If the reports from earlier today are true, then Spurs could be scrapping any thoughts of negotiating a permanent deal for Emmanuel Adebayor and turning their attentions elsewhere. Ade’s wages have been reported as being between £170,000 and £200,000 a week and that has always been the likely stumbling block for any permanent transfer.

Some of those earlier stories mentioned Loic Remy once again and the Marseille striker is known to have been on manager Harry Redknapp’s radar in the past. Alternatively, there is Giuseppi Rossi whose transfer fee seems to have plummeted since his recent long term injury. Some reports suggest that as little as £10m would be required to secure the Italian’s services.

The rumour mill has also brought the name of Demba Ba to the forefront again. After impressing at Newcastle this season, stories suggest that the club are looking to offer the Senegalese £50k a week to stay – figures that are within the reach of Spurs.

So if Ade doesn’t stay there is a desperate need for at least one new striker next season and at present, there is no shortage of candidates.




  1. Ba or Remy, but not Rossi for me, though my first choice would be Leandro Damiao. We need a strong, quick target man. I would stick with Defoe and Saha but also look to bring in Hazard or Hoillet. I think patience is wearing thin with Lennon – too easily “injured” and lacking the hunger.

  2. Huntelaar? He’s pretty tall(ish) and seems to bang in goals. Leandro Damaio would be obvious choice, but we seem no nearer signing him now than when we were first linked with him about 2-3 years ago!

  3. Maybe someone who scores goals like erm Defoe? With a big man alongside like Saha perhaps? Or even someone in behind like Rafael van der Vaart?
    Or we could just blow £100k a week plus £20m on someone with a fancy name

    • We need better and younger than Defoe/Saha… A larger repertoire of goals than Defoe… Someone more passionate & influential than Defoe.

    • schweet get your point.but we do need a little bit more depth in places,mainly on the right for azza we`re unstoppable with that sorted.Think we need to spend a bit just to keep our top boys in the side.Management is what we really should be worried about.Heard they`re flirting with toni conte

  4. We should have signed the Hunter about 4 times now. I guess better late than never as I imagine he would relish the amount of chances we would create.

    We may need to get 2 forwards in with the current situation panning out so Ba, Giroud or Leandro as a target man?

  5. BA failed medical at Stoke, and Ba would have been tailor made for them. You cannot ignore that. Huntelaar will be 29 when next season kicks off. Another short term fix? Defoe is 29 now, and Saha is older…. Some of these strikers have been linked for so long that they are now too old, and people have not realised….

  6. I think there is serious thoughts about Huntelaar. Remy maybe but if you can get Ba for sub £10m (keep hearing about this clause) who is having a good year and did OK last year then I think that is the way we’ll go. Totally depends on the manager. HR here then expect to see Ba and maybe one other and then Defoe can prob go. We need a ‘Rooney or an RVP’. who doesn’t???

  7. There is only one centre forward that WILL take Spurs to the top of the P.L……LEANDRO DAMIAO.I watch many Brazilian football games on the T.V and Leandro has everything,strong hard working,good in the air,and scores great goals.Mark my words he will win the golden boot in the next world cup.

  8. There are too many factors to consider for idle speculation. Hunterlaar could still give 3-4 years decent service to any team though. If i was a betting man (which i’m not because its just giving money away), a deal will be reached for the permanent transfer of Adebayor.

    • He would be perfect and he is only getting paid £50,000 per week which means spurs could for once up someones wage demands but it would cost us a lot to get him.

  9. Huntelaar is a beast in the penalty area. Him and VDV wouldnt work though as a partnership in the prem, as a pair too slow. Go get Remy to float behind Hunter and maybe Hoilett as cover for wing and were sorted

    • i think we have all realised how crucial Azza is to our team, a few options on the left but bugger all on the right! we must treat our little speedster with respect! we need cover for him!
      dont know what this has to do with Ade but hey ho.
      What a lovely day!

  10. Your all wrong look no further than Ath. Madrid C/F Adriano or Falcao,F.Llorente,Also req.R/Wing,Young Keeper,Suarez type Forward, Out Defoe,Pienaar,Bentley,Gomez,Rose,Ade,Jenas,Dos Santos,Niko,Might raise Enough for a start,take a loss Mr Levy & be Realistic!!

  11. Llorente would be my preferred choice, but he would command a heavy transfer fee and top wages. Always rated Huntelaar, excellent goal scorer but on the slow side and not sure of his work rate for they way we currently pay. Damino sounds good player, only seem him play live once, but could face a lot of competition. Remy seem a good, quick and lively player, could he lead the line though? Other possible players I think we should look at would be Lewandowski, Ba and Doumbia

  12. Best centre forward I’ve seen all season is Llorente of Athletic Bilbao, totally terrorised Man Utd and scored two great goals against them.

  13. @king glenn, leave lennon out of this as he is one of the best wingers in england, lennon on form is untouchable, i cannot beleive we have thick fans, lennon would start for any premiership team and i wouldnt ever want to lose him he is also young so great to have him here as he has many years of top flight football in him and hopefully at the lane, adebayor can go and he is not worth 200k he does have a presence and does help out on the pitch but his touch is poor, he passes when he can shhot and when he shoots his finishing is poor and he needs to learn to smack the ball not stroke it.

    • I also agree that Lennon’s qualities are underrated – work rate, tracking back, inflicts caution on the opposition, can produce something different. However the injury thing cannot be relied on without a backup.

    • Hey Nick, I object to the “thick” comment. It’s an opinion, right, just like yours. IMO Lennon is too often injured and is undoubtedly developing a “precious” reputation. One of these guys who has to be 100%. Remember the Bernabeu last year and that’s not the only time. Mark my words, if we could get Hoillet or Hazard then Lennon’s position would be in serious jeopardy.

      • King glenn I am glad I am not the only one. Lennon is majorly overrated. Watch him week in week out Yes he has pace. Yes his reputation frightens people but does he cause problems like bale? No. Has he improved like bale? No. He has been with us 6 seasons and has not progressed and it’s embarrassing when compared to the impact of the likes of walker and bale. When on his game he van be unplayable but he’s never on it. 4 goals 4 assists. For a RW. Paha. Joke. The only thick fans are those still deluded that think he is top class…… Hazard. Holliett anyone to make him sort it out bcos he has it all to be top class he is just too comfortable.
        Llorente is the best forward – love watching him. Touch of berbie and a world class finisher. Him and a cheap rossi sounds good to me. If not then why not benzema or higuain. Love benzema

  14. A lot of names have been mentioned & most of them would b good choice although I have my doubts about remy & I don’t think Podolski is what we need very inconsistent.
    If its someone to do the role of ADE as in hold up ball & bring in others Huntelar isn’t that type of player if u want someone to get on the end of things then he is.
    I reckon Defoe will want to leave in summer so we could b looking at 3 new strikers as I hope saha doesn’t stay.
    I’ll throw 3 names that haven’t been mentioned & I don’t think we should b put off by a player been over 29 just bcoz a player hits 30 doesn’t mean he’s not worth signing, so I think we should go all in for David Villa he’d hit over 20 goals a season for us & would b good for young players to learn off. To replace ADE I think we could do worse than look at felipe Caciedo at lokomotiv Moscow he was very unlucky Man City went on big spending fee, he done well in Spain for levante b4 moving to lokomotiv & seems to really have grown as player. Watched him recently against bilboa in uefa cup & he run them ragged & at 24 & around 8-10ml mark could good business no need to break wage structure either.
    A 3rd player who I think would b Alvaro Morata of real Madrid top scorer at euro u-19 last summer 6ft 4 can hold ball up like llorente & has pace n poacher instincts of a young Torres, he has a great strike rate at all underage levels & has potential to b one of best strikers in the world his path into Madrid is always likely to b blocked by real’s policy if buying in galacticos so could b got.

  15. I agree with the Llorente supporters, I’d forgotten him. Would be brilliant in the Prem, particularly in that hold up role as others have mentioned. Bring in Hazard to play in the hole and we’d be cooking on gas. COYS

  16. I was reading that City might be trying to sell Dzeko this summer — I’d take him at Spurs. He’d do well with the team and style; especially if he was given a consistent run (which is what he doesn’t have, currently).

    Damiao, Llorente or (less so) Remy would be wonderful, but what about Arnautovic? He’s young and can play as a forward or on the wing. Also, for the same reasons, Cuenca.

  17. Llorente … I have watched this man for quite sometime now and i believe that he would be the best forward in the prem if he came to spurs ,with the service he would get he could quite easy get between 25 and 30 goals plus .

  18. We have to get in Llorente or Damaio and also another decent winger, Hazard or Krasic to challenge for the title. We could take on anybody with a team like that.
    Get rid of Gomes, Jenas, Bentley, Dos Santos, Pienaar, Bassong and Corluka. Ade will be going anyway.
    We will have Caulker and Naughton coming back next season as well, who are looking good.

  19. @kingglen
    i didnt mean to use the word thick so i apologise, but as with the lennon thing maybe he needs a bit of competition for his position and yes i agree he has had a few injuries recently however, lennon destroys fullbacks and is perfect for counter attacks, i realy cannot see why people underate him i think he is quality and carries a great threat to the opposition as he is hard to contend with, personaly i cannot see another winger around who carries his threats.

    • If it wasn’t for lennons injuries i believe he would be better than bale. i was speaking to a united fan the other day and he said lennon is the main player in are team that worries the united fans as he terrorises evra like no other wingers in the league…..

      • Whoa. Bale hashed his fair share of injuries but he has improved and is fulfilling his potential. Yes Lennon has potential but it’s about time he showed it.

        Name the last game lennon played well in?

        Name the last game he scored?

        Name the cast game he made an assist?

        Now do the same for bale……. I think I know who you have answers for and which one you haven’t a clue with and have to look it up…..

  20. Dreamers! That’s what you spuds are!…All those noise with borrowed players….Finally Adebayor have realized what a cockroach club you spuds are….Cavani…Harzard…Falcao… all in your helluva dreams…LMFAO….Hahahahahaha…..

  21. The only man who will go tto spuds nowadays is maybe onlly jamie redknapp ! LMFAO !!! Mind thhhhe gaaaappppppppp!!! Arry arryyy aryyyyy forr engllandddddd!!!

    • Not yet gloating time mate. Eight matches to go. And we all saw what can happen in a matter of weeks. Let’s stay humble for the next two months. I’m reserving my noise for then.

      One wise man said, “Keep your words soft and sweet. You may have to eat them.”

      Judging by our record in recent years, I don’t think the advantage we hold over spurs should be anything to gloat about. It’s just three points. And remember just over a month ago they were ten ahead.

  22. The others would be fine. But forget about Demba Ba. Trust me. Don’t go for him. We all know what these Newcastle players become when they join other teams..flops. If you don’t believe me, then wait till next season and you will be wailing over a Tottenham version of Andy carroll. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  23. ———–2012 STRIKER TARGETS———–


    Edinson Cavani, 25, £50m – 0.47 – 11 in 37 URU
    Gonzalo Higuain, 24, £35m – 0.46 – 12 in 23 ARG
    Seydou Doumbia, 24, £25m – 0.63 – 1 in 19 IVO
    Giuseppe Rossi, 25, £24m – 0.40 – 6 in 27 ITA
    Fernando Torres, 28, £24m – 0.41 – 27 in 91 SPA
    Fernando Llorente, 27, £25m – 0.37 – 7 in 20 SPA
    Leandro Damiao, 22, £20m – 0.63 – 1 in 5 BRA
    Loic Remy, 25, £20m – 0.38 – 4 in 17 FRA
    Daniel Sturridge, 22, £18m – 0.29 – 0 in 2 ENG
    Olivier Giroud, 25, £17m – 0.44 – 1 in 3 FRA
    Alvaro Negredo, 26, £16m – 0.38 – 5 in 7 SPA
    Lukas Podolski, 26, £16m – 0.39 – 43 in 95 GER
    Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, 28, £16m – 0.65 – 31 in 50 NET
    Roberto Soldado, 26, £16m – 0.48 – 3 in 3 SPA
    Robert Lewandowski, 23, £16m – 0.38 – 13 in 40 POL
    Lucas Barrios, 27, £15m – 0.47 – 6 in 21 PAR
    Burak Yilmaz, 26, £12m – *0.49 – 3 in 15 TUR
    Pablo Osvaldo, 26, £12m – 0.32 – 0 in 2 ITA
    Jose Rondon, 22, £10m – 0.34 – 6 in 22 VEN
    Demba Ba, 26, £7m – 0.51 – 5 in 12 SEN
    Luuk De Jong, 21, £8.5m – 0.43 – 1 in 7 NET
    Bas Dost, 22, £7m – *0.45 – 5 in 10 U21 NET
    Matías Suárez, 23, £8m – 0.30 – 0 in 0 ARG
    Gary Hooper, 24, £6m – *0.54 – 0 in 0 ENG
    Jordan Rhodes, 21, £5m – 0.53 – 6 in 7 U21 SCO
    John Guidetti, 19, £5m – 0.64 – 4 in 10 U21 SWE
    Abel Hernandez, 21, £5m – 0.29 – 3 in 8 URU
    * GPG in last 5 years


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