During Harry Redknapp’s finest wheeling and dealing days, a major tournament would be invariably followed by a flood of new players at his club, most of whom were relatively unknown before those tournaments began.

If our ex manager were still here, he might just be looking at the Olympics’ top scorer Moussa Konate – then again, because the Senegalese striker is the right side of 30 maybe he wouldn’t.

However, although Tottenham’s name may or may not be involved, it is likely that a great deal of speculation regarding the 19 year old’s future will follow once the Olympics is over.

His assistant coach at Senegal, Aliou Cisse is certain as to where he wants Konate to play.

“Moussa is only 19 and he already has four goals. I do hope one of the English clubs come and sign him,” Cisse said.

Konate is currently at Maccabi Tel Aviv where his record of eight goals in 42 appearances isn’t that spectacular. However, he seems to rise to the bigger occasion and has two strikes in his three full caps along with the four goals at London 2012 so far.

There is no suggestion whatsoever that Spurs are linked but as a fourth striking option this could be a good shout. Furthermore, the club have been connected with worse strikers than Moussa Konate in the last 12 months.



  1. First…………………………….
    Your stories weak….You might as just say we’re in for Messi, because of the impact Ossie Ardilles and Ricky Villa had in the early 80’s. And he grew up watching ‘Tootingham’.

    What next…? Because AVB speaks Portuguese like the Brazilians, we’re signing every Brazilian superstar for sure.

  2. I reckon that’s a great shout, was thinking it myself. Hasn’t done too well at club level, but oh well.

    Also just looking at St. Etienne because I like the shirt really, and think Aubameyang and Ruffier would solve two of our problems instantly. The club’s not even in the Europa League, and both players have been linked to clubs like Milan, Juventus and City in the recent past…may be worth a look.

    • Wow you’re a genius spurs4 life. There’s just the matter of reality to deal with and we’re rocking!

      Lay off the football manager program’s mate. They are referred to as fantasy leagues or games for a reason.

  3. Just bring in someone. We’re running out of time and we need to make a few signings before the big kick off. 2 strikers Remy and Damiao would be my choice and keep Defoe and Gio. I’d love it if we got Hulk put think that would be pushing the budget. A midfielder – Moutinho to replace Modric who is 99% to leave and I would also bring in Butland to eventually take over from Freidel. Sort it Mr Levy, let’s not leave it too late and drop early points because of it. To balance the books sell Gallas, Bentley, Jenas, Gomas, Bassong and Modric.

    • Another armchair fantasy manager. Name me one other striker you would like at Spurs. One not banded about by everyone else. I wager you’ve never seen or know anything about any of these players you mention.

    • I agree. I’ll trust DL & AVB to make the right choices, but MAKE THEM for crying out loud. Get the platters in with time to settle b4 the season starts!

  4. bring damiao,rondon,alan dzagoev,lewandowski,stekelenburg,
    cissokho and allen is enough for TOTTENHAM to be a great team

    • Ditto to above regurgitated waffle. All based on what has been said online for days and has no actual thought to it at all.

      “I know, I’ll try and sound knowledgable about things by saying what I’ve heard online”.

      Trouble is fella it has the opposite affect. If you are going to mention names back it up with your thoughts on them. Why are they your choices? Shhhhhhh hear that silence.

  5. It should be Stekelenburg/Lloris, Moutinho (with/without Modric leaving), Damiao and Lewandowski…Not too keen on Dzagoev as history says that russians just simply cant play with us (rebrov, pavy)..But I would welcome Berbatov back to the Lane though…he’s one striker who can hold up play and has a brilliant eye for goal..just the kind of striker we need…

  6. Ifzan August 4, 2012 at 7:11 am

    bring damiao,rondon,alan dzagoev,lewandowski,stekelenburg,
    cissokho and allen is enough for TOTTENHAM to be a great team

    7 players, is that quite enough for you? Ah, is 9 enough including Sigurdsson and Vertonghen?

    • That’s how many he’s heard talked about on the web. List them all and there’s a greater chance of one being right. LOL. Muppets.

  7. Obviously we all want to do FIFA 13 manager
    Mode/man city mode but let’s be serious are we gonna get stelkenburg , hulk , mountinho , remy , lewondowski : we are more likely to get Allen , rondon , butland etc if that

  8. So Mark who are your choices and why?? Berby’s a good idea i reckon even though he did stuff us…cheapish,proven and holds the ball,just what we need.On top of that forward wise id give gio a pop to impress as never been given the chance and i wud also consider fletcher or carroll as cheaper options up top…are we really gunna get the likes of damiao etc not bein in the C league…really?? i wish we could…elsewhere yeah we need a keeper but not priority and skeltenberg was bad at euros…need left back cover(despite vertongen’s arrival) and left wing cover for bale let,s hope levy’s got some pennies to spend eh!!!

    • I have to admit to have little knowledge of players outside the premiership so cannot comment on the names mentioned. I know some have had good seasons, but have no info on their particular attributes. Up front is where we need some strengthening. I don’t go along with this Gio not given a chance stance (he’s not a striker either). He’s had the same chance as everyone. There’s an issue with him… Playboy maybe? That meant Barca let him go and we loaned him out. I think someone with Berbas skills would be great, but I’d prefer to see someone with a more team oriented hard working attitude. Someone in the mould of Carroll would be effective. Bit of muscle up front. Get in amongst defenders and pick up those crosses from the wide boys. Playing with Defo could be workable. Of course there is Ade too. If we can keep a proven player then let’s do it. Watching Bellamy in the Olympics I feel it’s a pity he’s getting on. Bit of a nasty git, but affective. It’s that attitude we need, a striker that would run through walls to win. So… Big fella, holds ball up well, works hard and will never give up (parkeresque). Any of these foreign imports it that? Lorente seemed to from what I saw, but as I say others I have little exposure to.

  9. The Gio reckonin was more towards cover as he’s never really been given a run of games.i would presume footballers depend a lot on confidence and a run in the side might give him what he needs to top his potential,however yeah maybe not..my concern in our squad this season apart from the obvious(up top)is quality cover on both sides,backs and wings.If lennons out whos there VDV!!Really??If Bales out whos there modric??(if hes with us)Same goes with BAE and Walker..thats what concerns me…middle of park no prob and with vertonghen in and dawson back no prob there either…hmmm wot to do??Anyway back to the forward prob..total agreement a decent holdin forward and yer right lorente wud be perfect class last season in europa shame we dint see him in euros,not his fault mind…LETS DREAM


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