While it may only be speculation for the time being, most areas of the media are suggesting that the only member of Harry’s backroom staff  to survive a cull is Tim Sherwood. In the meantime however, the likes of Kevin Bond, Joe Jordan and Clive Allen seem certain to follow Redknapp out of the door.

Tim was appointed as technical co-ordinator in 2010 to provide development across all squads and has been building an impressive reputation ever since. Various reports in the media suggest that he will either be used as a direct number 2 for the new manager or possibly promoted to Director of Football.

At the moment, you can still get around 25/1 on Tim to be the new manager and while there’s no sign of that happening just yet, the future for Sherwood at Spurs could be very bright indeed.



  1. Just confirmed by me to myself and I is that Laurent Blanc has accepted a 3 year contract and that Commolli might well be coming back to oversee as the pair are fond of each other. The other part of this breaking news is that after the Euros it will be announced as is being reported today that Luka Modric will be sold to Real Madrid for an undisclosed fee plus possibly two players in exchange. The two players that me is rumouring to myself are Karem Benzema Lassana Diarra while I think its far fetched, myself believes it is possible as Laurent Blanc and Commolli influence could indeed encourage the afor mentioned players. Me have never let myself down before when making up ITK but I does have his doubts. According to me
    We even have a back up plan to Commolli and Blanc and it is Louis Van Gaal as tech director and Frank De Boer as head Coach in either case Sherwood will be number 2.

  2. This just shows how far detached Levey is and some of our fans. The football we showed when we played Liverpool under 19 at home was shocking and a lucky 1-0 overshadowed our performance. Once again the enigma Mr Levey has turn our rise up the table into one of turmoil and the unknown. When you sack a Manager it has to feel right and in the best interest of the club and fans this sacking does neither. Our fans are divided because of the way we finished the season and this cant help whoever takes over has Manager. The rumour of Tim Sherbit being installed has the DOF or DOS the latest name for a spy upstairs would be laughable if it was not a serious issue. What i cant believe is why once again Levey has got away with no fans revolt for his role in our ten point collapse. He kept Modric on shite wages and expected him to give is all and then leaving Harry to sign players from old folks homes and knackers yards is beyond me. We got fed Rossie Laurente Remy Damio and ended up with Nelson Ady on loan only playing when is paymasters allowed Saha when medically allowed Modric when is new suitors allowed Bale the same. So please tell me a Spurs fan for over 50 years why Levey dines with the rich with no money to pay his bill.

      • Already done that the samples in the post.Sorry for disappointing you but i thought i had enough shit without my drugs rant

  3. I agree 100% with lola, Tim has future spurs boss written all over him as Levy is fond of him.
    I think he will be bumped up to assistant or 1st team coach under the next boss with the view of priming him to be the new man for the job once our next boss leaves.
    I think he would be better suited to this role under a Capello, however, if we go ahead with AVB i think Tim’s relationship with the current sqaud could prove vital.
    I’d let modders goto Real if we can get 30mil or more in the hope that the rumours in jan saying harry would get a summer budget of 30mil are still true. That would leave around 60mil for the new man to shape his squad. If its AVB, i would expect Jan Vertonghen and Daniel Sturridge to be signed within a week

    • Nobody signs within the week. Signings take FOREVER!!!!! Once linked, expect no sooner that 4-5 weeks to complete the transfer. We have been close with Jan, so who knows, that one may be sooner rather than later. Just want it approved to we can get on with it. On another note, darn it, Arsenal completed the crazy Giroud steal at less than a few weeks. Marin signed for Chelsea in like what it seemed just overnight. So… there is always a chance.


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