After Everton’s last game of the season at home to Newcastle, it was clear as to where Steven Pienaar’s heart lay as he bid an emotional farewell to the Goodison crowd. Will that goodbye be a temporary one however as the player looks at the possibility of a permanent move?

“It’s hard. The first time I left I didn’t say goodbye, and this time around it’s a bit sad. We’ll see what happens in the summer,” Pienaar said after the game.

Later, on his Twitter page, the South African international echoed those thoughts.

“Wana thank all the Everton supporters for making me feel at home was a very sad day for me yesterday. The last few months was the best months in my entire career.”

Watching Steven play, admittedly only on highlights, made it hard to believe that this was the same player that had endured such a disappointing stay at White Hart Lane. But what next from a Spurs point of view?

The issue of a transfer fee may be a problem but should we look to offload to where he is clearly happier or could we somehow accommodate Steven Pienaar in the way Everton do in an attempt to get him playing at his best?




  1. i didnt think he was that bad for us he works hard, defends and gets stuck in when he has too i wish we gave him a proper chance he had injury troubles and only got a few shots here and there then we got rid of him almost pointless signing him

  2. As a evertonion I would love him back but if he stays and you give him a chance what a player seeing him cry after the game on Sunday shows were his heart lies but he will always give 110%

  3. As a toffee i think we absolutely must at least try and bring him back, and despite many blues feeling that he is ‘our player’ and everton is where he ‘belongs’ the bottom line is that he is a spurs player now and they will expectedly want to get the best possible fee for their player. I’ve got a lot of time for spurs and hope they try and work out a deal with us and not hold us to ransom but again, it’s their perogative. Hopefully player power counts!

      • That’s the sort of mercenary viewpoint that most neutral supporters dislike so much about Spurs. You sound just like your chairman.
        Just exactly how much did you pay for him? And how often did you play him? If you think SO LITTLE of him, why not let him go back to where he’d obviously prefer to be for a nominal fee, or simply a fee which reflects the price that you paid for him? How Spurs can expect to make a profit on a player when selling him back to the club he came from after affording him so little playing time is, quite frankly, totally mind-boggling, and more than a little disrespectful to both Steven Pienaar and Everton.

        • Perhaps as disrespectful as Pienaar and Moyes were towards Spurs by talking about a permanent transfer back there in the press while Spurs still had some important matches to play. Anyway, if you own something you’re allowed to put a price on it if someone else wants to buy it.

      • Well lets hope Man City don’t have the same opinion as you when it comes to thrashing out a deal for Mr Adebayor because they might say if hes that important too you then we don’t think 30million would be outrageous! Just a thought. No offence but i think Pienaar deserves better than warming the bench at Spurs

        • I wouldn’t think 5 mill is too unreasonable in this market ? A player is only worth what you are prepared to pay and where would Everton get a proven player for them for £5m ? Citeh may play hardballover Ade and you couldn’t blame them but we wouldn’t pay £30m simples. If you can’t afford £5m then you won’t get anyone of quality to improve.

          • I think you forget steven pienaar is 30 years old bearing in mind we gave Spurs a quality player like Louis Saha for nothing to expect to get 5 mllion is in my view daylight robbery. Everton bought jelavic for 5.5million and he is a forward remember they usually cost more. adebayor is 28 and Man City paid 25 million im sure they will want a profit so 30 million is probably what they will want. Spurs bought pienarr for 2.5million and now you think they should get double that is Mr levy really that greedy

        • Man City might very well do that? He is afterall, their player and it is up to them what they decide to do with him. We’re all rivals in this league, no one’s just going to give you something for nothing just to be nice!!

    • Fair comment jb and hope you get what you want out of any deal. Personally I would say he is a ‘Blue’ through and through and you certainly get the best out of him. He a good lad, but not a ‘Spurs’ lad. We dont like to feel ripped off, so lets not rip off others. For what little he has given us, I dont think it would be unreasonable to just reverse the deal when he joined us from Everton. Good Luck and hey, great you finished above Liverpool haha

      • Cheers Mark.
        A grounded,reasonable and empathic response. Nobody wants to gets ripped off, so lets have a sensible fee agreed and let him go to where he wants to go.

        And lets hope that next season Everton can top Liverpool again and Spurs can finish above the arse (so, so, close!)! Yaaaay!! 🙂

  4. He was levy’s purchase. I really like him as a player. Un fortunately it is all about bale. That is very annoying.

  5. If Pienaar wants to go back AND take the necessary pay cut AND Everton give us our money back, then I would not stand in his way. But we do need a player like him.

  6. No we shouldn’t stand in his was i think a swap deal involving Jack Rodwell and 8-10 million would be a good way to go im sure this would suit all party’s. Much needed money for Everton and Pienaar back and we would get a very good improving young versitile English player at a decent price.

    • I’d absolutely do that deal – think it would be good for all parties concerned – we get peanuts back and 8-10 million to strengthen one or two other areas that are required. Plus with Gibson in and hopeful Barkley in the wings, hopefully wouldn’t feel the pinch of Rodwell leaving

  7. This really is a shame. We buy the guy then never give him a real run. If he had had a steady run of games then we could judge him. What happened was not fair o him or to the spurs fans. Just poor management.

    • He had a run when he first joined. This season he was injured at the start of the season – when we really needed him, and then (like Sandro) suffered for form whilst the others were going on a great run without them. Not really poor management when the team is doing well. Just bad luck.

  8. everton can have him in kranjcar we already have a btr player not good enuf 4 spurs levy will get best price 4 him!

  9. How about we loan him to you for a season. He plays well for you and can hurt all the other teams in the division, he cant play against us as we are his parent club, we receive 1-2mil for his loan fee and have 1 less players wages on our books for that season. Everyone wins

  10. I would love to keep him at the Lane and use him in a central role, His Everton form, post January, was amazing. With more games next year we can afford to rotate the squad properly and not just play the kids in cup and european games

  11. Pienaar got injured long-term soon after he joined us and got the big salary he wanted, and when he got fit he was competing with Modric, Parker, Bale and Lennon for a midfield spot. He’s good, but not better than any of them imo. So he sat on the bench and played in a few Europa league matches. Then, instead of knuckling down and fighting for a place, he went off to Everton on loan at his own request and once there he saw fit to comment on how he felt that Modric would leave Spurs etc etc, which I felt was uncalled for, to speak about your parent club in that way. In the middle of our end-of-season top-four campaign he and David Moyes come out with their nonsense about him wanting to go back to Merseyside. I like him as a player but, all things considered, perhaps he should go back to Goodison Park. It seems that’s more his speed.

  12. I am a Blue as well and I also have no axe to grind with Spurs
    It is a situation that has just come about ,I had no problem with him looking for more money and I agree he doesn’t or hasn’t had a chance to fit in .I think he is a wonderful player ,it seems that he is at his best when he plays with Baines
    nevertheless a deal with Rodwell might indeed suit both parties as – Totspurs – suggested
    I hope it can be sorted as it is a shame for a player of his abilities to sit on a bench
    Good luck in Europe next year to the spurs

  13. Who would bet that once “Little StevieP” goes back to Everton he doesn’t start crying to go back to Spurs? The little idiot really doesn’t seem to know whether he’s coming or going! And that’s what started this discussion in the first place. After all, he wanted to leave Everton, he was hardly dragged away kicking and screaming.

    • U must be a red shite he went to spurs to try his look in the champions league didn’t work out for him ther it happens great player

  14. Some decent comments from Spurs fans especially Mark, we havent got the spending power that you have, so I think it’d be fair to sell him back for the same money you paid us.
    Good luck to Spurs next season, great to watch.

  15. He doesn’t want to stay at Spurs, it hasn’t worked out for him, so let him leave.

    I never understood why we bought him, unless it was to sell shirts in South Africa.

  16. Some harsh but some sensible comments. Shannon a bit harsh calling the lad an idiot. He wanted a crack at Champions League footy and never got it so realised the grass isn’t always greener and decided he wanted to come back. As for saying him and Moyes are disrespectful for talking about a permanent move, a) Why is it nonsense if that is what the player himself is saying? Nonsense would be if a newspaper came up with it without any evidence. You calling it nonsense is nonsense. b) how does that effect your season? Don’t blame your teams failings in the second half of the season on a player you didn’t want. Spurs went on a bad run of their own accord, nothing to do with Pienaar. c) Pot, Kettle, Black. Redknapp is hardly a saint.
    As with most I think either a fee of the same value or a swap for Rodwell plus some cash would be good deal. Would want over £10mil though, if Andy Carroll is £35m because of his ‘potential’ then the younger and far more gifted Rodwell should be worth more than £12-15mil. Also, if we let Rodwell go as part of the deal I would only do that on the basis that we keep the rest of our squad together and Rodwell is our only summer exit.

  17. It is the big fish in a small pond scenario. He is a fit at Everton as they play to suit his game. At THFC we don’t play the same way as we have Modric,Bale,VDV that occupy where SP could play for us. When given the ball at Everton he drives on towards goal and we never saw that for us because he passed to a more established player in our side. If he comes back and plays he needs to take more responsibility himself, but I would sell back to Everton for £5m where he loves to be.

  18. Some reasonable arguments on here – fortunately not everyone is as bitter as Shannon!!!!
    Anyway, Pienaar is a player who needs to feel loved / wanted. Before his move to Everton he had suffered in Germany, lack of form, confidence etc. He came to Everton, immediately felt welcomed and quickly grew in confidence / stature. Dont blame him for wanting to try something new – in fairness i dont think it was a money thing – but he very quickly realised the grass is not always greener.
    He suits Everton and we suit him. common sense thing would be to reverse the deal. That way, you get the chance to try with someone else and we get OUR player back.
    Rodwell shout is not a bad one. He is someone who may be more fitted to Spurs than to Everton – certainly dont see it here!!!
    So, Pienaar plus 12 mill for Rodwell. Pass me Arrys number.

    • Dont think Rodwell is a fit for us either. No better than Jenas who is still on our books. If we are stalling on paying Ajax £9m for Vertonghen then will certainly not gonna pay £12m + peanut for Rodwell imo.

      • Rodwells gna be better the jenes allday I wouldn’t let him go !be4 he got injured playin 4 England he was starting to really show his potential ! That with barkley coming through felli Gibson steveyp jelivic 3 quality centre bks best left bk in epl Wer a couple of players of being able to really push on next season !!!!coyb

  19. We’re a club with class and we want to keep our best players. He’s a good player no doubt, but we don’t ticky tack our way up the field. He belongs with Toffees, its as plain as day. If we facilitate a deal that recoups what we spent, I am ok with it. No sweet deals, lets be fair, just a handshake and lets go on with it.

  20. some of the comments here show why the FA were priced out of Harry Redknapp.

    Greedy greedy Spurs and a skint FA = Woy

    Oh and respect…Yes that would be Harry talking about Pienaar when he was still an Everton player… still, glad Chelsea stepping in to stop what would have been a trademark harry tapping up.

  21. I think that everyone is forgetting the other 18 league teams, i’m sure a few of them may be interested in him, especially when a paltry fee of £2.5mil is involved. I know he wants to go back to everton, but I don’t think he showed you any sentiment when he refused to sign a contract extension with you, meaning you had to sell him cheap to us. I know it may sound a bit harsh but sell to the highest bidder.

  22. Pienaar doesn’t like London,and the Spurs dressing room isn’t as close knit as Everton’s (I’ve got a mate who knows him).I’ve left jobs for an increase in salary,and regretted it.There’s nothing worse than dreading going to work. I know someone who was a doctor,but because of the stress, jacked it all in,and is now deliveing the bleedin Liverpool Echo to the shops. This bloke had to sell his house and car,and now lives in rented accommodation.We all thought he was mad,but its no good being loaded if your unhappy.

  23. He’s a true professional and I was excited when he came to spurs. Injuries kept him from playing so we never saw the best of him. I’d like him to stay but it’s up to him, Harry and Moyes – I’m sure this can be resolved easily – I doubt anyone would want to make this a difficult situation.

  24. I think we have had plenty of good players who have had the stuffing knocked out of them at Tottenham over the last 3 years because of a lack of game time. The bloated squads and 7 substitutes means that half of them dont even play. Pienaar shows that they can all play a part if given a chance. Currently good players like Defoe , Giovanni , Kranjcar are wasting there time with Spurs. They are good enough they just rarely get a look in. Pav and Pienaar both were forced to leave to play but I think Pav would have scored more goals than Adebayor or Saha
    It is a shame that the system leaves players isolated

    • They are definitely good enough, but at the same time, how do we know everybody will pan out? Currently I like Lennon or Defoe off the bench. Chelsea have Drogba or Torres of the bench. Arsenal have Ox or Gervinho off the bench. Man U and City? They have even more power off the bench. I do like me a good squad, but Harry need to use the whole squad better than how it is now. Perhaps there is no trust.

  25. white football socks….its not the system that leaves players isolated, it is the ginger cunt that is doing that!!! Alienated Defoe, Pav, Kran, 3 better players than the shit we have now! Why buy a player and then not use him? Utter bollox by redtwat!!!!


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