Gio lined up for Galatasaray return

Gio lined up for Galatasaray return


It seems a little strange to be talking about potential transfers at the moment but one of the big tasks for the new manager will be to clear the deadwood at Spurs – assuming that is that the job hasn’t already been done by the time he arrives.

Giovanni Dos Santos is being linked with a move to Turkish outfit Galatasaray and recently, the player told reporters,

“I never had the chance to show my skills with them and now I think it’s appropriate that I am sold.”

Galatasaray are one of Dos Santos’ previous loan clubs and in 2009-10, he played 14 games in Turkey without finding the net. It is being claimed that the club are confident of luring him with the promise of first team and Champions League football but given his constant availability, you might have to question why they haven’t moved for him before now if the Mexican had made such a good impression three seasons ago.


  1. There’s something in Gio’s mindset that just doesn’t cut it for me. Since he left Barcelona he’s been to so many clubs on loan and still nobody really wants him. I know in the past he loves the night life and I wonder if that’s his main problem.

  2. I would imagine that any of the players that weren’t getting games under Harry will at least hang on until the new manager comes in and pre season training starts.Would make very little sense for a player to leave for an inferior club before he has tried to impress the new boss.

  3. Completely agree with Robbie & TD, Pienaar is another I would like to hang on to for the new man. There is a question mark about Gio and off field activities, but one thing can’t be denied is that he does cut the mustard for Mexico and that alone makes me think he’s worth keep for a while yet.

  4. Agree, don’t get rid of Gio yet. Harry never game him a chance because of his attitude and inability to avoid a bar. if Moyes does go to Spurs I can’t see him putting up with Gio if he still has a dodgy attitude, but he is obviously talented and worth one my chance.


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