaboul are injured & were down to to for cb then king stays away from training ground & back to swimming pool to get ready to play.
    As for signings at back I’d let gallas leave in summer again injurys the reason & if verthongen can’t b got I’d sign Douglas twente free & shawcross stoke so we would have kaboul caulker Douglas shawcross & king for cb.
    Would like to see caulker tried at rb with walker lb in pre-season to see how it works I’d also like to see benny tried in cm in pre-season to see how he goes just incase of injury crisis in cm i reckon he could do a job if needed with his passing ability.

    • Shawcross you have got to be joking where did that come from,also i think Caulker is happy where he is might be prob leave Walker where he is and Ade is to much money.

      • Shawcross is a good defender & as back up definately good enough open your eyes when u watch stoke I know It’s hard watching stoke but give it a go. Of course caulker is happy at cb but u need options & players that can play in different positions is always handy & as I said pre season what’s to lose if kaboul can play there caulker definately could & it could b a route into 1st team for him.

  9. Nelson marshalling Dawson…now there’s a death-trap in the making. The Japanese ‘ kamikaze’s ‘ would be able to rest in their graves peacefully ..


  10. Let’s face it – we’re Spurs fans. What do we know about good defenders?! There are as many people on here saying Kaboul is awesome as there are saying he’s awful.

    Just buy another striker so we can score more than anyone else!

  11. Open your eyes Micky dawson was class away at Liverpool.he won every header and gives 100% commitment every game unlike kaboom who ducks and turns his back at shots.


  13. Caulker has done nothing but underlined a place in the spurs squad. But he does look like he’ll be a marvellous asset to us over next season. A lot of criticism has went to Harry but I have to say a big well done for bringing the likes of Walker, Livermore and now Caulker into our squad. He’s laid down a fantastic British back bone.

  14. caulker and dawson, kaboul keeps making mistakes, king as backup and whoever says dawson is injury prone is an idiot, having a thug from stevenage push you mid-air and doin ur ligaments in and an incident for england injuring him previously too isnt being injury prone…

  15. bring in the dutch kid, verthongen. kaboul does make lots of mistakes, everton was his fault. and the fackt that we dont have a forward that cant score goals. would have verthongen and dawson,caulker,kaboul,and king. but verthongen would be starting with the rest rotating. kaboul is in no way awsome.

  16. Good defence is more about reading the play, and great positioning, and concentration. This is what has made ledley great. Dawson and kaboul have issues in these areas, and the 2 don’t complement each other. Dawson looks amazing next to king, but almost rubbish next to anyone else. Caulker looks decent, but whether he can be that intelligent player we need, I don’t know.


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