Kyle Walker admitted that he was a little surprised to earn the award from his peers last night in the shape of the PFA Young Player of the year award.
This time last season, Kyle was on loan at Aston Villa and his performances there made it clear to everyone that this was always going to be a breakthrough season for the right back. He is now unquestionably our first choice in that position and not just because any possible replacements have been sold or loaned out…
“I was a bit surprised because defenders don’t normally get these awards and get the limelight as much as the centre-forwards,” Walker said.
“It is always an honour to be selected by the people you play against and hopefully I can get a few more of these and some medals with Tottenham along the way.”
Meanwhile, Kyle, Gareth Bale and Scott Parker were all named in the Premiership team of the year.



  1. I’m sorry to say, but the reason why he was suprised is because he dosen’t deserve it.

    He is good, but so many times this season his defending has been woeful and lead us to concede goals.

  2. I think Yidtilidie is mixing him up with BAE
    Walker has been more consistant than most of our defence this season and has made less mistakes than most of the rest. Hopefully Caulker can come in next season and have the same impact

    • I have to agree with Juxta, all round corluka was a better right back. Kyle is fast but that’s about it. His defence game needs picking up. He can’t cross, shoot, he gets caught out of position way too much and his pace saves him. Listen I’m not into bashing our players and he has the potenial but no where near finished yet.

      Aguero should of got young player of the year!

  3. Runs quite fast but that’s it – a good squad player.
    Corluka wipes the floor with him in terms of nous and his through balls to Lennon (ask him) who can now make a telling pass or cross even.
    Corluka may lack pace but so did Teddy and both have guile about them.

  4. When was the last time we saw Lennon run anywhere, let alone onto a through Ball. We need to improve on the right flank, Lennon cannot stay fit enough for long enough to make a contribution ditto for VDV. Bring in Moses or Dyer from Swansea when Rogers takes over as Boss

  5. Back up for Lennon is needed but the question when he is playing is where is the through ball going to come from – certainly not Walker who would do well to learn how to pass productively form Benny.
    As for Rogers, it seems impress for one season and you’re the messiah (see Andy Caroll, AVB etc).
    We need a been there done it man to push us on not a flavour-of-the-month PL debutant.


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