We haven’t mentioned the name of Klaas-Jan Huntelaar for a while but the Dutch striker is firmly back in the news this week and this latest development is worth noting. Reports from the German press suggest that he is stalling on a new deal at Schalke and the player himself had this to say about the subject.

There will be time to gather my thoughts after the season,” he said to ‘Bild’.

“Before then, I want to focus on scoring goals and not let myself be distracted at the European Championships.”

Of course, this could be taken just at face value and there is a likelihood that he could stay at his present club where he has rebuilt his reputation. Alternatively, after re-establishing himself as one of the most dangerous strikers in Europe, maybe the time has come to test himself in the Premier League.



  1. Always been a fan of his. You don’t get to play in Madrid and Milan if you are a mug. Finishing 3rd in the league will have a big say on the calibre of targets we may able to attract.

  2. At 28: he is in his prime and has a wealth of experience, which as Parker, Gallas and other have shown is invaluable. He could give any club a good 4 years solid service. I don’t see what the obsession with youth is. We have If you could enlighten me….

  3. I think it is about time rafael van der vaart had a word with klass-jan huntelaar about joining spurs it would be the best option for him , rafa loves it here and should tell him about life in the premier.

  4. We are now producing better quality players through the academy. The opportunity for Coulibaly, Kane and others (not Obika) will come if they are good enough and want it. Its not as if KJH would be our only front man. Say 4 squad places are available; a mix of youth/expeirence and forwards with varying qualities/abilities would required. Wellbeck, Rooney, Berbatoss, Hernandez (+Owen) is a prime example.

    • Its very easy to see why he, and others, turned us down a few years ago…we were small-fry (and still are to a large extent). However, THFC and various higher quality players situations have changed since then. Therefore, we may well be a more interesting proposition this time around. (need to finish 3rd and have a a top-class manager (or Harry) sorted)

  5. This guy, I can see him passing us up. Lets be serious here, he wants to play for a club like Chelsea, PSG, and Ahzi where he will get paid. What can we offer at most? 70,000/wk? Thats not going to get it done bois.

  6. Manchester United are already talking to his agent, they want him as a replacement for Berbatov.

    Mind you, Berbatov might be an option for Spurs but will he be happy at a mid-table club?

    Congratulations on getting to the FA Cup semi-finals, I’m sure that’s a consolation for not winning the league title for half a century.

  7. Hahaha look at the arsehole fans gettin irritated… Jealousy is a word that springs to mind and you may well come back at me and say “were 3rd” but the truth of the matter is that were on the rise and over the coming seasons spurs finishing above arsenal WILL be the norm. All you arseholes know that deep down and its touching a nerve.




    • If only that could be, for as I celebrated Christmas I also celebrated the turning of the tides of Spurs finally correcting the natural order of things. 3 months later, I have been humbled. Shows you what I know of natural order. As a supporter for life, I am not naive or pretend to place Spurs above the Gunners, but I do take offense to idiot Arsenal fans who can’t just enjoy what they have and have to rub it in our faces. So that said, yes, we aspire to become a bigger club. Kind of like how Chelsea have transformed themselves into an elite club over the past decade, only without the mega rich owner. Or, why not? Lets have it, then we will see Arsenal a true challenge year in and year out. Not just this once in a lifetime squad we can grow from.

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