For anyone writing transfer rumour stories ten years ago, the name of Philippe Mexes used to crop up with predictable regularity. At that stage in his career, the Frenchman was a precocious talent who was building a reputation at Auxerre as one of the most promising defenders around.

In 2004 however, as rumours began to link the player with many of Europe’s top clubs, he moved on to Roma but a combination of factors has meant that his career hasn’t exactly turned out as planned. Injury has played its part, amongst other things and 22 French international caps is a poor return for someone of his ability.

Mexes moved on to Milan in 2011 but hasn’t enjoyed a happy time there either. The player has started just 11 games for his new club this season and it is believed that he is prepared to move on after less than a year in the quest for regular football.

Tottenham’s name has been put at the top of some lists, largely because of their defensive needs but could Philippe Mexes provide an answer more than ten years after he was first linked with a move to White Hart Lane?



  1. Another 30 something has been to help fill the treatment room.
    Sounds like a typical Harry signing.
    Don’t tell me Harry – he will be good to have around the place -lol

  2. Such a well considered article, there seems to be doubt as to whether he’s a midfielder or a defender

    I doubt very much Spurs have the slightest interest in him and there are plenty of far better defenders around they would target ahead of Merxes

  3. Well, it’s not like we don’t know this player. Anyhow, I don’t welcome this move now. We do not need another 30+ player in the back. Recent targets like Cahill and Vertoghen have headed or are headed elsewhere now. Those two would have and could have been built a foundation of cups on. Like most stories go, their names will be written in the lore of other great clubs, but not our own. A little deflating considering they were very real possibilities.

    So what now? Take on a second class player as we watch world class players load up with our rivals? If Harry realize this, surely he would go a different direction. I would rather buy young and work through the rough patches. Atleast that way we might have something to look forward to. Otherwise, just pony up for a big international name.


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