Time for Bongani to start?

When Harry was running through his list of centre backs at the weekend he excluded the name of Bongani Khumalo but the player’s agent is adamant that the South African is ready for the Premiership and ready to play a part in Tottenham’s run in to the end of the season.

“Really, we had no cover at centre-half and no cover up front,” Harry said.

“No disrespect to the bench but it is nowhere near the sort of bench we had six to eight weeks ago.”

Glyn Binkin however clearly feels that Bongani shouldn’t be overlooked.

“He is hopeful and confident that he can finally break into the starting line-up. This is the chance he plans to grab with both hands,” Binkin said.

“We must remember that he has only been at the club for 14 months, but he won’t give up. He has worked hard to get to the English Premiership.

“He doesn’t want to comment on the current situation at the club, but one thing I can say it that he is eager to play.”

Spurs are up against Blackburn this Sunday but is Bongani worth a place in the team?

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31 Responses

  1. jon says:

    Why the hell not, he can’t do any worse, probably a good time to come in because he’s fresh and wants to prove himself.

  2. Parklaner says:

    Reading let him go after his loan stint, not good enough for the championship……..!!!

  3. tony says:

    Yes – let’s play him up front

  4. Mark says:

    Bongani should go back where he came from. What a joke of a signing. What a joke the club is turning into.

  5. Wengersacock says:

    Surely we still have Ledley, Gallas plus Nelson and if we are short up front why not give Coulibaly a go, he cant be any worse up front than we have and looks like he can score goals.
    By the way Mr Levy we need three new strikers in the summer two of which need to be top top players, IE; ones that can put the ball in the net !!!!!

    • fanboy says:

      llorente, rossi and remy get two of them plus bring on of the younger guys up as back up such as Coulibaly or Kane and start by giving them a go in cup games against lesser teams to gain experience and keep Saha as emergency back up we all know how often spurs players get injuried

  6. Shockball says:

    Let me tell you this we are facing three teams with a double D before there name and that spells one thing Desperation twice. We have to attack from the off and Wigan beat Arsenal with a three man attack. My orders would be to attack attack With this Team Gomes yes because of Pedersons long throw Gallas King Bongani Lennon Modric Parker Bale Ady Lennon Van and go for goals before the tempo tampering kicks in about 15 mins or so. Then second half tighten up the last ten mins

  7. Shockball says:

    343 to beat the energy 4-1

  8. JohnnyB says:

    Bongani Khumalo: 6 apperances at PNE, 4 appearances at Reading.

    Apparently now fit for a top 4 Prem club…..!

  9. Chim Chim Cher Woo says:

    Since you spuds are scraping the barrel,why don’t ya bring back maxi miller he talks a good game LOL COYIs!

    • Chim Chim Cher woo says:

      wooouu boys I also like sucking Arsen’s Arse anal and Hotpussy’s as well. Well I am from the Woolwich Arse anal.

  10. Chim Chim Cher Woo says:

    Na bad idea you’d be better off with Windy Miller E13 1970

  11. Mr Greaves says:

    Who give a damn anymore – we are going to struggle regardless cos Harry is our manager

  12. Chim Chim Cher Woo says:

    Oi rotten don’t you remember trumpton it’s full of spuds come on you irons

  13. Chim Chim Cher Woo says:

    Oi rotten edboy starting on what would you change I think he’s a proper cockrel

  14. VC says:

    I think we should play him. And support the call for the new Spurs song over at Tottenblog.com.


    Bongani is a good, solid clown-like name. Definitely fits the proposed new song.

  15. Rotten says:



  16. Lillywhite London says:

    Leds is the one to drop, not only cos he’s out of form but cos having a skipper out of form is corrosive beyond what he does in his position. Leds has played in most games of this shocking run. The last decent performance we put in was Chelski away, a clean sheet, should have won the game and King didn’t play. He’s a tough player to drop if ‘fit’, but I think his shocking form is a major factor in our recent decline. Not been the same player since he had a shocker at Citeh and we blew any slim title hopes. Don’t think he’s ever been a natural skipper but led by example with calmness. How can u lead by example if you are playing badly?

  17. tony says:

    doesnt coulter exist?rave news from swansea and not a sniff at spurs.we know hes only 20 but if you have got it,use it.if rodgers says hes great ,he great.use him.

  18. BridgendSpurs says:

    Changing the theme so sorry but I am very surprised that nobody as far as I am aware has directed us to goal.com and its news/rumours about players/training tactics/managerial ineptness. Not sure if its true but it seems to all add up?

  19. COYSshane6336 says:

    i dont know why everyone has turned on Redknapp 2 months ago he was the best thing since sliced bread. maybe a few wrong line ups. i just cant see why we play sandro and parker it doesnt work. it all cant rest on him. we are a top 3-6 side not a top 2. i think most spurs fans need to remember this. A dip in form was never far away.

    • Jimbo says:

      Sorry Shane, but a dip in form is one thing, a run of nine games that only Wolves have done worse in is a completely different thing! Having had such a huge gap over the other North London team, we only needed to tread water to guarantee a 3rd place slot.

      If this “dip” was at the begining of the season, ‘Arry would’ve been chucked out quicker than he could say tax evasion.

  20. Nikolay Bollukov says:

    Erm, is Khumalo even in the PL squad? You have to name your squad at the end of the transfer window, so if he isn’t on that list he can’t play.

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