The sad story of Eric Abidal is thought to prompt a definitive move from Barcelona for Gareth Bale this summer as reports suggest that Pep Guardiola has identified the Welshman as the club’s main target.
According to the report in the Telegraph,
‘there remains a number of potential impediments to the transfer becoming a reality. Bale’s prospects of signing for the European champions are tied up with the contract negotiations for Guardiola, and the manager’s relationship with the board has become strained this season.’
Insiders however suggest that the coach will pledge at least one more year to the Catalan’s but after spending heavily in the summer, Barca bosses may not be so keen to dispense more cash at the end of this season.
The key to any possible transfer could depend on where Spurs, and Barcelona finish in their respective leagues at the end of this campaign.



  1. I think Bale is good, but I am not sure if he is Barca good. He is a bit lazy, and his tactical and positional play is not great .Most importanly defensively he has gone backwards. I honestly don’t think he is good enough for Barca.. Is the expectation that he will takeover Abidal. abidal is a very good defender, and he plays then Barca really have some potential defensive weaknesses. Generally due to their stron midfield and style, it does not matter but you still need to get the balance correct. Maybe we get Hazard, and they get Bale?

    • A bit lazy? I read a stat some weeks ago which pointed out the average player runs 8-9 km in a match and bale runs about 12-13km. On average of course.
      As for defence, if he was still a left back you can have that one but he is a wwwiiiddddeee player.
      He is no god but he is 22!

  2. The way Barca play, Bale is a perfect LB. He would be for us if we had anyone better at LW than Ekotto is at LB, but we dont and would cost a fortune to bring one in.

    Daniel Alves is Barca’s RB, but he’s hardly a defender is he? Bale is like Alves, but taller at 6’2″, strong, good in the air and probably a better crosser too. I didn’t think much of their LB the other day against Chelsk either…

  3. At 22, bale is the most complete footballer I have seen for a long time. He can play almost anywhere on the pitch baring CB and GK (yes I think he is strong enough to play as a CF)
    He is not lazy, by any stretch.
    In short he will polish his game in the next couple of years, and will be worth alot more. So with a 4 year contract why let him go for 40m as suggested.


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