Modric – off or on?

With just three days to go before the start of the season, unless Spurs and Real Madrid are rapidly approaching agreement behind the scenes, there seems to be no end in sight to the Luka Modric saga. In addition, there are conflicting stories as to whether a deal can be reached – as there have been for much of this summer.

Yesterday, the media was full of reports quoting the Croatia head coach Igor Stimac who felt that a transfer was almost certain – even if it took until the end of the transfer window.

“He will end up signing for Madrid before the market shuts,” Stimac said.

However, some parts of the press are suggesting that Real have offered a final, take it or leave it bid of £25m for the player and that the Spanish giants will snap up Moussa Dembele as a cheaper alternative.

Ultimately, we know very little as to what is going on but if asked to gamble, many Spurs fans might agree with Igor Stimac and predict that this will go right to the last day of the summer transfer window.

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46 Responses

  1. Ray says:

    Stimac is sticking up for his compatriot which is understandable although misguided. Daniel Levy may have told Modric can leave if Real Madrid comes in for him but he didnt tell him he could leave for tuppence ha’penny did he. I suppose Stimac would like Daniel Levy to bend over, grab his ankles and take it up the rectum because it’s Real Madrid. If the Spaniards made an exceptable offer to Daniel Levy, I’m sure he would let the little Craoatian leave and if they dont, he stays. Lets not forget, the Craotian still has 4 (FOUR) years remaining on his contract with Spurs. I suppose things are done differently in Croatia, where contracts mean nothing, just some words written on a piece of paper you can wipe your arse with. As for Modric not being given any playing time, who’s fault is that? Didnt Modric go AWOL when his manager and team mates were waiting for him in the departure lounge at Heathrow on their way to the States? The little clown tried the same tactics last Summer but as yet, he hasn’t perfected it. Maybe he should put in a written transfer request and forgo his fee if he really wants to leave that badly also Real Madrid cant think that highly of him if they are refusing to go anywhere near the asking price for this so called super star.
    Daniel Levy wont budge, Modric has no choices and if he stays, be rest assured, his time at Spurs will be made hell and not the other way round.

  2. Colin Williams says:

    Reports last month suggested that PSG are interested and willing to pay the £40m.

  3. mattspur says:

    Does Stimac think that slagging Levy off will make him change his mind?? Levy is rightfully stubborn and comments like this are gonna make it worse for Modric. These people must be as thick as sh*t!

    Also doesn’t help when big gob Harry throws his two pennies worth in – he needs to get over it – suprised Levy didn’t have a condition of his pay off that he keeps his fat chops shut!


  4. akshayaalase says:


  5. noelh says:

    think he is staying for now.. Not even sure real have officially made a bid tbh.. all specualtion, there are clearly interested just think its all brinkmanship.. he wont go for less than 30 end of…

  6. steve says:

    Is it just me or is anyone else worried that we have no strikers apart from Defoe ha ??.. Levy is Pissing me off now, what`s he playing out… coys.

    • activ8 says:

      like u i am very,,very worried that we have nt even signed one striker let alone the two we need(one top quality and another for cover)as i think defoe is not suited for avb preffered 4-2-3-1 formation but he will score goals in a 4-4-2 set up.
      if we dont bring in the quality players needed,, this season will be a wash out and that could lead the likes of vdv,bale ,walker, sandro leaving ,,all for the sake of 40mil investment in strikers that has been well overdue.

    • Mike says:

      Quite agree Steve…Hope Defoe doesn’t get a knock tonight…Otherwise we will be playing a 0-5-5 formation against Newcastle on Saturday…

  7. anto says:

    this is the reality..
    your a second rate europa decent player wants to join have a shit have no hope of top 4 this season.

    • steve says:

      let me guess! you`re a Gooner mug right ?,, thought so. So why dont you stop looking on spurs web pages go fuck yourself you silly prick,,

      • anto says:

        you know im right tho dont u.

        • scoot dog says:

          im highly confident we’ll come above le arse,even with just defoe and harry kane up top,ha ha gooner mugs,we gifted you 3rd place,not this season chump,loves it!!!!

          • anto says:

            yea mind the gap pal.we look shit hot.cazorla and podolski top class.we gave you a 13 point head start and you still bottled it.

        • scoot dog says:

          anto……..fuck me,is that anthony? or little piss-anto? fucking gooners,all them years of champs lge and still havent won it,we were there 1 season and still made it further than you!! mugs,youre shitting yourself worrying about us,thats why your trolling spurs sites haha,cant wait to play you lot,not a world class player amongst the lot of ya,tossers!!

    • BillyTheYid says:

      anto why do you bother coming on here then if we are just a “little club”

      • ROTTEN says:

        you know billy boy why does a rabbit always wanted to race a tortoise, even thou the tortoise are fking slow and couldnt even catch up with a camel? even thou the rabbit could outrun the tortoise even when theyr sleeping.???

        BECAUSE IT’S FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. FedUpWithTheSameStory says:

    Why do people keep banging on about this!
    He can go to Real Madrid – For £40m!! It’s as simple as that. Spurs own his contract and decide his worth. To us he is worth £40m, to Real he is worth £25m. We value him more, therefore we keep him.
    If I went and sat in a Ferrari forecourt and refused to budge until they sold me an Enzo for £500, do you think that, eventually they would cave in and give it to me? No!!!
    Real, pay the money, or go away! Simple!!!

  9. Ray says:

    What kind of name is anto, are you a Croatian clown or an arsefan?

    • anto says:

      what sort of name is ray? are you a fish or just plain retarded?

      • Ray says:

        Do you want to meet me somewhere and discuss it you arsehole?

        • anto says:

          another me id stand all over your face u clown.stick to pickin fights on your laptop pussy.

          • Ray says:

            I thought so, another runner, all mouth from a distance and no balls to actually face up. Typical Arsehole from the library. You’re either gay or a total pussy. Stick to your own website mummys boy.

          • anto says:

            `your the 1 who started mouthin.actin the big i am.keyboard warrior mate.ive bigger balls then ul ever have.ask your wife she likes lickin the sweat off them

          • BillyTheYid says:

            you accuse ray of being a hardman then claim you would stand all over him????????? YOUR THICK AS SHIT ANTO

        • scoot dog says:

          you give it to the gooner twat ray fella,fucking pussies the lot of ‘em!!

  10. bill says:

    how much is modric worth?………if sold to Man u or Man c (which he wont be due to being premier competitors) 28-35 mill…….madrid know the game is to force thfc and levy into a corner…..modric needs to have thought his contract through expecting this scenario…thfc and levy have done nothing wrong except be generous in securing his signature

  11. eastendspur says:

    This can only go 2 ways. a)Either we ALL win or b)we ALL lose.

    scenario a) Real offer what he’s worth (circa 35 million). Modders is happy as he gets his dream move. Real are happy as they get a world class player. Levy and we are happy as we get appropriate bunce.

    scenario b) Real insult us with 25 mil take or leave offer. Levy laughs and waves 2 fingers, Modrics cries. Everyone is unhappy!

  12. SPURSINCE82 says:


    WGAF !?


  13. SPURSINCE82 says:

    anto – in a way , yes.. but i fear that you are here under false pretences. Pretending to know what the hell u are talking about. Discussing adult stuff, with adult themes. Implying that our club is somehow second rate.When you (if the case)support arse munchers and dare focus your attentions on clearly what in all spurs cases, is : The better man.

    Still your point is valid (having better things to talk about on lazy careless journalistic websites). However, if you are Arsenal, please don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out…

    • anto says:

      dont be so touchy.if i was a spud i would be losin it too.3 days to decent striker.a midfielder from swansea.while our neighbours are lookin shit hot.

  14. anto says:

    right spuds im off to t-bag rays wife.that mad bitch loves the taste of my ballbag.
    ill be back.

  15. al granville says:

    It’s very simple. Modric signed a contract. No one held a gun to his head. If he didn’t like the terms offered he could have said “thank you but no.”
    Last year Chelsea was his “dream move” now it’s Real Madrid.
    Having said all that the sooner we see the back of the little mercenary the better.

  16. Ramos28 says:

    I don’t care if its Madrid or Morecombe, If the chairmen believes that a player is worth a certain amount, then he should ensure that the player is sold for fee as close to that figure as possible. The fact that the player HAS four years left on his contract will only strengthen Levys resolve in the matter and so it should.

    Imagine what would happen if Levy simply coward to the demands of a player that openly disregarded the terms of his contract and spat his dummy out in order to force through a move. What message would that send to the rest of the squad? Who would be next to act up, believing this is the way to get what they want?

    For me, Levy is doing EXACTLY the right thing in showing the club will know be bullied into selling a major asset for less than what HE believes he can get.
    To be a ‘big club’ you need to think like a ‘big club’ and rolling over and getting your tummy tickled, just because Real Madrid come calling cannot be considered a option!

    They will have to learn, just like modric himself that we are not a selling club, merely content with feeding the ambitions of our rivals at the expense of our own!

  17. Hythespur says:

    Hey Anto before you go think about this, You don’t have a player worth over 20 million let alone 40 million, now go and be a good boy, give your laptop back to your daddy and get on with your coke and crisps.

  18. Jid says:

    Oh Ray u retard… Do u want to meet me somewhere .. Blah blah blah .. Meet him at Jid heart lane…. Tight ass tottenham Fc .. That’s what yr club should b called.. Waiting around for bargin basement deals.. What ever is free . The tight ass Jids r onto it.. Then they will try to flog it off ten times it’s worth….tight ass tottenham Fc.. Enjoy mid table
    We’re u belong…

  19. Jid says:

    Is that billy the Jid??? And Ray the retard? Come on mate don’t get upset b4 yr Bar mitzvah.. It’s ment 2 b happy time 4 ya

  20. Delusional! says:

    Levy had a chance to get rid of Mod for £40m last season and now he cannot get over the error he made not accepting.

    Spurs fans said Levy did well forcing Mod to stay but the fact is Mod was cak last season because his head had gone/ Now this summer his head is worse and he’s cheaper due to Chelsea moving on.
    Players are more powerful than clubs and that is that. You will force him to stay but he still gets a wage and, in return, for you not having a player worthy of the wage.
    Levy should sell Mod and buy a striker and a midfielder (although it is a bit late now)!
    How can you delusional fans not see that Levy is a cak chairman, everyone else can. You’re team has stalled when it could have pushed on. No chance of 4th next season

    • Spursman says:

      I cannot believe that people can be so thick!
      Delusional!: I apologise if you are only joking, but are you serious, drunk or on crack?
      I thought the supporters from other clubs than Spurs would be on Levys side. He and Spurs are doing the right decision and it’s by bloody time the power is coming back to the clubs and not the players and their agents!
      Modric had a fairly good season last year and there is no reason whatsoever that this season will be any different if he stick around.
      Don’t you understand, Delusional! that Levy doesn’t want to sell to a club in the same league?
      Is it so difficult for you to understand that Levy/Spurs only will accept a bid that is close to the valuation of the player set by Spurs? Oh hold on.. you are probably a Chelsea supporter… you think all clubs can just splash out money and sell for cheap as Chelsea does.

  21. SPURSINCE82 says:

    Phuc£: modric – Anto and JId !! Cunts of a feather grunt together..


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