Which was your THFC goal of the season?

Which was your THFC goal of the season?


This is an informal poll largely because it’s easy to forget contenders at times so please just share your thoughts on what were your best strikes from 2011-12.

There are of course the obvious contenders – Kyle Walker’s free kick against Blackburn and also his winner against Arsenal. Meanwhile, fellow full back BAE found the net twice this year but his screamer against Everton stands out.

Luka Modric’s strike against Bolton is fresh in the memory but there was a similar effort at home to Liverpool earlier in the season. Adebayor’s deft chip over the keeper in that match also comes to mind.

Gareth Bale and VDV also have a few contenders this year: For Bale, maybe it’s his solo effort against Norwich while Rafa’s sweeping strike at Blackburn is, perhaps, the most memorable.

In the Europa League, Andros Townsend notched an impressive strike against Shamrock Rovers but what about Pav’s free kick against Rubin Kazan as an outside contender.

There must be some that we’ve left out here so what’s your opinion on the best goal in 2011-12?


  1. Don’t worry superspuds you’ve got your cup final back and hand over the six king Edwards were be taking off ya. By the way MIND THE GAP. Chim Chimeney Chim Chimeney Chim Chim Cher Roo we are the bastards who’s coming for you!

  2. Don’t care about goal of the season!! I hope Levy is contacting FIFA to contest the fact that we are not playing in the champions league, even though we earned our place!!!

  3. Why was Everton allowed to qualify when Liverpool finished 5th but won the UCL? If Everton won their play-off ther would have been 5 English teams. Why the F did that change??

  4. they changed the rules after liverpool won the comp. but didn’t qualify via the league.
    maybe Levy can claim some sort of lack of earnings from uefa…..


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