Bale signs and vows to get even better

After a few weeks of speculation is was a relief to see some actual news relating to the club yesterday as reports came through that Gareth Bale had signed a new four year contract.

Through all of the rumour and conjecture, it did seem likely that Gareth would stay but it was a relief for many Tottenham fans to see this story confirmed on the official club website.

“I’m still young and still learning. This is the right place for me to keep progressing as a player. This is the perfect place to do that,” Bale said.

The Welsh winger also promised fans that he aims to be even better this season,

“I think I could have scored a lot more and that’s one area I’m looking to improve more than anything. I think I can do that.

“I did quite well with my assists last season but I’d like to improve that as well.

“Last season I was getting double and treble-marked on the wing, so I was able to come inside and score a few goals in more central areas.

“Now it’s a case of mixing it all up and putting my whole game together. I’m looking at my all-round game, trying new things and trying to be the best player I can be.”

It’s easy to be cynical at times and this doesn’t of course stop anyone coming in with an offer but this was a welcome piece of good news. Hopefully it will be followed up shortly with the appointment of a new manager and some major new signings.


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7 Responses

  1. Wright Hart Lane says:


  2. frankie warrior says:

    I so happy Gareth Bale has signed a new contract you can see he has spurs in his heart and wants to achieve something here . Now i want to know what strikers will be here to help us achieve champions league football , there has’nt been much talk of strikers except for Rondon and he does not look that good to me but i can see he is trying hard to sell himself to another team just like modders.

  3. ash says:

    Cant adam and eve it , if only all footballers were bred with our gazzas loyalty in them . Love you too bale COYS

  4. Jurgen18 says:

    He was born to play for spurs

  5. frankie warrior says:

    Gareth has shown great faith in spurs and himself in aiming to achieve something with spurs so lets reward him with at least two great strikers to help him achieve his goals , pardon the pun .

  6. thecoys says:

    Wow a better Bale,watch out Messi and Ronaldo you’s have another rival for the balloon D’or,go get him Gareth that sounds awesome for us Spurs fans,COYS

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