The Daily Express this morning leads with the headline that Jermaine Jenas can leave White Hart Lane this summer but it goes on to name a host of players that the newspaper believes are surplus to requirements.

JJ was loaned out to Aston Villa at the beginning of 2011-12 but after optimism over a possible permanent deal to the Midlands club, injury wrecked the player’s move and he returned to the Lane shortly afterwards.

Aside from Jenas, the full list reads, Sebastien Bassong, Vedran Corluka, Niko Kranjcar, Giovanni Dos Santos, David Bentley and Heurelho Gomes. There are really no surprises in there but is there anyone that you could specifically argue has a future at Spurs?

Alternatively, maybe the list doesn’t go far enough? Is there anyone else you’d like to see added to the deadwood ahead of a summer clearout?



  1. The dead wood starts with redknapp and nearly every other player that isnt in our starting 11…. Capello 4 tottenham!!

  2. Defoe has to be added to the list. 30 this year, and hardly starts. Doesn’t get enough goals per season – partly due to not starting so many – but he has only once scored enough goals in a season. A bench warmer for Jol, and a bench warmer for Harry. All these things lead to his market value diminishing rapidly. Time to go – for his sake too.

    • He may be a bench warmer, but still a joint top goal scorer. I blame the managers for not seeing is potential. Play him more often and we will get more out of him, he is sometimes selfish in front of goal, but that is a stikers instinct….they STRIKE! Doesn’t get enough goals??? What are you watching?

      • Potential?

        The formation of the side has to be changed to accommodate Defoe. His inclusion causes imbalance. He has become an impact sub. His goals have come in cup competitions, domestic and Europe and a few off of the bench.

        Why do you think ‘Arry brought in Adebayor and then Saha? Defoe was awful the season before last.

        Spurs should cash in on him and invest elsewhere.

    • Defoe has a great strike rate if he plays Harrys fault and Van der i cant score many after January Vaart.. I would had the Van to drive out of the lane to Germany where they understand him.

  3. Capello? Are you mental? He can’t speak fucking english for christs sake. And he was shit for england.

    Agree we should shift pretty much anyone not in the 1st XI. Could do with a youngish keeper and the rest of the window will depend on Ade, bale and modders staying or not. Keep them and we’ll be quality again next year

  4. Modders is gone. I would retire King. They will only go if Levy is prepared to sell at a realistic price.
    Capello speaks better English than he let on to the media…smart move.

    • No Capello? I would take him, but honestly, Harry is almost as good as it gets for a club like us. I think he hold on to him and quit this carousel we are on.

  5. No we should not shift everyone that is not in the first XI – unless you mean “contention for first XI”. We should keep 2 of Friedel/Cudicini/Gomes. Keep 4-5 out of Dawson/King/Kaboul/Gallas/Nelsen/Khumalo/Bassong. Keep ALL of Parker/Modric/Hudd/Sandro/Livermore. Keep none of Ade/Defoe/Saha.

  6. It depends, if we sell the dead-weight and buy more dead-weight…then what’s the point? (Ie Pav out and Saha in, or Bassong out and Nelson in).

    If we can sell the rubbish, and use it to buy some players who will better the squad or get in the first team, then yes.

    Priorities should be keeping Bale happy, signing Adebayor on a perm deal (or at least another season long loan), bringing Vertonghen in & selling Modric, if he starts sulking again.

  7. Dont like the fact that Kranjcar could be leaving, a top player but I suppose theres no room for him in the first team. JJ is a bit underrated in my opinion, always put 100% in even when his performances are below par. I think Gallas needs to be added, although hes done a good job, we need someone younger.Preferably allow Caulker to come back and get a few of the younger players in and around the first team more such as Carroll, Kane and particularly Townsend. Danny Rose hasnt looked great, but maybe could give him one more season.

  8. Capello would be a very good choice for anyone look at his record from when he was at ac milan and the kind of football they played he would also bring big named players with him rather than nelson, his record for england is understandable nobody could do a good job with that group of players

    • That is Capello’s record at Milan. One of the richest clubs in Europe, let alone Italy. His record does not apply to an English club that spend only 5m last season on transfers. His performance for England is more applicable, because he has to deal with what he was given, and did not do too well. Plus the England stint is more recent – so more applicable. Look at George Graham’s record from Arsenal – by the time he got to Spurs, he wasn’t able to improve us.

      • He won four titles with Milan, then Roma’s first in years, then two for Juventus, then won La Liga with the under performing Galactigo’s of Real Madrid, all in a row …. England is a poison chalice run by the FA.

  9. Sell all of the above and just add King,Spurs wage bill is far to high for dead wood.If we could add Vertonghen and Leandro to the first team squad Spurs could match any of the top teams and win. Buying these two players is of major importance to challenge for the title.

    • Hahaha
      A centre half and a striker is all you need to win the PL?
      Copied and pasted your comment, cant wait to share it with my fellow Gunners.
      That is hilarious.

      • Oh look one of the vermin has shown up to grace us with his opinion, although the goons have more problems than we do having conceded more goals than us this season and RVP dreaming of manchester HA HA HA HA .

      • It would be funny to a gooner.After all,the whole bloody lot of u are a joke anyhow.You all seem to comment on tottenham sites,while you own is bereveted of any informed decent comment.Then again to fair,there are not too many intelligent gooners around,that would give one, a half decent conversation.

  10. I would add gallas to that list if (we should) sign vertonghen and offer the king a contract as a defensive coach.

  11. Saha and nelsen can leave too, also id say danny rose, defoe, pienaar and id let cudicini leave to find first team football n bring in either kirkland, green or craig gordon on a free as back up while signing k schmeichel or j butland for the future

  12. Niko is a good player and pro, he’s in his peak years and Harry never gives him a game. He should be allowed to leave with our blessing.

    Defoe should go this summer, he’s not good enough, a mid table striker, his transfer value will decrease from now on given his age so must be sold this summer.

    Nelson needs to be in the list, ‘The’ King and his wages have to go (club role must be offered to him out of respect).

    We must bring in squad players of good quality, Harry must rotate as all the good managers do.

    Last point…..Capello might not be able to speak English but Harry cant read, write, deliver tactics, stay out of the media etc.

    • I agree entirely,he has’nt a clue about tactics or how to rotate his squad.The young players that were out on loan would have made a bigger impact on the team than the oldies that he brought in.All of his success has been based on luck.

    • I think Defoe is a quality striker, but is exactly the wrong type of player for what we need. He needs a strike partner to perform well and Spurs now play a 4-5-1 or 4-4-1-1.

  13. Our team is in a right mess , players loaned out here there and everywhere, and we are loaning players , we have a large collection of fossils at the club, Redknapp doesn’t rate anyone who isn’t British and under 35 , to be honest I think the club thinks it has a world class team , when in fact its a tired old and worn out looking team , and every window we have the same old pantomime with Levy , and to cap all that we have a manager who loves the sound of his own voice , and still think’s hes the manager at Bournemouth FC , we some decent signings to give the fans a lift , not that same old laurel & hardy comedy act .

  14. Great idea whoever said it… Offer King a job as defensive coach. His experience and knowledge of the back is second to none. We must sign Vertonghen, Remy and Adebayor. Desperately need a new GK, Friedel is a has been and will end up costing us big next year if we keep him – look no further than Rene Adler. Redknapp needs to stay as does Bale now I think. Modric should leave for £40m and invest further in the squad to be replaced by Josep Illic.

    If I was Daniel Levy of course!

  15. Redknapp will want 12 million for players such as JJ and Bentley, as he over prices every player all the time which will mean them sitting on the in the stands because managers arent as stupid as melted face thinks.
    if Adebayor dont stay im sure he could fill the void with Heskey..

  16. I think selling everyone who is not in the first team would be a bad mistake. Tottenham find it hard to bring in players and you are asking them to maybe bring in 7-8 players- i really do not think that its realistically going to happen. I think we need to get rid of Gomez, Bassong, Jenas, Bentley, Pienaar and Dos Santos- if they were all sold for £5 million each, we would make 30million, which could be reinvested into the squad- that is a better idea than selling Modric. I think we will keep Defoe- without him we have no other striker and we talk about players loyalty- we as fans need to show the same- JD is one of the best strikers we have had at the club- scoring over 100 goals at a club is by no means an easy feat. Harry does need to play him a lot more as well. I also think we should keep Kranjcar, he is a really good player, Redknapp also needs to play him! If we could bring in Ade, Damiao, Vertonghen, Lloris and maybe Hulk- a big name signing to show intent, i think we will be able to challenge for the title with more ammunition in the bag.

    • Agree with everything you wrote, except Hulk is overrated, as Chelski are about to find out. Hopefully if Chelski sign Hazard, Marin and Hulk there won’t be anything leftover for the likely Modric bid. Utd don’t have any money left in the bank for Modric, £165m balance has dwindled to £25m, and Citeh don’t need Modders. Hopefully Ade, Damiao, Vertonghen and either Lloris or Krul come in. With well motivated Bale and Modders retained, Prem title is ours! Possibly.

      • I think we are certainly not far off, but it is a major stretch to imagine this at the moment. Lets Vertoghen and secure Ade first. Make sure Mods sticks around. Everything falls apart if Modders leaves.

        • I’ve been a huge advocate all year long that giving Bale and Modders a lot better contracts where are # 1 priority. But after watching the Fulham match and seeing both Livermore and Sandro in beast mode, I don’t think that Modric is necessary. Since we have top class creative midfielders like Carroll and Falque for the future. And this year we have Parker, Hudds, Sandro, Livermore, Krancjar and Pienaar to bridge the gap.

  17. Every player that is listed as deadwood has a contract and don’t have to leave unless they want to. They all want the time on the pitch they are not getting, be it at spurs or elsewhere. It is hard to find clubs to sign them because of the good contracts they are currently on. Then replace them with players who are 1st choice at their clubs but willing to maybe sit on bench at spurs. Don’t know the solution to this but just glad it not me trying to sort it out

  18. A clearout is long over due.

    I dont want to see no more effing loans!

    Get rid of, Jenas, Gio, Bentley, Khumhalo, Rose, Gomes, Bassong, Charlie and even though I love him Defoe has got to go! Just doesn’t suit the way we play. I want all these players sold, not loaned!

    Along with Ade bring in 1 big striker, whether that be Damiao, Llorente or Huntelaar who I think would suit our style and would work we’ll wit VdV or Ade as he’s an out and out striker! Don’t really rate Remy and don’t think he really wants to play for us, seems like he’s being forced. So bring in Kane into the 25 man squad.

    Along with Vertonghen, bring in a replacement for Modders as I think he’s gone so, Diego, Kawaga,Joe Allen or my fav and we switch to 4-3-3 Ben Arfa. Just someone who can keep the ball moving and get up and down the pitch as we’ve got enough going forward. I don’t think Hudd’s got it in him.

    All the above and I think were good for next season.

  19. I would keep Krancjar and Defoe. Both are good. Krancjar is a class mid-fielder and Defoe is a good finisher. He could have made the difference last season in some of the matches in which we lost points and he did not get on till the end.

    Apart from the FA fiasco over the delay in appointing the new manager of England, the big problem this year was not admitting that King has just lost that edge that made him special. We have to learn to give more of the kids a chance. Playing them is the only way to see if they have it at the top level. According to most Caulker is special so lets play him next season. Livermore made the most of his chance last season and is one to keep, Rose has not and should move on.

  20. Tim Sherwood to be introduced into 1st team management next season, managing our Europa League and Carling Cup runs. Harry carries on with Prem and FA Cup and leaves end of his contract. In terms of getting rid of players:
    Gomes, Nelson, Bassong, Bentley, Jenas, Modric (not committed), Saha, GDS, Defoe (sorry, love him but not a starter)
    Ledley to be given player/coach contract and used as backup only, Caulker, Townsend and Rose loaned out till Christmas.
    New signings – Vertonghen, re-sign Adebayor, Damiao, Cabaye or Ben Arfa, Lloris

    • Where is the money coming from? That is at least £60m there while only £20 to £40m coming in at best. The players we are trying to move on this time are not high value and generally old. Why would Cabaye or Ben Arfa want to join?

      • Not saying I agree with the list of in/out above, but where’s the 20-40m coming from?
        Bentley 5m
        Modric 35m (probably 40+)
        GDS 5m
        Defoe 8m
        Jenas 4m
        Basong 3m

        Total 60m although I think you could get more for them.

        The trouble will be making those sales happen followed by actually bringing players in.

        • Modric was not mentioned in the list so remove £35m that is where my estimate comes from. If Modric is sold the team will move backwards. I am also making the assumption that not all sales will happen when was the last time a club managed to sell 10 players in 1 window?

          The other issues are that Frediel, King, Gallas, Cuddicini, Saha, Parker, Nelsen, Defoe, are all elder statesmen and play a decent role in he squad but don’t have long left?

  21. It is all well and good clearing all of these players out but there needs to be a squad it is a team game. There where very few big injuries last season and even still the squad was burnt out, so remove another 11 players this might only raise enough funds for to buy 2 or 3 quality players which is not enough as 1 of them will be Ade so there will be 9 to 10 less squad players.

    The reason Arsenal finished third is they have better squad depth, they managed to do without Diaby, Wilshere, and half the year without a defence.

      • Not convinced it will be smaller next season, I don’t think we will match last season, especially if we sell Modric or Bale. Where as Arsenal’s season last year could not get much worse yet they still out scored us on points, I think they will keep RVP and the addition of Podolski and others will put them in a good place. Also Chelsea are going to come back strong.

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          • Seven years idiot and still won nothing, why dont you go back to woolwich cos you lot are just a bunch of travellers, you wont win nothing not with the likes of man city and soon chelsea spending billions, new stadium and you still dont spend money apart from the buys you make in the flee market, you gooners are a bunch of idiots you still dont realise that your board is mugging you off, seven years “MIND THE GAP” FOOOOOL !

  22. How can Arsenal fans brag about anything? They haven’t won anything for 6 years – even Spurs have won somat, even if it was the mickey mouse cup. RVP may have to stay or face a divorce – so that’s good news for them. And they got 3rd place all because of two drastic errors from a stand in WBA keeper.
    Anyway- Spurs need a decent centre back and two top strikers. I’d get Gio’s head right and have him as cover for Bale or Lennon myself.

  23. @goonerhater
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  24. Out:
    Gomes £5 million
    dos Santos £8 million
    Kranjcar £5 million
    Corluka £3 million
    Rose £1 million
    Khumalo £500k
    Bentley £5 million
    Jenas £5 million
    Bassong £5 million
    Townsend £2 million
    Pienaar £5 million

    Which is over £40 million…

    Vertonghen £12 million
    Damiao £20 million
    Adebayor £10 million

    Give or take…would like to see some younger prospects coming in too, Butland, Siem de Jong or Luis Muriel…even some of the lower league English players too.

    • I doubt we make that much back on those players. Thats asking a lot for other clubs to pay for that when most are lower clubs who have different needs. I highly doubt we get Vertonghen now after all this, and Damiao is a major reach.

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  26. Having a grand clear out is not all that great an idea. We obviously need to get rid of players that detract from the team but keep the contributers. Defoe for instance, he has patiently sat on the sideline while ‘Arry’ has played VDV most of this year he is entirely not to blame for this and if you look at his goal per minute ratio he would be the last one we should sell?
    I said this last year and i will say it again this year we need to have more depth in the squad to last out all competitions not a small squad full of stars. Added to this we need to rotate that team according to who we play and what would be the best team strategy against the aforementioned team. Much though I like Ade we can do better he slumped in patches through the year and has a history of quieting down once signed, Saha is a waste of space and you want to get rid of Defoe … Depth my friends not one silver bullet.

  27. sell Charlie dos san tos Jenas bentley. Neilson and saha contracts expire before the season starts. I predict a double or maybe triple signing announcement in the next week or two ade vertonghan and Leondro or remy as the possible third. Its all gone quiet on these deals cause i think two are almost done. Think were trying to sneak under the radar

  28. I have read all of the above comments with great interest, and I agree with a lot of what has been said. Sure, some players need to go and others come in. But here is the rub, if HR had a BILLION pounds to spend do any of you really think he would win anything? Personally I don’t. After the Villa game, when we played the last 20 mins. with one striker when we HAD to win was beyond belief. There are three types of people in this world:-
    1). Those that make things happen.
    2). Those who watch what happens.
    3). Those who wonder what happened.
    HR comes in at No. 3 in my opinion and has done so repeatedly since the mauling by Arsenal. Even Frank Spencer could have done a better job at Villa. For 2 years running we have had the end of season slide. Do we want another one next year?

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  29. A major clear out is defiantly needed. We need to stop loaning players out, unless there young and looking to experience first team football.

    The following players need to go: Gomes, Gallas, Nelson, King (Offering a role at the club), Corluka, Kranjcar, Bentley, Peinaar, Jenas and Defoe. By selling most of these players we can bring in a big sum of money. Also if we get offered 45+ for modric then i reckon we should take, he wasn’t all that this season.

    Bale can easily fill in Modric’s role, he’s been drifting into midfield recently anway, he’s got the strength,height,pace and pass to fit the role perfectly. Adam Johnson can be brought in to fill the left wing position.

    We defiantly need to secure the signature of Vertoghen and Ade to show that we’re not going to be pissing around in the transfer market and both of these players would help boost the squad. I reckon we should bring in Remy/Leandro to boost our strike for even further and we need to invest in a young keeper such as Krul/Lloris.

    And if the speculation about BAE going Juve is true then maybe look at bringing in Leighton Baines. Most of these transfers would be covered by selling Modric and the others anyway.

  30. Capello!!???? FFS
    By the way you can add Van de Vaart to your list of players leaving… apparently Schalke are ready to pay £10m says the Daily Smail…

  31. Why hasn’t Levey knocked on Ufas door and asked Palttini why Chelsea’s Russian Oil Money is above the fair play league

  32. I think a sense of realism needs to prevail as to who we are looking to sign. We haven’t got the benefit of Champs League money this season and Levy will be prudent with the money spend, its as simple as getting rid of a load of ‘deadwood’ and using that freed up money for signings as the cash for sales does not always (if fact rarely) get paid upfront.
    We need to start looking at players that are realistically going to want to joint the club on the wages we are prepared to offer, at least until we can get the new stadium done and increase club revenues. Buying players that can fill a number of positions is the right way to go because as we saw lasy season when Lennon weas injured we start putting squre pegs in round holes. We aren’t going to be able to buy superstar players and then play them on a rotation basis and keep them happy (althoigh getting deals done such as the Vertonghen deal is a must). The likes of Krancjar and GDS are the best we can expect as back up players at the moment, albeit I do think that ‘Arry needs to pley them more during a long season otherwise they are going to look shite when they play once in a blue moon. COYS

  33. I agree with many here that a major cleanout of deadwood is required; Bentley, Jenas, Corluka, Defoe, Gomes, Bassong, Dos Santos, King or Gallas, Nelsen are all players we can afford to release, we will not get top money for these guys but get it done and bring money in for acquisitions. I like Kranjcar and think he could play a useful rotation role for the team, however ‘Arry seems hellbent on letting him rot on the bench so let him go too. Ideally we’d like to keep Bale and Modric happy. I am unfamiliar with the details of Mod’s contract but if he starts that BS as he did early last season ship him for a pile of cash too. It doesn’t look like we are going to be able to agree on wages for Ade so lets pick up Ba (younger, less $$), get this Vertonghen thing done, splash out a bit for Damaio (Sandro worked out, so can he) and get our scouts to earn their money. Surely if Levy can conjure up a great bit of business getting a guy like VdV there must be other quality players who have yet to make it big that we could sign up. But unlike last offseason I hope we get stuff done soon, the last minute stuff is just too painful!!


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