As Spurs’s season starts to get even worse, it’s impossible to stop the rumours concerning the futures of some of our best players. Luka Modric, Gareth Bale and even Kyle Walker are in the spotlight while idle gossip has suggested that all three may be seeking a move at the end of the season.
The issues haven’t been helped by the comments made by Gareth Bale’s agent about a possible move to PSG.
“Bale is the type of player PSG need, said Jonathan Barnett. “But he is very happy at Tottenham.”
It can help to subdue rumours if you ignore them of course so apologies for not doing just that but it was interesting to say the least to see reports of an approach for Reading for Ledley King.
The Championship side are apparently struggling in defence and see Ledley as providing the experience needed to keep them in the Premiership next season.
Naturally, Reading are aware of the player’s injury issues but maybe see the situation with Jonathan Woodgate as a precedent. If he plays enough games then King could still prove his worth to Reading as Woody has at Stoke and maybe therefore this isn’t such a ridiculous suggestion after all?




  1. Sorry to hear this story about Reading.

    I saw Ledley’s first senior game for Spurs and have been a fan for years. However, his time is up. Sure, he can stagger on but, quite apart from the fact that he struggles now at the top level, every match he plays could be doing him a lot of harm.

    His knee trouble is getting worse and if he isn’t careful he will end up on crutches. I’m not sure how he even gets through a game, and I speak at someone who has also had serious knee/hip problems.

    So, for the sake of his long term health and mobility, Ledley should call it a day at season’s end. He surely must have enough money stashed away to have a comfortable life from now on. To be honest, knowing what cartilage problems are like, I doubt he could even do a proper coaching job.

    So please quit at the top, while you are ahead, Leds.

  2. Seriously? Ledley? Pass a medical? Do you really think they could get insurance?
    Maybe we should just sell Modric, Bale, Walker for like £100m. We could buy a goalline technology company, invest in some silver-tongued lobbyists and relentlessly promote this novel idea to FIFA. Or we could just pay off some refs like the ‘big’ clubs do.

    Not bitter. Honest

  3. if Ledders went to Reading does not quite capture the current mood of the average Spurs fan if I may be so bold. Harry going, is an absolute must whether he leaves to be England manager or his contract is not extended after this season. The way this team has collapsed, his mis-management of several of our squad players this and last season, has now left us with a depleted team of near pensioners! Kyle Walker CANNOT cross a fakkin ball to save his life,(has anyone EVER scored from a Walker cross?)….Adebayour is a carbon copy of Crouch, only brown……I just cant go on rambling about how sh!te this team has suddenly become…the Chelski defeat has drained me of all cohesion……people are laughing at me again at work, at the club, in the snooker hall, the gym, everywhere! Referees are killing peoples passion for football with their crooked decisions….FIFA dont want goal line technology because then they will find it much harder to “fix” games for the gambling “industry”…….in the Far East the money wagered EVERY WEEK on the English Premier League alone outstrips all the clubs gate receipts for 1 complete season!!!! FIFA through all their cronies make huge amounts of money in the Far East betting on games that are fixed by FIFA…..they know whose going to win before the game is played, so they bet big on those games and reap the rewards! In the meantime, all of us mugs who watch this fakkin sh!te thinking its all honest and ship shape, then have to suffer these aboniable refereeing decisions, that really tell the world just how “fixed” it all is!!!! I mean come on, all those people in the Stadium, the players on the floor in the goalmouth by the ball, and the only cu nt in the whole Stadium who thinks it was a goal is…….YOU GUESSED IT, THE FUKKIN REFEREE!!!! And he even had his walkie-talkie headset in direct contact with the God of Football…Sepp Blatter! …(or probably another FIFA representative telling what decision to make!!!!)

    • I have to agree totally with this,there has been far too many strange and let’s be honest dodgy decisions over the last couple of years for it to be a mere co-incidence.Before our game on Sunday we had the questionable decision to award Ashley young a penalty just a week after a blatant dive against QPR and what made it worse was that they never even rescinded Derry’s red card,no matter how you look at it,it’s suspect.It’s becoming so frequent now that as the post above says it’s killing the passion now.As Adebayor inferred too,it’skilling the game.

    • Walker’s crossing is not the problem, it’s the lack of players getting into the box to reach them.
      Adebayor has a tendency to pull wide and, in a 4-4-1-1 formation it means at best VdV is sat on the edge of the box. We need a poacher who will hover in the box and sweep in anything that’s put near him.

  4. im so fukkin sick of this shite….for Arry now it will be all uphill at Tottenham so if he dont get the Engloid call-up hes still gotta go! Since all this Engloid manager talk hes fd up big at WHL….all the good work he had done before is now fukked…..we need Chumpions League football next year to help toward the cost of the new Stadium….without CL we could lose half our best players this summer….complete fk up this second half of the season….losing to Norwich at home was a real fukkin downer….Arrry needs to go soon as!!! Very very very fukked off Spurs supporter here Arry, …not playing Pav and Defoe, our only 2 that were scoring regularly….kept playing that fukwit Crouch with no goals for far too long….wasted money left right and center buying players we then sold… I would bet even Defoe will jump ship in summer after Arry has taken the piss outta him for 2 seasons almost…when he scores Arry then fukkin benches him, same with Pav and Corluka….all we got now is Crash Bandylegs Adebyfukkinour who thinks hes still playing for the Woolwich Wanderers, always offside or falling over himself!!!

  5. less of the brown comment about adebayor…He has been good for us we are falling short at the moment..I am sure every Spurs fan is having a disturbed day…i KNOW i am..however if we finish in the top4 that will be a good season…we all know what we think of the ref who guessed he should be embarrassed…anyway there is a lot of wood to clear out time for ledders to go along with gallas, cudicini, nelson,livermore, dos santos,jenas, we need 2 solid centre backs that are this side of 30, 2 strikers as although vdv is a great player we are not scoring enough …

  6. Interesting ‘rant’ about football being bent. I have been having this discussion with friends for some weeks now. This season has been sickening in terms of refereeing as a Spurs fan, (Stoke Wolves etc) but it’s not just us, the Shaun Derry red card being upheld by the disciplinary committee was mind blowing. The Arse’s goal against Everton, repeated decisions against Wigan I could go on and on. So many people seem to be happy to believe that football can be bent when ‘funny foreigners’ are involved, (There have been cases in Turkey, Italy and Germany in recent years.) but English football – oh it’s just mistakes we’re whiter than white….. I wish I could believe our game was clean but I really can’t it’s time to remove the rose tinted spectacles. Friends say ‘how can you keep going if you really believe that?’ Well it’s what I do and it’s the triumph of hope over experience. It’s increasingly depressing though. And if I hear ‘Arry say oh it was an honest mistake one more time…..

      • Then try to be a “BIG CLUB” not to be Tiny club.. But nature allows tott to be only small club at most, let alone a big club. Hahahhahahhahahahaahahaha forever in our shadows you deluded totteringshit

    • The thing is ladies I won’t be going any longer,how can I? Unless you follow the old top four,you run the risk of shelling out good money to see your team cheated with scandalous decisions with not even an apology,because the people that “run” this game think that the supporters of these clubs will blindly follow,well after watching Spurs for thirty years,it seems to be the end of the line for me.I happen to agree with your posts and most of the posts above,there is something rather sinister going on,we all know that what happened to us would never have happened to Man ure,the bindippers and the chavs on Sunday,it is sickening but at Wembley on Sunday I could almost detect an air of “well that sort of thing happens to us,almost resignation” I for one am very disillusioned by it all.The amount of times we have been dicked by appalling refereeing decisions at OT for example,come on is that really all a co-incidence??

  7. I agree wit tt – adebayor is a crouch re incarnate what a bag of shite..his touch would be asked t o leave were at at table dining with the levels of berbatov … berba did not ned t run around flapping his match stick arms and fall over and ….oh fuck it ! He i shit and tt mentioned in detail how shit he hwas , so what if the word brown was mentioned it s true is nt it , im brown so what , what is that supposed to be hidden ffs

    back to the rot – harry has been found out royally ( always going to happen anyone who knows life and in particular spurs knew it ) only in the media can u hide behind the lies and that is symptomatic of british culture now…smokes screens boy bands shoddy frame work and of course mirrors.. even that geeza dave spurs was laughged off from here about yeah u guessed it ( players on energy something or ever ) and now look…I would sellmodric and bale to the first buyer . mpdric is the most overe rated player since , well the last thing associated with a rednap comment..i am sick in the stomach today , we are total cun^^! PArkerhas come out otday and intimated it too, good on him, he has shown indirectly that the manager has lost faith…never liked nor understood nor wanted this two bon wets ham cun^^….Levy needs to take him and ledley to the back od the field and do whats best for us the fans and the club 1

    • #:) Cheers mate, your post has given me a right good chuckle!! Im not a racist so I meant nothing with the brown comment other than Ade is actually brown! #:) I love football as a sport but on the biggest stages nowadays there is far too much corruption going on. Even players bet on games every week to make more money on top of the obscene wages they are getting already! The only way to stop all the sh!te is simply to refuse to go and pay to watch a match for 3 months!! That would cause a major rethink by all the money grabbing fukkaz in the game, because the People are the ones with the real power!! Making your displeasure known by with-holding your cash is their biggest fear! If we all used the power, then the changes would happen. #:)

  8. I’ve been convinced since the 90’s that the pl is corrupt, if matches could b fixed in Italy & other lgs around Europe then how can we b so blind to not see it in England. Why do chelski get so many decisions there way well just look at who owns millhouse investment group who own shares in bskyb & sky digital for the answere. Add in bskyb owning 33% of mutv & 38% of chelsea tv & it staring u in the face.
    As for modric if it was up to me I’d go to utd & say give us one of valencia, Smalling or hernandez & 15ml or we sell to city.
    As for bale I’d let him go to barca if we got villa & Affelay or Pedro in exchange.

  9. I dont mind if King leaves, but I agree it would set bad precedence. We absolutely need to keep Walker, but if Mod and Bale leave, I see he’ll want out as well. Please do not sell to Arsenal.

  10. So much negativity guys.Yeah the Gods deserted us at Cheatski.But all up,with our 2nd half display.We did not deseve it anyway.The lack of fight shown,was deplorable Other than Parker(who always seems to give his all).As for the gooner High5/2.Yet anather display of gooner mentality.Anather one showing his extremely low iq.Modric ‘s form has certainly dipped,and that means his valuation will have also.But hopefullly we can keep hold of Bale for a while yet.While Walker,is great going forward,but some of his defensive play,leaves a lot to be desired.And our dear old Ledley.Well opn his lastb two performnances.He is now looking extremely slow,and it may be for the best if he was to move on.(the club as well)

  11. What a bunch of whinners there is not much wrong with
    the spurs team Just get rid of HR ASAP. HE IS TACTICALLY BANKRUPT . Lennon gets injured does everything but put in a natural winger . Dos santos why did we keep him .Vdv was one of our better players against chelsea yet he gets taken off. Defoe is not a team player .Bae & Walker keep getting caught out of position. we have Bale down the left Lennon down the right .Parker is worth his wieght in gold but should be protecting the centre backs .He is a defensive midfielder.Sandro offers a lot defensively & going forward so does Livermore . Modric has not been at his best his influence on the game is not enough. we need to win 5 games to play CL next year IF DL believes HR can do this then so be it .IF not then roll the dice Mr Levy & lets move on Give the new manager a chance to assess what he has and his transfer budget.

  12. A squad for next year should include Krul/Vorm Vertongen, Kjaer.Caulker, JK Huntelaar & Damiao IF Modric wants to go let him go

    • Got a feeling Modders will start the BS again this summer regardless if we get CL or not.

      If so then he has to go. Move him on to a team in Italy, Spain or France for 40-45m. Don’t let him disrupt the team, make a statement and move him on our terms while we still have leverage with this contract.

  13. need 2 good centre backs and possibly a younger keeper and definetely a striker that scores regular.
    look at man utd and chelsea who have won the last 7 titles between them. chelsea with cech, terry, carvalho and man utd with van der sar, ferdinand, vidic. all great players who formed partnerships with each other and were the key to both teams success. then you look at spurs back 3.

  14. Adebayor is high on the list of assists, look at Man U’s, Arsenal’s and Chelsea’s goalscorers’ a lot of their goals come from the midfield, our midfield does not match any of those. You cannot knock the ball to a lone striker and expect him to control it, take on three or four defenders and stick it in the net.
    Adebayor doesn’t hold up the ball often enough but if you take Bale out of the equation the rest of the midfield is slow to help and practically goalless.

  15. I had a feeling that the Fa wanted a chavs bindippers final and now they have it.Too much influence with foreign investors for it not to be the case.Those two clubs are huge in the asian markets.Not sour grapes as I believe overall Chelsea deserved to go through.,but at that stage of the game they certainly needed some help from the ref.

  16. Lets just get rid of the older players that Redknapp brought in, the ones there old clubs didnt want because there over the hilll, Gallas, King, Nelson, Saha…….then send Adebayor back, sell Defoe 442 is ineffective in the modern game and he cant play up top alone, finally sell Modric for 40mill so over rated its untrue, he has made his name based on a good drop of the shoulder and the odd good through ball.

    Sign Hoilett/Moses, Hazard, Remy, Llorente, Shawcross, Krul and we will be ok

  17. Add Damaio and Vertonghen to my list, Levy has to spend money he has been soo tight lately and I can only blame that on Redknapps spending…..Bassong 8m, Crouch 10m, Defoe 15m plus Krancjar and Pienaar all didnt start for us or didnt deserve to start for us.

    His only decent signing has been Parker…..Sandro was signed by Broomfield and VDV by Levy

    • I agree for the most part.

      We should keep Gallas and maybe Saha for experience.

      Need to sign a LB (Taiwo) and promote or get back Caulker, Naughton, Coulibaly and Falque.

      I would not sign Ade for any wages above 80K so we need to get a top class striker in (CL means a lot).

      Finally we need competition for places, too many players know they will play. HR has to take a lot of the blame for that.

  18. Just seen the FA highlights for the first time and yet again – our failure to score from good chances is a major weakness. How many times can a team not score and have defenders clear from their own line [or one of their own team gets in the way!]. VDV should once again have buried his chance while Ade missed another sitter. As fans have said for 2 yrs a- a world class striker is required if Spurs to move up a a gear.

  19. Just another look at the goal that Bale scored against chelsea . Ade broke through and was brought down by the goalkeeper. if Bale had not run on, was it a last man foul.if the ref played advantage, why was the goalkeeper not red carded or did he think that Ade dived, why was he not booked. somebody please enlighten me.

    Players to build around

    Walker , Naughton , Caulker , Kaboul , Sandro , Livermore ,Parker , Modric (if he WANTS to stay)Van der Vaart ,Bale , Coulibaly , Falque

  20. SKY run football ,not FIFA or SEB .
    they set the times , dates and even have a direct line to the refs ear, Sky even tell the ref its time to kick off , they run the fourth official , for extra time ,and data to the monitors in the dug out .
    So if you are looking for the puppet master , look no further than the SKY ! They love all the shit decisions , it sells .
    look at our technology , we can show you 17 different angles of shit , in any speed including hd , 3d .
    We stole your National game and charge you a fortune to have it back.
    ps; Full of ex manure players rambling on too.
    CANCELL NOW !!!!!!

  21. I love a conspiracy theory but all of this talk about the game being rigged is bollocks. The ref made a horrendous decision but there is no way it was a setup orchestrated by FIFA and far east gambling syndicates as some deluded individual has suggested. If they wont introduce goal-line technology then I think they should use extra touchline officials for all prem games and the latter stages of the FA cup as they have done in the Champions League. They could also trial a referral system as they have done in cricket. As for Spurs, the biggest mistake we made was not meeting Bolton’s asking price for Gary Cahill in January. Our defence needs some reconstructive surgery during the summer and we need to buy a world class striker. Adebayor is not the answer.

  22. I think the only way forward is for rednapp to go at the end of the season, he is rubbish with tactics and his transfer policy is one of the worst of any manager we have had, if he continues our squad will be filled with over 30s on their pensions. I am sure if you ask him for tranfer targets he will say, michael owen, joe cole, rio ferdinand and carlton cole will win us the league. Get rid of this guy who has won ONE trophy in all his years of managing. Levey do your job and get avb.


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