The latest striker to be linked with a move to Spurs is Roma front man Marco Borriello but judging by his statistics, many Spurs fans could be forgiven for hoping that this one comes to nothing.

Borriello is 30 and certainly has the experience, but his scoring record is less than prolific. Including loan deals, he has had 12 spells with domestic clubs in Italy without ever really making his mark although he did average over a goal every other game during a season with Genoa. In addition, the striker has seven full international caps but with no goals at this level.

If there is no truth in the story, it’s difficult to see why anyone would make this up given Borriello’s record but could he possibly prove the sceptics wrong?





  2. Just get Berbatov for crying out loud…. He’s damned cheap, and still an incredibly able player. The only reason he doesn’t start for United is because Ferguson doesn’t think he fits their play style. Bring Dimitar back to the Lane AVB… or get Llorente if you think you can get the funds, because Llorente is world class and would be a season-changing signing for us.

  3. Would love to see Bertatov back at The Lane. One of the most naturally gifted players ever.
    But does he fit in here now?
    I do not know. But, I would love to see him feeding Ade or Llorente without even looking like he tries.

  4. Marco who? Where did this one come from? I wish there was a chance of Berbatov coming back to the Lane. Would Fergie sell him to us?

  5. no thanks too that one and no to berbatov aswell he had his best spell at spurs and wont be the same player – plus he is way to lazy – we are better a team now and dont need him

  6. Things go from great to bad by the day we all got shocked when Daniel Bought Siggy in record time. Then things began to slow rapidly Vertonghans deal hit money snags and dragged on for weeks till he finally signed. Now we have the Modric saga and the Russian ex KGB ABV grabbing every name we are linked to. This is because he cant stand the thoughts of Spurs finishing above his toy again. By the time he buys Oscar and Moses since January he will have spent 100.0000 Million on Footballers and the mad thing is we are all paying for them with high oil prices that have bean fixed by the likes of Man City owners Chelsea Malaga Psg just some of the clubs who are owned and run by Oil profits. I love Football with a passion you would not believe because i lost my chance to one day play for my beloved Spurs i wont bore you with the details of why it never happened but it was not through skill But today s footballers are everything i am glad i never became greedy overrated under skilled disloyal bunch of Agent run humans on the planet. The problem we are all hooked and its worse than packing in smoking a habit i kicked 9 years ago but Football is a lifetime habit along with your Club. Coys Good Luck for 2012 =2013 SEASON.

  7. Berba back at the Lane would bring 20 goals next season, but will we go and get him? I’m not sure.
    He would be a cheaper alternative than Ade, and yes, he was a bit lazy, but he was class.
    If we were to get him, I would not be disappointed.
    As for this chap from Roma, do me a favour, what’s he ever done?! I would rather go into the season with just Defoe and Kane on the books than panic buy and bring this chap in.
    Personally, my number 1 choice would be Llorente, but it will never happen.
    Come on AVB and Levy, sign us the striker we are all crying out for, I’m fully confident you have someone lined up, I just wish you’d harry up and complete the deal.

  8. Bare with me, this is one of those ITK posts we all hate!!
    As I clicked send there, I received a text from a mate who’s dad is a steward at the Lane with a fairly high standing, he used to exchange texts on a weekly basis with Harry. He claims that we have since switched our striking target from City, no longer Adebayor, apparently we are moving for Dzeko…….
    Don’t all berate me! I’m not saying I would want him,

  9. This a joke or what,it is better for Spurs buy Berbatov or for the cheap one that is Grant Holt.But if Modric really want to leave Spurs I hope AVB will bring Client Dempsey or Maroune Felleini to White Hart Lane before the season start.About Lloris and Hulk I think it is a very good signing if AVB can bring them to White Hart Lane.All the best for this season…

  10. Never heard of Borriello, doesn’t it mean brothel in italian?
    All these striker links are clearly designed to hurry up the Ade deal and make his advisors think we’re looking around for back-ups to stop him demanding more and mroe money. Levy won’t panic into a deal anymore (i hope)

  11. Jurgen – Dzeko could be interesting, big wages though.
    Maybe Levy thinks Ade on a permanent contract might be a risk. On loan there with City paying his wages obviously the risk was minimal

  12. As long as it is only a small fee involved, I would welcome Berbatov back on a short term contract, maybe 2 years. We currently have 1 senior striker in Defoe, who by all accounts does not fit the AVB system. Even if we make one big signing up front and also bring in Ade, he would give the squad depth. Personally I believe he still has the class to score and create goals for us.


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