Depending on which source you read this morning, either Jan Vertonghen will sign on as a Spurs player within the next few days or he will run out of patience and go elsewhere. Tottenham have been tracking the player for some time now and the claim that a deal would be done ‘shortly’ has also been doing the rounds for a while.

However, if time does run out on the transfer it seems that the Belgian international has no shortage of options.

“I’ve said repeatedly that Tottenham are my first choice, but the talks haven’t progressed,” Vertonghen said back in May.

“I’ve been shown around, I have met all their key people and their chairman came to meet me on Monday.

“But Arsenal want me too. They remain a possibility if my Spurs move falls through, as Ajax are asking £13m for me.”

The latest suggestion claimed that the Ajax captain would sign for us yesterday but that has failed to materialise. Meanwhile, if some Spurs fans were unhappy about Redknapp leaving, what would the fall out be if Vertonghen crosses to North London because of a delay on the club’s part?



  1. The whole thing has become a complete mess. If we are stalling on the sake of a few million on a player of his quality there is no hope. I perosnally reckon we are going through a possible takeover or we are selling a stake in the club. we have been non commital over the manager and this transfer which leads me to think a new owner may want to implement his own plans.

  2. On the face of it the lack of urgency could be construed by the player as apathy on Spurs part. If I was him I would be looking for another club by now as Spurs dont appear to be bothered.
    Perhaps Levy is thinking he will save a few quid and bring Caulker home from the land of the sheep instead.

  3. Noboby’s got a clue whats going on including Levy I might add. The lack of a manager in the next few days will severely harm our preparations for the new season if we are not careful.

  4. Anyone remember the advert for Polaris World in Spain with the great catchphrase “Maybe tomorrow, Jack”.

    It’s amazing how many posters, ITK’s etc. claim that this or that player will be announced as signed by a certain date…on Mondays it’s usually predicted to be Friday and by Friday this has stretched to Monday or early next week.

    Then there is the manager situation, with people claiming to know the exact whereabouts of both candidates and Levy and his Board, leading to more predictions which never come to fruition.

    What starts as fun speculation quickly leads to frustration for the fans, but the club doesn’t give a toss. No updates on anything leading to press articles and speculation.

    Where Levy is concerned, whatever it is that he is doing will only be revealed when he’s ready and then we will probably only get half the story, the half that makes him look good.

    With the first fixture scheduled for August 18th we have 8 weeks until the start of the season, 3 weeks until friendly matches start, and no doubt some pointless overseas tour/competition to fit in as well.

    It would be nice to think that we had a manager in place and transfer targets sewn-up by now. Maybe Levy has done that but will not name the manager in order not to influence some team’s performance at the Euros, and maybe it has nothing to do with that at all.

    Maybe we will get an announcement today, but more probably “maybe tomorrow, Jack”

  5. Believe in the bigger picture, if he was not certain to sign for us another club would better our offer (which has not happened).
    As for a manager this slight delay will test any character so if avb walks he was not up to the pressure.

  6. It would still be the same if Harry was still here. This is Levy’s way of doing business, takes an eternity and usually doesn’t happen because of that. So don’t EXPECT Jan in a Spurs shirt next season, if he is then that’ll be a lovely surprise.

  7. Why doesn’t Levy come out and make a statement along the lines of ”I love this club and will do my upmost to get the best available manager and players to kick on from last season”……instead complete silence?!

    • If Levy comes out with that statement it won’t do anything for me. The only way I’ll be happy if he starts signing some guys that will better the club. And bring in a capable manager that can lead us in the right direction.

  8. If the Vertonghen to Spurs deal falls through then I want to see Levy out of the club as a result of his complete lack of preparation in transfer dealings. It is fair to blame Redknapp for our transfers in the past but it takes two to tango and Levy was the other ballroom dancer. This is getting on my wick now FFS Levy sort it out man!

  9. If he was coming to Spurs it would have been done by now.
    Modric and Bale are both on there way and so is Joe Lewis and Levy. The “For Sale” signs are open knowledge at Canary Wharf with a Russian said to be very keen. There used to be a football club over there,we have had the best get used to mid-table at best.

  10. Apparently there was a big money offer on the table for a significant chunk of Spurs tied in to the naming rights of the new stadium from the Middle East! Alledgedly Levy valued Spurs far too highly and pissed the buyers right off! This was from a good source but there are so many rumours going round you don’t know who to believe any more!

  11. I really am getting peed of with this now. Levy knows we need a new manager, (he sacked the old one). We know that we need a new younger keeper and a new centre back, we can’t rely on Ledders crocked knees and Gallas old legs. If Modders is to be allowed to leave, we need a replacement and WE NEED A STRIKER FFS. Will this be sorted soon or will we be waiting at 5 minutes to transfer deadline for some old has been, (sorry, experienced pro), as usual. Come on Danny, get it sorted. PLEASE. I’m running out of Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England rugby matches to fill my sporting week. Give us some news about my beloved Spurs. Pretty please!!

  12. Jesus, why all the fucking negativity!!

    Vertonghen will sign, a transfer is not like ordering a take away. you dont call the place, put your order in and 40 minutes later it arrives. there are many different agents, lawyers, and people involved in a transfer. Yes it has taken a while but if Vertonghen was going to go elsewhere he would have gone by now. Dont forget he has just finished a long season and more than likely gone on holiday now for a couple of weeks.

    Only Levy and the people close to him know what is going on within WHL.

    Lets back the fucking chairman, club and players and have a great season and not bitch and moan because we haven’t signed somebody or because we are taking our time looking for the right manager.

    Good things come to those who wait, so lets just wait and see what happens. I trust Levy and i know he hasn’t spent all this time and money in the club to chuck it down the pan now


    • Well said. Everyone has got to chill the fuck out. Lets wait for France to get knocked out on Sat, then the hacks and tweeters will get to work on drumming-up Blanc for the job. Nothing will happen till after the Euros. Why would it.?

    • “Good things come to those who wait”…just like in practically every transfer window….Rasiak, Mido, Ghaly, Saha, Nelsen (last 2 because Levy wouldn’t spend any money), Pav etc.etc.etc.

  13. Levys mother passed away and his wife is ill thats its taken longer, also Harry went so…..
    He will sign along with others!

  14. May I inform everybody that the Summer transfer window does not open until July 1st – so no club can sign anyone until then. So stop panicking.

    • He was very good, a ready made replacement for Modric when AVB comes in!

      £35million for Modric – £15miilion for Moutinho = a good deal for us

  15. the reason we havent got a manager is he is still involved with France, when they get the hoof we will have a manager, we dont want AVB,and niether does Levi. A man that argues with his boss before he starts is going to on his way very quickly. Levi needs to create an image that there is a few interested,so Le Blanc hasnt got him over a barrell, jan deal aready done. in Levi we trust.

  16. As a Spurs fan of some 50 years, I’ve seen this all before. We have lost so many good players from pole position down the years who really wanted to come to our club but didnt for what ever reason, the main one being that we procrastinate, refused to meet the selling clubs valuation, even when they are willing to negotiate we f**k about and end up shooting ourselves in the foot as a result.
    We on the other hand do exactly the same when selling one of our players and fully expect the buying club to meet our valuation or else. Double standards you see, dont do as I do, do as I say.
    This boy Vertonghen is a real class act who could form a powerful partnership with Kaboul for years to come and would enable us to progress enormously. I wonder if the board see’s this or are they so in love with getting away with paying as little as possible and are blinded by that prospect?
    The previous Chairman Lord Sugar called any footballer with a foreign sounding name “Carlos Kick A Ball” and flatly refused to sanction certain deals as a result. He knew a lot about football didnt he. Probably the most famous of all the players that we let slip through our fingers was none other than Dennis Bergkemp who really wanted to join Spurs as he was and to all accounts still is a big Spurs fan, he didnt join because we procrastinated, the Arse nipped in, the rest is history.
    I have a bad feeling that history will repeat itself and come back to bite us fairly and squarely on the arse once again, we never learn do we.

  17. Vertonghen has today medical.

    Fee agreed and player will sign today if medical is all clear.

    That is news from within WHL…. very good source

  18. Breaking new….Another gem from same source….

    Blanc has agreed a 4 year deal and will be unveiled after France go out of Euro 2012.

    Levy tied the deal up yesterday and had to confirm with Blanc that Vertonghen would fit into his plans, he has given green light hence the medical today. It was thought AVB was seen as too high a risk, AVB also wanted to pull the deal for Vertonghen and bring in Rolando for Porto.

    Blanc has given Levy a few targets he has in mind and DL will look at these in the coming days, one of which is Alou Diarra of Marseille who Blanc see’s as a good replacement for Modric IF he leaves. Blanc will speak with Modric before he lets DL know if he is willing to let him leave.

    • Diarra should fit right in with current policy…31 years old and has been known to push the odd referee when sent-off.

      Good news on Blanc a manager with a good 2/3 years experience in the French league plus the last2 years with the French national squad.

      I thought Levy wanted someone with the WOW! factor and I guess he’s the man….I for one will be happy to say WOW! that’s a risk.

  19. Arsenal fan here. Don’t worry about Vertonghen, we don’t want him. Also I like Levy. The player has eroded his and Ajax’s bargaining power by insisting that he only wants to sign for Spurs and doesn’t care who the coach is. Levy is an astute businessman and once the player made this utterance, you knew Levy would drive a hard bargain. I only which we had Levy to negoiate the sale of Fabregas to Barca. We would have gotten at least 45 million.

  20. Breaking news also. In addition to the Vertogen and Blanc signings, Spurs have also agreed to a transfer with Barcelona for Lionel Messi. Messi was quoted as saying” I like Barca but I am in total love with Te Spurs. Stay tuned…

  21. Levy has never let the club down in my opinion. He ALWAYS does what he believes is best for the club ,and even if he does make the odd mistake, I wouldn’t swap him for any other chairman in the league.
    Vertonghen isn’t going anywhere, Levy’s just making sure he gets the BEST possible price FOR THE CLUB. Have patience and hold your faith. In Levy I TRUST. COME ON YOU SPURRRSS

  22. Spurs ain’t as big a pull as the fans think so to get anyone without paying over the odds is going to take time.

    Please dont sign AVB instead of Blanc as I dont wanna wet myself laughing and ruin my jeans!

    This Vert bloke is not even a starter for non qualifying Belgium so Levy’s probably already p*ssed off he has to pay over £10m

    • i wouldn’t worry, your £6 Asda jeans are easily replaced… just wait for benefit day and go treat yourself.

      Vertonghen is Dutch footballer of the year and captain of a title winning side as well as a regular for Belgium. So maybe get your facts right before making yourself look silly..

      Mmm’k sweetpea, now run along princess

  23. Erm he’s third choice cb (his main position) for Belgium behind Kompany and Vermaelen so maybe check your facts, itk my arrse lol.

    Secondly he is Dutch player of the year, Dutch!!!

    Wow their league is full of good strikers (remember Alves who was one of their best and rarely hit a barn door in England, I could defend against him, even in my wet Asda jeans) and the national team did so well in the Euro’s (sarcasm).

    Maybe you should trust a chairman who doesn’t want to waste your clubs money by paying over the odds for an overated player.

    Now run along so you can pretend you got more itl bull later

    • I never said he played centre back for Belgium did i? he started his career as a holding midfielder and he plays either there or right back.. you utter twat

      Not at any point did i say i was an ITK… i simply have friends that work within WHL, i know its a hard concept for you the whole friends thing.

      What difference does it make if Alves was bad in England? i suppose all former Dutch league players are bad? Suarez is a really bad player isn’t he and that Bergkamp guy he was shit in England too wasn’t he..

      Why dont you go and find a blog for the team you support and make your little pointless comments there? i assume ARSEnal so i guess its no surprise your here looking for some excitement, cant be easy supporting a 1 man team that couldn’t win a trophy if they tried… oh thats right they did, they got the to Carling Cup Final only to be beaten by a team who were relegated from the Premier League that season.

      You twat

  24. now dat u attained 4th,5th ad 4th in 3yrs u think u can compete with likes of manchestes clubs,Arsenal ad Chelsea?…dont make me laugh…even if u Blanc ad Vert comes,do u think u r goin 2b title contenders? Ur gonna regret sackin Harry….i wish u luck where u belong ad dat is mid-tableeeee club!!!…hahahahahahaha

  25. My heart pleads for all you little Gimps and your Gimpish little outpourings. The tears a rolling down uncontrollabley. Never mind every cloud has a silver lining,your spoon be able to wrap round them chains slip on your GIMP masks and take a great big spanking from the rip roaring HAMMERS!

  26. Don’t worry about him going to Arsenal.

    I feel they won’t have a spot for Jan on that squad. Kocielny will be partnered with Vermaelen, and they still have Mertesacker to back up or match up against taller squads. Djourou is just ok, but I sense they still think highly of him. Where will Jan fit? So we are the best bet. In fact he know we need him, thats why he is holding out. I don’t think he wants to go to Emirates to share his spot in a rotating crew.

  27. Spuds are talking shit here.. We don’t want Vertonghen, you can have it. We only want to sign Levy as our purchasing manager and ‘Arry as reserve coach.. or maybe Laurent Blanc as Le Prof assistant.. and we also want your VdV and Bale as cheerleaders.. But you can have Adebayor and please take good care of him. COYG!


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