As the end of the season approaches there is plenty of deadwood to take care of at White Hart Lane and the first to leave the club could be reserve keeper Heurelho Gomes.

The Brazilian endured a spectacular fall from his number one slot last year and is currently third choice at Spurs behind Brad Friedel and Carlo Cudicini and with no sign of first team action on the horizon, the player is keen on a move back to PSV.

‘If it’s up to me, I would return to PSV right now. However, I’m not the one calling the shots. It all depends on what Tottenham and PSV want,’ Gomes said.

While it seems unlikely that there is any future at Spurs for the keeper, Tottenham don’t always have a great track record for clearing players that are surplus to requirements. Heurelho Gomes may have played his last game for the club but does that mean he will be moving on this summer?




  1. Sorry, but what club does have a great record for clearing out players?

    Y’know, when there’s “dead wood”, as seems to be the phrase, those players are unwanted for a reason. What other club would want them?

    That’s why you can’t sell them easily – teams look and say, “well he isn’t getting a game for you, so what’s to say he’s worth the money?”

    You could easily list 10 players or more that Spurs might sell but someone has to want them and, more importantly, someone has to be willing to part with good money to get them. That bit isn’t so easy, for Spurs or anyone else…

  2. Disagree, all Gomes needed to do was cut the”gaffs”. Better concentration would ensure his undoubted shot stopping ability would turn things around. Brad Friedal has shown how, i honestly think Gomes could turn it around and stay.

  3. Gomes/Jenas/Bentley/Bassong/Corluka/Dos Santos/Pienaar That is some amount of players to get rid of all decent enough in low to mid prem teams. Should generate at least £20mil+

  4. What about Huddlestone. We have Scotty, sandro, and jake all playing DM surely there is not enough room to keep 4 on the books?

    • I seriously think that Huddlestone can feature for Spurs as a CB next season. Of coz he will give another dimension as a central midfielder but anyone of Parker, Sandro and even Livermore will be ahead of him. Bassong and Khumalo must be moved on. Maybe Gallas will join Nelsen in MLS?

    • Tom is the best passer of a ball in the league, we have missed him badly. Tom is a playmaker not a defensive midfielder and his ability shone in the season prior to our last champions league campaign and during it. There is room for him at spurs as he offers something that none of the others do. Accurate long and short range passing, genuine 2 footed ability and the skill to dictate the tempo of a game. He is nothing like the players you mentioned of which only Sandro has true quality.

      • Huh?
        Have you been watching the games this season???

        Sandro is a physical beast with lots of potential but Parker outplays him each and every week. Yeah, we all one a Brazilian but Scotty Parker is twice the player that Sandro currently is.

        • Parker also has almost a decade more experience.

          Sandro definitely needs some more time but I expect he’ll keep growing as a player for years — and he’s already good enough for Spurs, even if Parker is (currently) better than him.

          As for Hud, Helen is right — he’s not a true DM but a deep-lying playmaker. I could see him doing really well in a midfield three:

          VdV/Modric (AM)
          Hud (playmaker) Parker/Sandro (DM)

    • Idon’t really see Hudds as defensive. If Modders goes I’d look at either Javi Martinez or Cabaye from Newcastle if we want someone with prem experience.

  5. I really cant see why Gomes was keft in January or Dos Santos. If the manager does not rate them thats fine – but highly paid players are a waste if not used. Harry is a better manager than he is a businessman…

    • Isn’t Gomes in recovery now? He had surgery recently right? GDS is an enigma….Arry does not like the guy for some reason. I have an inkling that he is kept, so that the new manager can have a real look at him. An astute tactical master should be able to employ GDS in games, surely!?

      • Wasn’t there reports of Gio hitting the town every other night, turning up late for training & enjoying the party life a bit too much for someone who’s getting enormous amounts of money? I’m sure I read that somewhere. If it’s true you can’t blame Harry for not playing him that much until he realises his responsibilities. Also Spurs had an offer from a club but Gio didn’t want to go cos he was holding out for a move to Seville, but they didn’t wan to pay the money. You can’t expect Spurs to sell a player and expect them to drop their asking price just because he wants them to.

        • Yeah, that couple reports were a few years ago, how old was he then?…..even King have been reported drunk….and many other top class players. Reminded me of a certain George Best. So Arry not willing to let him play over something reported 3 years ago? Hmm…i thought i heard, Arry is a great man manager?

          Funny thing is…..with GDS not given playing time, would his price increase? Will he have better reputation to temp buyers to buy him, if he is continually benched? Why is Spurs willing to pay his wages continually for so long, for him to sit on the bench?

  6. Gomes and bentley will be hardest to get rid of, bassong isn’t damaged goods neither is dos santos or corluka. Jenas would be good at Villa if fit and what about Clive Allen? Just sits on the bench even though we need a proven goalscorer, Lazy.

    • I think Gomes’ contract finishes this summer. Bentley will be thehardest to get ridof, almost worth trying to annul his contract so we don’t have to pay his wages.

      The rest should be easy to get rid of as long as Levy is realistic with their sale prices.

      Bassong 4-5m
      Jenas 1-2m
      GDS 4-5m
      Krankie? 6-7m
      Pienaar 3-4m
      Corluka 5-6m
      Bentley 0m
      Gomes 0m
      Nelsen 0m
      King or Gallas 0m
      Saha 0m

  7. OUT:
    GK: Gomes – 4m
    DF: Corluka – 3m
    DF: Bassong – 3.5m
    DF: Rose – 2m
    DF: Khumalo – free
    MF: Kranjcar – 5m
    MF: Jenas – 4m
    MF: Bentley – 3m
    MF: Pienaar – 3m
    SC: Defoe – 12m
    SC: Dos Santos – 5m
    SC: Saha – free

    GK: Krull – 10m
    DF: Ramirez – 1.5m
    DF: Vertonghen – 12m
    MF: Hoilett – 4m
    SC: Damiao – 17m

    OUT: Redsnapps
    IN: Mourinho / Moyes


    • and bobby boy you can go fuck yourself up and dream all you like all day long, cause thats not going to happen you twat! mourinho rather go to benfica than to tottenham you fool!

    • Out Bobby Lloyd £0 as he is an idiot.

      Krull will not sign to be on the bench and Brad will be no1 for at least one season after this.

      We currently have 4 strikers if you include Saha, Ade, Defoe and Dos santos. Ade won’t be retained so you’d sell the other 3 and buy 1? That makes sense you go into a campaign which could have 60+ games with 1 striker. Go back to playing championship manager you tool.

  8. I think Defoe should be sold after his 10 minute cameo against Bolton , very selfish , I know strikers are not considered team players but !!!!!!!!

  9. defoe is going liverpool inside info, defoe is fantastic im upset because he dosent get enough playing time, look at his goal to game ratio this season dont slate him, watch how many he will score for liverpool,

  10. Bobby Lloyd, I don’t think someone would buy jenas, bentley, GDS for that amount of money mentioned, indeed I’d sell Kranjcar more than that and I Won’t sell Rose whatever happen. He’s still young and has so many potential in few years ahead. By the way, aren’t you selling Dawson as well?

  11. I reckon we wait to see who’s still gonna wanna be around if we don’t make champions league first. Believe we will but only then can we start to talk bout in and out players really because higher calibre players want that. And of corse arry might stay too then. Let’s just chill our beans and see what happens, no matter what it should be an exciting summer.


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