Even those who had read the rumours yesterday may have been surprised to see Steffen Freund installed as AVB’s assistant but the club confirmed the appointment earlier today on the official website.

The German international midfielder was with us for 5 years as a player from 1998 before heading to Kaiserslautern in 2003. Famously he never scored for the club in over 100 games and he finished his career with a stint at Leicester City which was most memorable for an ill-fated tour of Spain.

Since quitting as a player, Steffen has worked with the Germany youth set up and coached under Berti McVogts with the Nigerian national side.

His return has been met with a mixed reaction on the social networks but it’s not as if he’s going to be playing again – nor will he be given special responsibility to coach the strikers.



  1. No doubt any negative response to Freund returning will be from the usual people who couldn’t find WHL with a map.

    There are dozens of top managers and coaches who haven’t played as high up the ladder as Freund,so God knows how anyone can knock the appointment.

    At least he has passion for Spurs and he has apparently impressed many with his coaching of young German talent (who aren’t doing too badly these days).Can’t see the downside myself,but then i’m the sort of supporter who actually supports.

    • You are just like me then a SUPPORTER (not a follower)

      I think this is a fantastic appointment and could possibly become our manager in a few years time but only when he is ready! and of course we also have Tim Sherwood in the ranks learning the trade of management, exciting times ahead I think

      • Agree with you both 100%
        Anyone that was fortunate enough to goto the Lane during steffen’s time with us will know how loved he was. There aren’t many players that never score that are loved by 36,000 fans every other week, but Steffen was. Because of his commitment on the pitch. He gave it everything everytime he played. I think its a very shrewd appointment by AVB, he could have gone for someone we have never heard of, but he wants people that know what its like to play for Spurs around him.
        Welcome back Steffen……i love you!

  2. Good appointment! Stefan knows the English game as well as anyone after his stints with Spurs and Leicester, respectively. Determined and combative, he will ensure the team is fired up and highly motivated at all times. I feel this part of his nature will serve us especially well for away games where I am sure he will be inclined to push for a more solid midfield pairing of either Hudd, Sandro, livermore or Parker, depending on where we are playing. Get rid of Modric (for the right price…asap) !!! Come On U Spurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If all you need is passion then i should be the boss My passion has lasted 50 years of my sixty supporting a team surrounded by Scousers and Manx. This must qualify me on a serious note it baffled me because if i wanted ex players i would have gone with Clive Allen or Teddy Sheringham or Ginola not Freund. I think Levey has had a nervous breakdown gone untreated. Why would he install a Failed Rookie auntried ex player and a Martin none of us no. Now selling Modric is his first job and any other rats who can smell disaster looming. I nearly had heart attacks last season so god noes what this season has in store. We should be thinking top four again with tried and trusted Harry but its back into the Ramos mode and AVB is already fav for the sack and top 8 all the good work Harry and Jamie did on TV has turned into doom and gloom in the media circles.

    • Not just passion, dav. You need to know about football and have a positive attitude. That’s why you aren’t there. FFS get behind your team. Who needs arsenal fans when we have spurs supporters like you?

    • Are you serious? Teddy Sheringham? What coaching has HE done? Or Ginola for that matter? Levy obviously wasnt “‘[going for] ex players”, he was recruiting a young coach whom people have spoken well of, as he has done with AVB. “Martin none of us no”…mate, you may as well have a little rant about foreigners taking all the jobs while you’re at it…what is so wrong with appointing coaches who arent major names in England? Could you name me any of Barcelona/ManCIty/Madrid et al’s coaches? Harry did well to get us in to the CL, but beyond that he only sought to foster a “lets av a go, no worries if it dont work out, these things happen, football’s a funny old game” mentality, hence our home record against lesser teams under his reign. We should support AVB and applaud Levy for attempting to create a solid idea of the future of the club.

    • Go back to Emirates, you mug. You are exactly the sort of ‘fan’ (and i use that term VERY loosely) that we don’t want.
      You want AVB out before he has even had a chance to do a thing.
      I’m glad that MOST spurs fan’s I know are nothing like you

  4. dav, if you think that arry hanging out of his rangerover window, acting like a chimp was good , get a grip, you dont get league points by talking to The Sun, get behind the new guy, redknapp was a tosser, twice refused contract extensions, it was all about HIM, not spurs.

  5. He wasn’t a flair player, that much is true. Does that mean he was a poor player? How many of Spurs’ current playing staff have won a Champions League medal, or a European Championship for that matter? Freund won two German league titles Dortmund, too. Let’s not forget he also won the League Cup trophy with us. He was a good, honest combative defensive midfielder. I served as a steward at WHL for a couple of seasons and distinctly remember the effort he made to meet and greet the fans before and after games. I can’t remember many other Spurs players doing that at the time. I’m sure he’ll do a good job for us. I’ve got a good feeling about the new setup.

  6. For those of you that are interested and have been wondering where the spuds have been getting their money from read on… for those of you who are not interested skip this post!!

    I am currently on holiday in Mauritius staying at the Le Saint Geran and today i met Nico Van Ditmar, a director at The Tavistock Group which is owned by spuds “sugar daddy” Joe Lewis.

    A piece came on the BBC World News about AVB and how he plans to take the spuds forward and we started talking footy. He started by telling me how he is a big spurs fan to which i retorted that i am a gooner, his next words were “Oh, we’ll soon be overtaking you guys in a big way” I asked him what he meant and he said “Lets just say that the gloves are off!!”

    Apparently, the one and only reason spurs de-listed themselves from the stock market recently was so that the The Tavistock Group i.e Joe Lewis, was able to pump funds and liquidity into spurs in a big way (non disclosure). They are just about to open a 67acre £45 million world class training facility in Enfield, this is the reason they have been able to attract AVB, Vertonghan and stole Sigurrdsen from Liverpool. They did not borrow any money to fund this build and it is considered that it will be one of the best if not the best facility at any football club in the world.

    Bale is now on £105,000 per week and spurs are willing to pay Ade £140,000 to prise him away from City. City want £7 million but spuds only willing to pay £5 million.

    Worst still, Modric (currently on £105,000pw) will not leave for less than 40 million euro’s and Real Madrid are his preferred option. Real are trying to dilute the transfer fee with Carvalho but spuds stance is that they want 40 million euro’s and will negotiate for Carvalho separately as he is one of AVB’s targets anyway. Modric is contracted until 2016 so spuds hold the upper hand in negotiations, if he leaves they WILL replace him with Moutinho who spuds think is a better player anyway, captained Portugal at 20 yrs old and more aggressive.

    Hugo Lloris has chosen spurs over us, personal terms agreed but transfer fee is stumbling block, Lyon want 20 million euro’s spuds have offered 15 million, this Nico fella assured me he will be a spuds player by July 15th.

    Their new stadium build is at a cost of £450 million but they will only have to borrow £180 million!!!! Big daddy Joe is funding the rest!! To make things even worst AVB has been given a transfer kitty of £100 million to spend which must also include wages. This was the one and only reason Redknapp was sacked, it was decided that between Daniel Levy and Joe Lewis that Redknapp could not be trusted to take spuds forward in the way that they want given the commitment in funds the board are now making.

    So there you have it maybe not from the horses mouth but definitely from near the arsehole area!! I asked him he if he could shed any light on Kronke and all he said was “He’s a very conservative fellow and keeps himself to himself so i can’t tell you much about him” He carried on by explaining that Lewis is a massive spurs fan and has always been spurs “petty cash” tin when they’ve needed it and that “you could not have a better owner of tottenham hostpur football club than Joe lewis”

    Apologies if some of the transfer info is old hat as I’ve not been able to keep up with things and please don’t shoot the messenger!!

    It does beg the question what the fuck is going on at Arsenal though doesn’t it?

    • It must have hurt to have that conversation. It also must have been difficult to keep typing ‘spuds’ which, I knew you couldn’t keep up and you didn’t! Still, thanks for the info.

    • Interesting read. Excuse me for doubting you, but Spurs have been so hush over things the past month or so, I’m just not sure Joe Lewis would be shouting his mouth off to someone he’s never met?

  7. Fricking hell Dav, I have read various post of your over the years next time some offers you some downers “just say no” get behind AVB FFS he his here he ain’t going anywhere on your say so! And wasn’t it refreshing to hear him say “we and “us” rather than old bag puss say them and they! COYS

  8. Freund will be 101% comitted to the cause, his genuine passion for spurs will inspire the players and will bring german qualities, realiable, strong, hardworking etc. Plus skilled high quality coaching. Coys!

  9. davespurs wat team do u really support ,or was it u luved redcrapp tried and trusted arry u better get down to WHL a bit more and away games because 90% of the away support couldnt stand im including me
    4yrs of purgatory i have had but i still went home./away
    sod arry first i am a TOTTENHAM supporter so get over it

  10. if u know anything about football FREUND has been coaching
    under 21s,19s,18s and has been getting them playing really good football because i have WATCHED them ,ave u

  11. This isnt about whether Freund was a good player, a bad player, a spurs fan or a gooner, a trier or just a plank….he has been appointed because of his proven skills as a coach with younger players. Sherwood has been doing that job but will clearly have a broader role and so it seems as if Fruend is part of the LONG-TERM plan to develop quality young players (that we have already, like Tommy Carroll, that we have bought like Fryers, and that we are looking at like Lascelles). Its what AVB wanted to do at Chavski but wasnt given time to do – if it works, this is a 5+ year plan but built on aiming for success soon as well as in 5 year time. Verthongen is amazing and we are looking at a Spurs side that is in for some major changes – maybe even playing as a team, instead of Harrys tactic of relying on the individual brilliance of 3-4 key players. When that worked, it was awesome but when it didnt, we were stuffed as we had no team plan to cope with our ‘stars’ being tired, off-form or absent. AVB is different – it might fail but it will be different and hopefully no less exciting. Freund, and what he brings in terms of player development (like in the national German team) is part of that process.

  12. I looove Stefan Freund … and Stefan freund loooves me.. and Jesus. Loved that song we sang for him. Hope it all works out for him. COYS


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