Steven Pienaar’s immediate future may be settled before too long, assuming the appointment of a new Spurs manager is confirmed shortly. If that new boss did just happen to be David Moyes then the South African international might just have a different view as to where he will be playing his football next season.

“I need to know if I’ll still be used by Spurs,” Pienaar said after the departure of Harry Redknapp.

The winger has also said that the current Everton boss would be a good choice for Tottenham and as time continues to drift, maybe the Scot will start to come into the frame.

Unlike other fringe players such as Heurelho Gomes, Pienaar may not change his mind and try to impress a new boss by staying at the Lane and starting with a clean slate. If it was Moyes however then the situation might be different but could we get the player to ultimately perform in the way that he does at Goodison Park?



  1. Don’t see him staying, though i think he could work very well as part of a 3 man midfield – Parker, Sandro Pienaar as a 3, with Bale and Dos Santos/sturridge/lennon working off our big man up top.
    Yep, i like the look of that! I can dream for now, cant i?!?!
    obviously, thats assuming modders is gone

  2. if he’s deciding then he needs to get his butt in the car to goodison because you dont need to read between the lines moyesy is happy at goodison

  3. Need to ship him out, think he is talented but at 30/31 is not going to want to sit on the bench behind Bale and will not get in, in front of him either…

  4. Why do you allow other ‘advertising’ websites to ‘piggieback’ on to this site and open uninvited on my computer. Sort it out you bunch of cheapskates.

  5. I think we will see this move happen sooner than later. I do not think there will be another loan. Lets make the deal, shake hands and were off.


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