Klaas-Jan Huntelaar: The Dutch striker has started to re-build his career at Schalke after disappointing stints in Spain and Italy but suggestions are that the German side have said that he can leave if the £17m buy out clause in his contract is met. Needless to say, as an long term ‘target’ Spurs are one of the clubs mentioned in the reports.

‘Huntelaar does have a €20 million buyout clause, and the rich club can afford it,’ said Schalke general manager Horst Held.

‘But, Klaas Jan has always stressed that he wants to be a champion. This he can be only with Real or Barcelona in Spain.

‘I do not think he wants to go there. What would he do there? Since nothing more than the weather is better.’

The forward was supposedly seen as one of the reasons why Rafael van der Vaart would consider a move to the German side, not that his departure is likely to have much influence in that sense. Ironically, both players were inexplicably left out of the Dutch starting line ups at the beginning of Euro 2012 and as they both return home early, maybe their respective futures will be sorted very soon.



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  1. Levy will not spend £17 million while he has a whole in his arse. Levy is seriously starting to piss me off. We should have signed Leandro + another striker 18 months ago and we would now be playing champions league football.
    Oh and still no news on the new stadium FFS.

    • Diamao may not score goals in the Premier League so whos saying we would have got 3rd place? everyone is saying he’s our saviour but until we sign him and he scores week in week out i wont hold my breath…

  2. Well Ralf Rangnick is linked as manger and he had him at Schalke… so you never know

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  3. No to huntelaar.
    Think whoever we get as boss will want a striker who has a better workrate than this guy. Scores goals yes, but lazy.

    • Agree, he looked shite lastnight and dont think its a coincidence that he failed at bigger teams in strong leagues, Real, AC etc..

  4. Would much rather have Dalmiao. I watched Huntelaar in the championships and he didn’t do a lot but it could have been down to the poor service .
    I will be glad when News Now implements the Scum Filter to stop Wengers Wankers infiltrating our articles as it is getting quite tiresome reading the same old comments week in week out with nothing original ever being written. These poor sad bastards must sit at home claiming there Jobseekers allowance scaning the internet for all our articles so they can write their boring crap because it’s the only thing that makes them feel better about themselves. Sad really aint it lol.

    • Why? what has he proven? that he can score goals in a weaker league? so can Jordan Rhodes but i dont want him coming. Yes the lad looks good on youtube but so does that 6 year old they says is the new Messi… doesn’t mean he will take to the Premier League. Robiniho was hardly a goal machine, Alves at Boro couldn’t hit a barn door. Brazilian forwards do not have a proven track record in the EPL. Yeah bring him in but all the time Inter want £30 million plus for him then i would rather we went elsewhere and bought in a forward that will score in EPL, Cisse would cost less then £20 million for example, as would Sturridge

  5. This is a dream article. Never going to happen, why even suggest it? Just makes our supporters look naive. Seriously. I would love to aspire to such linked players as well, but at 17m thats a gamble. Rather just pay Ade. Seriously. The money doesn’t add up. At AC milan he was making 80,000m a week+. Thats the top of our payscale. Not going to happen.


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