It’s the time of the year when football agents start to speak carelessly about their clients in the hope of talking up a move. As far as Tottenham are concerned, their recent run of form and the threat of missing out on Champions League qualification means that we can expect more comments like the ones from Gareth Bale’s representative yesterday.

For the time being though, it’s the turn of Sandro’s man, Muhamed Sakic who says that the player is happy where he is while at the same time suggesting that the Brazilian could end up in Italy.

“Sandro is happy play at Tottenham and very happy to be in London,” Sakic said.

“From what we read in the tabloids, Sandro has already joined Zenit and Anzhi. But it’s true that we have had interest in him from many European clubs.

“Sandro could go to Italy next season.”

Harry Redknapp has been very disparaging of agents’ comments and maybe this is just another case of trying to negotiate a better deal for Sandro at Spurs. It is likely however that we shall be seeing more of this sort of thing in the coming weeks.



  1. Sandro needs to concentrate on his game and less kung-fu. He’s been totally average every time he’s played since Feb – especially with sloppy passing. The home-grown Livermore is looking a better prospect anyway.

  2. In Sandro’s defence (he does deserve one, after all), he has missed a lot of action, including pre-season, through injury.

    He always just seems a bit too eager for me, if that makes sense. Seems like he tries too hard, as if he is under extra pressure to perform. A good pre-season under his belt and a handful more opportunities when Parker is rested should see him back to his best next season, hopefully in a Spurs shirt.

  3. Sandro and Livermore both seem to play well at home and poor away. But to be fair, the whole team have been poor away from home in 2012.

  4. Livermore is nothing more than an average squad player he will never excel in any position. Meanwhile, Sandro is the best young talent we have and if looked after he will be an awsome player, great in a few positions, and there are several positions I can imagine him in, know what I mean boysHHXX


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