Is Parker injury news really a blow?

At the end of July, we commented on the possibility of Scott Parker missing the start of the campaign after a long period of struggle with an Achilles problem.

At the time, the club were hopeful that the midfielder could avoid surgery on the problem but those hopes have been shattered with the news that Scott is set to go under the knife.

The early prognosis from the club suggests that Parker will miss six weeks of the season and that will take him towards the end of September before a possible return to action.

With Sandro eager to grab his chance however, will this really be the disaster that some reports are suggesting?

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21 Responses

  1. Zagreb Bar says:

    Not a disaster but certainly a blow. Parker was one of our best players last season, is a leader and should be our captain next season. Hopefully he will be back soon.

  2. clewee says:

    I actually don’t think it is that big an issue. I think Parker is great but I do think that we need to give Sandro a chance. He has looked good when he has come on and is better on the ball than Parker. Would be great to see him take the position and make it his own for a number of years to come.

  3. Lee Anderson says:

    A run in the side will do Sandro no harm whatsoever, playing well for Brazil so no reason he should not do the same for us, could do with signing a few of his team-mates Damiao in particular and what about that Ganso?! COYS

  4. Andrew says:

    I am actually delighted by this news (without seeming sadistic) because Sandro is by far the better player and should start ahead of Parker, so this just gives him a chance to prove that he deserves a first team spot.

  5. yiddo007 says:

    Of course it’s a blow. People forget how influential Parker was last season. Not only in his play, but his ability to get the team going. Either way, I can’t see this affecting Sandro as I think both players will make the starting 11.

    • JPG466 says:

      with Hudd back into the holding equation, we are covered well in those 2 positions.. that is if we do play a 4-2-3-1…
      Hudd & Sandro look like a lethal combo..

      the question marks still lie further afield… the Modric affair.. still no top striker… VDV so injury prone

  6. JayMon says:

    I’m with Andrew. I think Sandro is a much better player than Parker, although Parker conducts himself in such a way that makes him a leader on the pitch.

    I see this being the season that Parker is phased out for Sandro anyway. There will be games where they play together as well.

  7. TonyRich says:

    Why would you want AVB to have LESS of our best players to choose from? Surely a better scenario would be to have BOTH Parker and Sandro available. It is clear that Harry preferred Parker, but Harry ain’t here remember! AVB may well have played Sandro instead regardless. So for that reason it is a huge blow, although perhaps he will only miss the first 3 weeks…..and there is usually an early international break… he probably would not miss too many games. However, he misses pre-season HUGE BLOW, he will have to gain match fitness and acclimatize to new system during EPL matches – HUGE BLOW. Come on guys, think outside the box. There is NO positive in this. Parker is still the better player because he is proven, and Sandro has only the end of 2 seasons in EPL as proof.

  8. nikitak13 says:

    Stupid blog, of course its a blow to have any of your senior players out with injury

  9. JPG466 says:

    with Hudd back into the holding equation, we are covered well in those 2 positions.. that is if we do play a 4-2-3-1…
    Hudd & Sandro look like a lethal combo..

    the question marks still lie further afield… the Modric affair.. still no top striker… VDV so injury prone

  10. mike haas says:

    We’ve just got to hope Hudd gets fit and gets his sights working and Sandro doesn’t get injured then not too bad. Scott’s still a great player and we need him back ASAP.

  11. mike haas says:

    What the hell’s going on about a striker though. We need at least one. Stop messing about Daniel.

  12. ian wright says:

    na hes rubbish keeps going backwards likes rolling round on the floor

  13. rich g says:

    as opposed to rolling around with little boys eh

  14. Jordan B says:

    Yes it will be a blow as I dont think we’ll be playing a 4-3-3 or a 4-4-1-1 but more of a 4-2-3-1 with 2 holding defenders where Parker and Sandro would be the 2 shielding the defence!

  15. Ossie Throb says:

    I will tell you something that is a fact, Thud will not be any faster than he was. The next fairy tale you lot will want to come true is Jenas and Thud in midfield – Anyone for Juande?

  16. Toby says:

    Are you serious….. Do you remember how the start of last season went without parker, or modric playing in the middle… Man U and City tore us apart…..

    • Bcee says:

      Sandro was out injured then too…had Kranjcar and Livermore in the middle, and way before Livermore had been blooded. Baptism of fire.

  17. AaronN17 says:

    Huddlestone is nowhere near good enough for Spurs. We have way too many average over rated players. Time to buy some decent players or we will always be the nearly boys. Harsh as it sounds its a fact!

    • TonyRich says:

      If you are talking about facts, then it is a fact that Huddlestone anchored our midfield in our best ever Premiership season – at the age of 22-23, playing 33 games out of 38. That proves that he is capable.

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