Is Vertonghen an automatic choice?

Tottenham’s new signing Jan Vertonghen has spoken to the media today and said that he is ready to fight for his place in the centre of the Spurs defence. Jan finally arrived at the club after a lengthy transfer process from Ajax and has slotted in for the most part alongside Michael Dawson in pre-season.

It will be difficult for me to break into the team without a doubt,” Vertonghen said. “I knew before I came that there would be a lot of competition.

“But I am not afraid of competition. It’s a big club and at every big club there is a lot of competition.”

Aside from Dawson, Spurs have Younes Kaboul as the candidate most likely to start. William Gallas remains at the club while at the other end of the age scale, Steven Caulker is hoping to break into the first team this season.

New signings will always talk about fighting for their spot but is Vertonghen an automatic selection in your mind and who would your first choice centre back pairing be?

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23 Responses

  1. Andre5 says:

    Yes, with Kaboul.

    Next, do bears **** in the woods?

    • Jay says:

      Nobody should be automatic choice, this is what went wrong under Arry, Modric had 7-8 bad games in a row in the new year but wasnt dropped once.

      You are picked if you play well, who ever is playing best starts, if you have a bad game your dropped………..that way players keep up the effort levels
      You heard these Lewandowski rumours going round, a very respectable journalist has said its done

  2. dawid says:

    definitely a starter, next to kaboul. Dawson 3rd choice, Caulker 4th,Gallas 5th

    • Daniel says:

      Caulker 3rd, Dawson 4th…

      Dawson is fine, but his (lack of) pace would be a liability with the high line Spurs will play.

  3. BrizzleSpur says:

    It’s a tough one. Kaboul is a definite starter, and I’m still really fond of Dawson. I’d like Gallas to stay and maybe move Bassong on.
    Only watched Vertonghen in the Red Bulls game and I’d like to see him in some more competitive matches before I pass judgement.

    • BrizzleSpur says:

      And Caulker!!! Forgot about him. I guess it’s a good thing we’ve got some Thursday night football to try out different pairings.

  4. EssexSpur says:

    After the way Kaboul played last season, it would be crazy to leave him out. Personally i would like him and Vertonghen but with rumours Dawson is set to be named captain, it seems AVB has other ideas…

  5. John@spurs says:

    He is quality and should be starting along side kaboul or Daws but might bed him in easily and not shrow him into the epl as soon as the newcascle game

  6. tengboon says:

    Must remember that Kaboul and Dawson are right-sided players, Vertongen is left-sided, Caulker and Gallas play both sides equally comfortably. Kaboul and Vertongen for me, with Caulker and Gallas second string, Dawson 5th choice. If only he’d stop hoofing it and learn to work it out through the mid-field on the ground!

  7. Keiran says:

    Yes, but I’m more in favour of pushing him to the left, keeping Dawson/Caulker and Kaboul in the centre.

  8. mike haas says:

    If you have to you can also play him at left back & pair Dawson or Caulker with Kaboul bit more defencive than with Bennie on the left but gives midfield more freedom

  9. graham kennefick says:

    id play vertongen at left side centre back with kaboul on the right ,both have good height , vertongen has bags of skill and kaboul is one of the quickest cebtre backs in europe, with walker on the right BAE on the left a midfield of parker ,, sandro and rafa and bale lennon and daimio up front ,great team if we manage to sign the brazilian forward. come u spurs

  10. Ross says:

    Not on last nights showing. He looks very slow lads. Expect lots of nice passing but with no pace.

  11. Charles says:

    Difficult decision,they all strong points.Kaboul is a must play and good luck to the second choice.
    I see Sandro scored a great goal for Brazil this afternoon.

  12. Christopher France says:

    No chance beni get dropped this system Will need attacking full BKS. Could even go Kaboul at right back pushing walker further forward. It worked for bale.

  13. mohammed saloojee says:

    yes, definite starter alongside younes kaboul

  14. gaz says:

    In all fairness the whole defence has been exposed in the usa..we have been caught out far to many times with simple balls over the top. We need to sort that out before the start of the season whoever plays..Cmon boys sort it out. COYS

  15. Dave says:

    Vertonghen will be the first defender on the team sheet he is a fantastic defender. He is exactly what we need!

  16. richie says:

    I assumed he was going to partner Kaboul. Too slow to play with Dawson. Dawson too slow and clumsy to start. Being appointed club captain doesn’t mean Dawson will be an automatic starter I hope.

  17. spursguv says:

    Caulker is a young lad but a good footballer with a surprising turn of speed. You don’t see him use it often as his positional play is very good. I think Vertonghen starts and the other fight for the second spot. But Gallas is still a good choice too. I think seniority with come into play but if Vertonghen and Caulker were together it wouldn’t bother me. The thought of Dawson returning is what nightmares are made of. As is hudd and Jenas, that’s going backwards. All of these three have been rubbish for a fair while now. it looks like a decent season coming up. Spurs played a little deeper v red bulls and looked a lot more comfortable. Still have sandro, Parker and Gio to come back. So long as AVB give places on merit anyone will do, as they’d have to earn their spot. Siggy playing well too.

  18. richie says:

    @spursguv sorry mate but you aint got a clue. Kaboul is going to be first choice. What exactly has Vertongen done that would make him 1st choice? All he has done is play well in a league that is not even championship standard. I think he will prove to be a good player but there is no way he would be above the proven outstanding Kaboul. Hudd is the best passer of a ball in the league bar none the last time he was fully fit we qualified for the champions league on the back of him playing most of the games. How is the return of the best passer of a ball in the league going backwards? Clueless.

  19. Gerard Colhoun says:

    We need a left back who can defend, play him there?

  20. Shane says:

    What a stupid question. Is a new signing who has never played in the Premier League an automatic choice? Of course not you idiot.

    This article is up to your usual standard, appalling.

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