When Andre Villas-Boas arrived at White Hart Lane, there was talk that he’d offered a number of fringe players the chance to prove themselves under his tenure. One such player was David Bentley.

“I’ve already spoken to the manager and he just said, ‘You’ve got a clean slate, so do what you can do and try to impress,” the player said last month.

“This is a chance for me to get back on the good wave now and, if I can be a part of it, that’d be great.”

After a number of pre-season games however, the media has decided once again that Bentley has no future at the club and have linked him with permanent moves to QPR or Fulham. If that’s true, it will be interesting to see whether a permanent transfer can be arranged or whether the club continue with pointless loan deals.

Putting that issue to one side, of those that have seen pre-season quite closely, has Bentley wasted his final opportunity to establish himself at the Lane?




  1. I thought Bentley did okay during the United States tour. Can’t be easy for him knowing that he ”should” have been a regular favourite in the team now, rather than on the fringes. It is probably time to cut our losses, though, so perhaps include him in a bid for Dembele, Moses, etc.

  2. Sorry but he was really bad in the games that I saw. He is never a left winger but when he had a few shooting chances he should have done a hell of a lot better.
    Taxi fr Bentley , big time

  3. Pointless loan deals? Kyle Walker, Caulker, Kane, Naughton. The loans could be made for 2 reasons. 1. Give a young player an opportunity to develop on a higher level than the reserve league can offer. 2. Send an older player on loan to a club were he will get a chance to play and to rebuild confidence. That said, Bentley should look at dvd’s of himself from the Blackburn days. There he played without all the trickery. He went straight on target and was constant danger

  4. Bentley has no chance of staying his pre season was pathetic.
    Adebayor, Gaston Ramirez and Damiao will be our signings.

    • Unlikely. I think both Chelsea and Liverpool and some other clubs are in it for Gaston Ramirez, which means Levy either wont join the price-race or Ramirez chooses the club with the highest salary.

      The Adebayor deal has stalled due to his wage-demands. The only way we could get him is if City will accept to take part of the funding of his salary. It might happen as the other option is Adebayor sitting out, not playing, earning his full salary and City loses all. Then he will be a bosman-player afterwards. But it seems to me that Levy is looking elsewhere because of his determination to bring in a player for a sound fee who wants to play for the shirt and not only going where the moneypile is biggest. What would happen is hard to tell now. Time is running out.

      Damiao might still be coming to WHL. But since we’re talking about Spurs, its easy to think that he is yet another “could have been”. Probably it will end up with Levy pulling the lever, saying the asking price is 2m to high, and we will miss a quality striker for the sake of strict transfer-policy.

      Funny to think about how much wasted cash we’ve spent the last years on junk. And all the good players we could have gotten for just a little bit more.

  5. I went to the stevenage and watford games. 2 opponents that even in pre season mode an established premier league player should be able to shine or at least beat a man. In both game Bentley was the worst player on the pitch, closely followed by Livermore. Bentley hrs the ball, turns back and lays in off, might as well not be there. No pace, no ability to beat a man and doesn’t have the work ethic to play in the middle. Get rid as soon as possible


    • what herbs are you smoking, raheem sterling is no where near the quality of vdv and defoe. these are by far now our top players. and defoe is a million times better than adebayor. who has a horrible first touch and only scored as much because of our wingers. defoe can create for himself and VDV can be a playmaker and a ss .
      so please dude. the rest yes sell. especially jenas. and bassong. and modric to fun. hulk,damiao and loris. we dont need mvila, we have sandro.

  7. He doesn’t offer much flexibility it seems. He is very average on the left, no pace to play on right, can’t play in a midfield two with his work ethic either. His best position is probably in the hole in a 4-4-1-1 system where Spurs are well covered for man in the hole.

  8. Jack, he played 10 minutes against Watford!! I’m all up for being critical of players but give them a fair crack! He hasnt played since november!! Against Red bulls he actually played alright. Not spectacular but better than Lennon, Walker was poor and so were several others. If you are gonna dig out a player, don’t just be a sheep and do it for the sake of it.

  9. Reading the above makes me wonder how many actually watched the US matches. Bentley did quite well and that was on the left mostly. IMHO he showed a good range of passing , he tackled back well and he showed something we lack:creativity. He is more mobile than Thud and he could do a job as a CMFer as well.

    I think that under AVB he deserves a chance whereas JJ seems to have blown it IMHO

  10. I am amazed we are still talking about this guy. Everyone makes a horrible signing onec in a while and after the first 5 games of his first year it was more than evident that this was a shocking mistake. People still refuse to beleive what they are seeing. Well he still can deliver a ball and Im sure he will come around if given a chance. Bottom line after seeeing him live three times in his first year I was in shock at how bad he was. I really tried to deny what I saw. I continued to watch him and must say hands down the worst palyer ever to be signed by Spurs. Really do you think anyone is coming in for this guy?? I will be in awe if we could ever get an offer for him. A Loan would be a dream. start showing him how to take care of the pitch at White Hart Lane as we will be stuck with this fake footballer and if we have to pay him put him on the gorunds crew. A disaster. Most over hyped player with no credentials ever. Complete waste of space.

  11. From what I’ve seen and heard I actually thought Bentley did ok pre-season. Ok, so someone on here thought he was the worst player on the pitch against Watford. Fair enough. But, what I saw of the Red Bulls game I thought he did ok. I think he’s up for it this season, with new management, new training ground etc. He clearly wants to play for the club which is great. He clearly does have talent, whether its been wasted the past couple of seasons or not is a different matter. With the number of games we will have this season (Europa league etc) I think he could have a role to play this season as back-up to Lennon on the right. I think this guy might prove the doubters wrong, and I hope he does.

  12. If Bentley is that bad, as some people say, why did we sign him? He always struck me as being a reasonable player, in a mediocre team, Blackburn. He needed time to “bed in”, and I don’t think he got it. Anything to do with dumping a bucket of water on HR? Both Pav and Dos Santos turn in good performances at International level, so why not at WHL? I can’t help thinking that we would not have failed so badly at the end of the last two seasons if HR had the word rotation in his vocabulary.


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