We haven’t done one of these polls for a while – largely because of some dire performances – but it would be interesting to see how opinion is divided from yesterday based on the two main candidates.

It seems that the TV champagne went to Kyle Walker after he sealed a fine performance in defence and attack with a brilliant goal – kind of reminiscent of Roberto Carlos in the way that it bent outside of the goal before curling into the top corner.

The other standout performer was Sandro who broke down the few forays that Blackburn did have while he was also pivotal in many of our best moves. In short, he did everything that Scott Parker does and gets wide acclaim for but he was more of an attacking threat too.

So is it Kyle or Sandro – or maybe even somebody else?

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  1. Sandro – An absolute beast of a performance. Only 3 games to go but a performance like that may force Harry to start trusting his squad players, now it seemt that he’ll be with us for another season

  2. Faultless performance by Sandro. Although the opposition were pathetic in their approach, Sandro did everything that was asked of someone taking Parker’s place in the team. If anything, he was more positive than Parker usually is. So unlucky not to score.

  3. Yup – Top performance by Sandro. I worry about him being sick during games though – this is the 3rd time i’ve seen it happen.. Is it a medical condition? Or nerves get to him? Either way, he was great. Parker has been top for us and a model pro – but Sandro really does have more about him and with Parker to learn the English game from, should be taking over the reigns next year..

  4. I would have to say our man of the match had to be Yakubu. For looking disinterested in scoring a goal, looking flat, and frankly taking a stroll all afternoon. Cheers mate.


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