Reports today are linking a number of Premiership clubs with a move for Inter Milan and former Feyenoord striker Luc Castaignos. Spurs are just one of the clubs who are claimed to have registered an interest in the centre forward, who is still only 19.

The reports also suggest that Inter have asked for £6m as a direct transfer although there may be a loan deal available for next year that is worth up to 1.6 million to the Serie A club.

Considering his age, Castaignos looks a serious prospect and found the net 15 times in 37 appearances at domestic level in Holland. At Inter his chances have been restricted yet he managed to score once in six games with the Milan club.

A decent shout therefore as a back up striker but would he be a better prospect than say, Souleymane Coulibaly?





  1. Being a couple of years older than Souleymane and having already played a few times for Inter, it’s probably fair to assume he’s further ahead in his development and he could be a great 3rd choice behind Defoe [at the moment] and a marquee signing [here’s hoping]. He’s currently very highly-rated and could even possibly do a job straight away.

  2. I don’t know anything about the player — and am very hopeful for Souleymane — but imagine they’re very different types of players.

    Castaignos is 6’2″ which, I assume, would make him more able to play as a lone target (which we seem to be switching to) where Souleymane, at 5’7″, would have a harder time of it.

    I wonder if Souleymane would be able to develop into a wide forward, where height/physical presence isn’t quite as necessary? Either way — this (Castaignos) is the type of deal I’d like to see Spurs linked with more. I’d rather have 5 ~19 year old players with heaps of potential than 1 late 20’s who’s pretty good.
    We’re never going to be able to afford the really top players in their prime, so to have a chance at them get them cheaper and younger.

    So, YES, sign him up.

      • Daniel, have you ever seen Coulibaly play? He might be short but gje is built like an ox and he has amazing strength and power. He aint ready for first team but he will be 2013 i reckon. Amazing talent.

        • I’ve only seen short clips of him playing — and he does look amazing — but with the wings that we have (hopefully will continue to have…) we need a serious aerial threat in the middle and I’m not sure he could do that at only 5’7?
          That’s why I said I hoped he could develop into a wide forward, or even a long-term VdV replacement.

  3. Would be a good signing! but we still need two more top quality Strikers. Also hope reports are true about Sigurdsson from what i have seen of him at swansea very good player. 25M + Sahin for Modric , Vertonghen deal wrapped up. AVB announced as our new Manager on the 1ST of July and i will start getting very excited for next Season! I know but one can dream! COYS!!

  4. I think if we get Castaignos that would make three top striker prospects and which makes me all the more excited for the future of this club espiacially with a new young manager expected to be announced. But for we still need to buy 2 more strikers.


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