Our team to face Newcastle – what’s yours?

While the goalkeeper and the striker might be sorted, the rest could be anybody’s guess. AVB said after the Stevenage game that he likes to play ten behind the striker – a good plan when you only have one forward at the club.

The full backs also pick themselves but there would be a question in the middle. Will it be two from Kaboul, Dawson and Vertonghen or will he try to fit in all three?

In midfield, Scott Parker is ruled out while Luka Modric seems certain to be left at home. Gareth Bale claims he will be fit despite aggravating a back injury in midweek but Tom Huddlestone might not be risked at this stage.

Up front, AVB could pair Defoe with Kane but perhaps the old 4-4-1-1 favoured by Harry will be seen once again.

Here’s our view but what do you think?

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80 Responses

  1. Jesus says:

    What about 4-3-3?

    Walker, Vertonghen, Kaboul, BAE,
    Huddlestone, Siggy, Sandro,
    VDV, Defoe, Bale

  2. ROTTEN says:


  3. Anto's daddy says:

    With you in 10 son, im busy with your grandad he sucks cock like a troooper its getting messy! ummm delicious.

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