Keeper chase could soon be at an end

Spurs’ quest for a new goalkeeper may have narrowed down to just two candidates – French international Hugo Lloris and Inter Milan’s Julio Cesar and there are conflicting reports in the press as to who is the more likely purchase.

Some stories claim that Lloris is the name in the frame and this may have gathered momentum after Younes Kaboul’s comments yesterday,

“I have had a phone call with Hugo Lloris. We talked about Tottenham,” Kaboul said.

“He will make his choice. He deserves to be playing in a great league.”

Meanwhile, contrasting reports suggest that AVB himself has spoken to Inter officials about the possibility of Julio Cesar taking over between the posts as the club look to a long term solution. Those stories claim that the head coach met with the player’s agent in London this week and that the Brazilian is the main target ahead of Lloris.

Whichever report is true, it does seem to suggest that a new number one will be installed between the posts before the big kick off in nine days time.

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15 Responses

  1. dawid says:

    Lloris please i would be soooo happy

  2. spursgovnor says:

    i dont know what sources does this website has. but every 60 minutes or so , the web is keep posting something completely out of our beloved tottenham’s reach..
    does this story even come up with a reliable sources?

    we all know our team is done and dusted since the day that cock stepped up to the beach ball to became our symbol..
    oh dear. oh dear.. *sigh


      Oh dear we have a pussy fag chelsea bun pretending to be spurs guvnor. Chelsea are wank wank wank and all their fans are inbred chavs spawned by their incest family.

    • BillyTheYid says:

      oh dear either your a gooner fag in disguise or your a plastic “life long” chelsea fan or if you really hate yourself a nappy head hammer????? COYS!

  3. Johnspur says:

    If you have nothing to say then dont.

  4. Chelsea says:

    Any good player is out of the reach of Crapspurs.

    “Chelsea – showing you how to win things ”

    By the way when last did spurs win anything. your always going on about arsenal but what have you won

  5. dawid says:

    chelsea parking the fukin bus, u dumb twat

  6. akshayaalase says:


  7. akshayaalase says:


  8. Killthespud says:

    New goalkeeper or none you’re forever in our shadow. Just saying.

  9. spursgovnor says:

    come on now you lots.. the truth hurts ey? i hope u lots start to get this feeling more familiar and comfort yourselves. because this feeling had been, is now and will always be with us tottenham fans.. we tottenham will forever in every london clubs’s shadows , let alone arsenal’s shadow.. *sigh..

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