The question of Harry Redknapp’s tenure is about to be concluded with the manager and chairman due to meet. While there has been a great deal of uncertainty and suggestions that Daniel Levy has run out of patience with Harry, reports are suggesting that the boss is to be offered a one year contract extension.

Redknapp was thought to have been concerned as to whether he had the backing of the board but an insider at the club has suggested that all is well.

There is no doubt that there are some issues between them that need to be resolved,” the source said. “The desire and expectation on both parts is that the talks can be positive so we can clear the air and get on with preparing for next season.”

So it looks like it’s as you were for next season but as a Spurs supporter would you be happy with this outcome?



  1. Not happy at all. Harry belongs to a bygone age as does his ideas on; team rotation/selection and young player development. We need a young hungry manager. God speed Harry!

  2. Im torn by the thought of having Arry still at the helm next season, i have read so many reports where it has been said that players are dissolutioned at Arrys tactic and that they dont want to play for him, other reports say that they want him to stay and that they worship the ground he walks on. Personally I think Arry has taken us as far as he can, we bottled it in the last third of the season and in doing so missed out on the 3rd place. I think if we can get someone better in , who will command the respect of the players and is tactically minded then we should make the change, if not then stick with Arry. Personally id like to see AVB after the glowing endorsement given by Mourinho. But hey what do i know about the beautiful game……. probably as little as you

    • Unfortunately Arry doesn’t have any tactics. He doesn’t really coach the team. Also he apparently takes no notice of the opposition!

  3. I’m torn. On one hand you have a manager that has given us 2 top 4 finishes in the last 3 years, the other hand has the same manager that blew away 10 points or so.
    No denying the players like him though. I do think getting rid of him will cause an upset, particularly for a player like Bale who got his break under him (I consider Modric gone whatever… Good riddance may I add). I think Levy is aware of this.
    I think I would give him another year just for that reason. Based on relations he has with the players… really is clasping at straws isn’t it?!

  4. Not at all, sacking Harry Redschnaps would be the best transfer we can do. HR is a tactical nobody and a poor manager (no squad rotation, letting useful players leave (on loan), only old English players as transfer targets, poor media handling, poor man management,…). Let’s hope Levy doesn’t wait to long to sack him, in order to give the new manager enough time.

  5. He deserves the chance to carry on what he has started. Levy hasn’t got a leg to stand on if it came to sacking him so it’s not an option.

    On what basis could he?

      • Yeah whilst in the previous two seasons he got us into the CL for the first time then took us to the quarters in the first time of trying. Then this season got us back into the Top4 and due to exceptionally plucky Chelsea performances in CL (which isnt Harrys fault!) we missed out.

        • R u trying to b funny Greekos?? This clown blew a 13point lead for 3rd!! This clown wants to bring in Robert Green!! I really dunno what levy’s waitin for,get rid!!!

  6. He’s been our most successful manager for some time now, I agree he let us down with the whole England fiasco but I feel as a result of that he wants to prove he’s committed even more and if levy is willing to back him (so far he hasn’t) then we can look forward to a great season for the mighty spurs


    • He’s spent more than any other manager in spurs history! And was ready to jump ship – just like he did at W.Ham, Portsmouth, Soton… Facts are facts – these fool has relegated more teams than trophies won! Just one FA Cup in three decades of management – and he had to bankrupt the club to win it!!! The only reason we were 3rd so long was because the Chavs & the Arse had their worst ever seasons!
      Sack him now!!!

  7. Levy – show some balls and sack this con-artist!
    He might fool the media luvvys – but he don’t fool us!!!

  8. I m not torn. The man is a self serving egomaniac who shat on THFC and its fans while he dreamed of England.
    He is a tactical dinosaur squad while we have our most technically gifted squad in decades.
    He likes to get in donkeys because he cannot cope with young talented players.
    Harry Redknapp is an arsehole..he stinks out WHL..sack him.

    • You can’t split the premiers top double act up. They’re the top draw at the comedy club COME ON YOU IRONS!

      • Coming from a fan of a club run by two porn barons, you may wanna look closer to home for the “comedy club” title HA HA.

        • Billy boy you sound like the sort of bloke who dresses his mrs up in Ann summers so don’t knock it

          • Did you enjoy your play-off trophy parade around east london ? HA HA No doubt the two david’s have plans to melt it down and convert it into a silver dildo and place it in the west ham “trophy” cabinet HA HA.

        • No they’re gonna melt it down and turn it into loads of silver spoons to go with all them champions league embossed mugs your mental midget of a chairmans trying to flog to you bigger mugs for a nicker . If that ain’t comedy I don’t know what is MIND THE GAP!

        • Unbeleavable you’ve got Jake the racist now spurs tough boy a homophobe. What disgusting people you are.

  9. All this anti Harry stuff is a joke. If he’s to blame for us letting a (10) point lead slip, doesn’t he get the credit for getting the lead in the first place? I don’t see Ferguson getting berated for Man Utd giving up an 8 point lead for the top of the table.

        • Before he went to Man Utd, he won the European Cup Winners Cup by beating Real Madrid in the final with Aberdeen which was a small local club with homegrown young players.

          He took over Man Utd when they were second from bottom. The following season, they ended up as runners up to Liverpool in the league.

          • Before Harry went to Spurs, he won the FA Cup with which small club which is no more in the Premier league?

            When he took over Spurs when they were where in the table? Won how many points in how many games?

  10. Sack him with a little manager and a copy of football manager and he can manage england 4 as long as he wants. The backwards cunt needs 2 fuck off

  11. Harry’s given us our best string of results since the Premier League began and our only results in the top 4 – and you think he’s shit and should go. Do me a favour. Mugs.

      • Rose tinted? The best we managed before Harry was two consecutive Europa League spots. The facts speak for themselves.

        • It doesn’t matter how poorly we have done in the past. Look at our squad, this squad should not be playing in Europa, we have underachieve this year and it’s Harry’s fault. A manger like Ferguson would have rotated the squad to give us fresh legs and therefore we wouldn’t have went on the horrible run and we would be sitting pretty in 3rd.

          • Probably would have a decent transfer policy too. What the hell is up with Redknapp and his love affair with the oldest & slowest players he can find! “experienced” & “character” are always the chants from dear old Arry

  12. hi all look ill tell u all now the players love harry so he will be there and u will see a new spurs to take us to the top you will. regards union

  13. I cant believe the amount of people saying they want harry to go!! He has preformed wonders with Tottenham and when he first came in we were looking at relegation. He has created a team with a reputation for playing the best football in the league with half the resorces of the likes of chelsea liverpool ect and we would of had champions league again this year if it was not for Chelsea being the luckiest team in the history of the champions league. We love you Harry please sign a new deal!!

    • Rubbish. Any half decent manager would have done better than Redknapp with the squad of players available. It was the second best squad in the league after Man City. It has all been wasted.

      • Spot on!!! But I’m afraid we’ll still have to contend with Harry for next season! Hopefully AVB doesn’t get a real good job or something, because he’s got to be the #1 choice.

  14. Sacking redknapp will mean sacking all his bloody coaches as well, so the cheaper option is to let his contract run down and thus all the over coaches as well. I dont want him at spurs as i blame him for most of the f*ck ups! The transfer business or lack of, general lack of ambition, the way he belittles the club and fans. His poor tactics, lack of a plan b, burning players out and persistantance with letting players do there own thing without managing them. Also the fact he hasnt brought the correct players in and is obsessed with old pst it players from the premier league. We could do better, better are available!

  15. Redknapp is the only manager in the premier league who scrapped his own reserve team. Every other team develops their youngsters both by playing them with first team players in the reserves and also loaning them out at the right time.

    Redknapp loans out most of the young Spurs players to donkey teams. Apart from Kane, Walker, Caulker and Naughton, every player that has been loaned out has had a terrible time. Does Redknapp care? No, of course he doesn’t. He just likes to get them out of the way. So much talent is being wasted at Spurs. It is a tragedy.

    Brendan Rodgers knows how to develop young talent. It is a real shame that Spurs didn’t go for him early.

    • So where were all the players coming through the reserves before Redknapp changed the system? And you can add Livermore to that list. That seems a much better return of youngsters making the first team squad (hopefully in the case of Caulker & Naughton) than I can remember.

      • Redknapp only fields youngsters when he is forced into it, as demonstated with Adam Smith who was recalled to the club in February. It took until Walker and Kaboul were taken off, to get 20 minutes of football. Most of the Spurs youngsters get little proper game time. It has become a farce.

  16. The bullshitter has to go cost us 3rd place allowed to many players out on loan and then moaned about being short of players get martinez in

    • levy won’t get in martinez as we have just found out from the Liverpool link that he likes to be in charge of everything from youth team to transfers. and i think levy wants to have a DOF and a First team coach which i don’t think Marinez would be up for. i have two views on this i like harry and what he has done for the club and would like to see him in charge next season but only if levy will buy as i know harry won’t use are very talented youth sadly! but on the other hand i would like us to bring in a new young manager who has the drive and the ambition to take us to the next level a manager that doesn’t just know one system and will use the youth we have got as i have seen a fair few youth games this season and we have some real talent ready to step up! i said a name yesterday and i really think he could do a good job and that is Tim Sherwood! but i seem to be the only person that thinks this as i got called a G****** for writing it. COYS!!

  17. Get this two faced scumbag out the club asap so ALL Tottenham fans can unite.

    Until this vermin is removed from WHL, the club, i.e. the fans, will be divided.

  18. Redknapp is not a coach. He is a motivator of players who already know how to play. That is why he has no interest in coaching young players. He prefers them to learn their trade somewhere else, so that they can fit into his team without him needing to coach or give them any tactical advice.

    • So he is a manager that doesn’t want to manage. In short, he isnt doing his job. Surely grounds for a sacking?

  19. Chaps, Gooner speaking. But depite my loyalties, Harry Redknapp is not the right man for Spurs. There is absolutely no doubt he lacks creative, forward thinking. Making terrible substitutions and allowing your first team to mouth it off when they thought 1st to 3rd was in the bag, and totally losing his grip of the team when England (never) came calling. He’s a short-termist whose strategy, team-after-team, is to buy tried and tested oldies to help his club rise up the ranks of the League (and usually bankrupting them in the process). But your ‘achievement’ this season is a veneer. Tottenham will never be a club that can deliver Champions League football season after season until until it delivers a first-class stadium (with decent transport links) and a first-class manager (AVB isn’t a bad shout). Next season, you can expect more of the same. Right now, you’ve no right to expect more than that.

    • Isn’t a surprise-to hear that advice … Finishing just a point behind you…and that after dropping10!! -Bring on the new year.Can see why your on this blog though,must takes one’s mind off of whether RVP goes (for a medal) or stays.

  20. Harry has made a top four – title challenging team from a cronic 6-5th place nearly team. He has put a together a group of talented bunch of indivuals into a real team. Bring a new (inexperienced) manger would only cause unsettlement in the spaud . Give Harry money for transfers and we will really push forwards as a team.

    • Any manager can play quality players in their correct positions and tell them to go and play and enjoy their football. Redknapp even screwed this up, when he often played players in their wrong positions like: Modric on the left, bale on the right, bale in the centre, krancjar on the left and the right, Van der Vaart on the right.

  21. jack-power, “push forward” what? like he did in the final 3rd? 13 point lead and you threw it away. Harry had the squad but lacked invention to sustain a lead. Spurs utterly crumbled.

    • I wouldn’t mind betting that you were one of those shouting for Wenger to be sacked when you were 13 points behind halfway through the season.

  22. When you read the comments on this website it’s no surprise us Spurs fans are called fickle. Why is everone calling for Rednapp to be sacked, yes we gave away a 10 point lead to the scum but who assembled the squad to get that 10 point lead. We moaned about Jol, saying he had taken us as far as he could, Ramos was a complete joke, Hoddle (God) failed so who’s to say he we get rid of Rednapp it won’t be a backward move. We know his limitations in tatics but looked at the football he serves up. I’ve gone to Spurs since the early 70’s and have probably enjoyed the Rednapp years the most since Burkinshaws time

    • Burkinshaw should never have been allowed to leave the club. It was ridiculous just like the undermining of Jol by Levy. The current good football is more to do with the players in the team and being told to express themselves. This is ok until tactics are needed. Also Harry does not rotate the squad and blend in youth with his regular favourite players which is why the team collapsed two seasons in a row.

      If Harry gave young players a chance and also had an assistant with tactical abilities, to help him, then things would be good. Unfortunately this wont happen, so he has to go.

  23. Now that Lambert and Rodgers looks set to move to new clubs we’ve kinda missed the boat if we wanted to get rid of Arry. Not sure it would be the wisest thing to do tho, the team is far superior to when he took over. Blame the blip on the england thing and we can assume that won’t happen again. Stability is probably required though it’s understandable why some people are grumpy with how the season panned out

    • The England situation was not the main factor for the dip. The same thing happened the season before. When it happens again this season, what will the excuse be then?
      I personally think that Harry will be sacked in October after a run of bad results. By then it will be too late to bring in a decent replacement and the season will be ruined.

    • I’m surprised Roberto Martinez isn’t getting talked about as a potential replacement. I rate him quite highly – if he can be successful at Wigan while also playing an attractive style, I can only imagine how well he’d do w/ our squad.

  24. Harry is a disgusting fraudster with a twitch. I hope he dies soon and leaves my club alone. Go away harry and ruin another club. Scum

  25. Sack Harry? He made 4th. That in any normal year gets you Champions, and that is better than most years we have been here. Sack him? Seriously? 4 – 6 – 4 places in 3 years, and this has basically been the most successful spell for us in like, forever!!! Talk about delusional brothers and sisters we have. Who is going to come? Who? When we sack Harry and open the door, we will see who the real fools are when nobody better come knocking. Really.

  26. All this talk about Rednapp this and Rednapp that what a joke..You lot along with me no doubt was jumping for joy early in the season.On the way the Spurs where play the game.Not forgetting the 10 pts. gap we had over 4th place.Yes here we go champions league cos we are the mighty Spurs.So it all goes wrong yet again the story of our lives so what do we start yelling ‘SACK HARRY REDNAPP’…Why should we sack him its not him that lost the 10 pts. gap.Its the players the so could professional players that allowed their heads to drop.Once the FA started chasing Harry for the England job.

    • It is a shame that Redknapp is dividing the Spurs fans. I personally think that if Redknapp stays then Spurs will not get into the top six next season. Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Newcastle will all be ahead of Spurs, if Redknapp stays. Time will tell.

      Having missing out on Brendan Rodgers, it may be worth having a punt with either Andre Villas Boas or Roberto Di Matteo.

  27. Harry is the man to lead us next season,and believe me, it is going to be successful, Spurs are on the up and it is down to harry and co, why is our own support geting on our manager’s back?, oh yeah, the gap that we let slip, well who got us so close to finishing top london club?, oh yeah, Harry, get behind him and support the team.

  28. The chirpy-chappy act he does with the media shouldn’t concede his many limitations. He talks a good game but when the chips are down is a bottler. He cant resist tinkering and completely screwed us up by changing a successful formation when we were on a good run and subsequently won only 1 in 11. He loves to spend because the fans like it, but Levy must know that the return isn’t comparable. He isn’t going to change and next season will be flat because he’s taken the club as far as his abilities permit.

  29. Looks like trolling on a Spurs forum can take one’s mind off wondering when RVP is going to announce his move to Citeh


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