Tottenham finally announced the signing of Emmanuel Adebayor yesterday but reaction among Spurs fans seems to have been mixed. According to reports, the fee of £5m had been agreed between Spurs and Manchester City some time ago but weeks of negotiations were needed in order to iron out personal terms.

Ade himself says he is delighted to be back at the Lane.

“I am pleased to be signing for Spurs on a permanent basis after finally agreeing my departure with Manchester City,” he said on Spurs’ official website.

“It may have taken longer than expected but I am delighted to be back at Tottenham Hotspur.

“I really enjoyed my time here last season and I am hoping we can achieve great things together again.”

When the news was posted on Facebook however, there was delight and condemnation in equal measures – once you had taken out comments from West Ham fans that is.

So where do you stand on the Ade issue? Are you pleased to see him back or concerned that something, somewhere is going to go wrong as it has done with one or two of his previous clubs?



  1. Morons say hes lazy, have they ever watched him play for us? goals and assists, yes he misses chances but they all do, he puts himself in the frame for goals, and dosnt hide if he misses a few, he backs himself, and i back him too.

  2. What a huge mistake!
    Look at his statistics for last season. Now compare them to Defoe’s statistics for the same time period.
    Look almost the same right ? But Defoe achieved that by coming off the bench, and playing less minutes! By definition that means Defoe is the better player. Can produce equal goods with less resources.

    AVB said after the newcastle game that Spurs wanted just 1 more striker as 3 was the max he needed, including Harry Kane as the up and coming prodigy.
    So we now have 3 but are linked to Damiao and other forwards. What does that say for Defoe?

    Is Defoe about to be wrongly sold, even though he is on form and deadly infront of the goal? Is it another mistake like selling Dawson, and buying Adebayor ?

    • Umm…How many assists did Defoe have? How well did he hold up play? How well did he bring others in?
      Saying Defoe was better last season because he scored more goals per minute is, as they say, retarded.

      AVB, if you didn’t notice, prefers to play one up front, and Defoe isn’t big enough or good enough at holding up play to lead the line. Good player to have in the squad, but by no means better than Ade.

      • Could not agree more. That guy is a retard. Either that or he doesn’t watch football. Or he doesn’t understand football.

        Jem is a great goalscored obvy. We are lucky to have him.

        But Ade is so much better is ridiculous.

    • You seem to have missed the fact that we sold Crouch ages ago and now play one up front – a role Defoe cannot play very well – as a succession of Tottenham & England managers all agree on.

      No doubt on your playstation he is brilliant – in real life,he is far far more effective alongside a big striker.

      Sell him.

      • Why are you lot declaring ‘we play one up front’ as though that represented progress?

        Defoe scores more per game, but according to you that statistic doesn’t count. Yet Ade’s assist stats are relevant when you need to slag Defoe. Reminds me of all the mugs slagging off Harry by isolating all his faults and mistakes and conveniently ignoring the glaring fact we finished 4th two seasons out of his four in tenure. I like Ade as well, but as for selling Defoe; thats yet another example of cutting off our nose.

        Keep them both. AVB should find a way of making that work.

    • Oh no! another stat freak who knows fuck all of football.Ade is worth his weight in gold which is quite a bit by the way and definitely a lot more than £5 mill… here’s from one yid to another……SHUSH!

    • that just shows defoe can score goals against a tired defence. im not complaining about this as i like defoe but think he best as a super sub. welcome home ade, coys

    • To all you plastic fans slanting Levy for not doing what you (muppets) think is best for SPURS.
      The man has done it again.
      Getting Ade to sign on a permanent basis within our wage structure is a stroke of genious. We get Man. C. to subsidide his wages for 2 years. The man is an absolute wizard.
      And when he reveals Llorente or Damiao on Friday I will open a bottle of bubbles and toast on a marvelous season for our beloved SPURS.

  3. Glad to see him back, gave me his shirt after the Villa game last season, after I told him that I had a bet on him scoring two goals!!

  4. Genuinely scary to see how dopey some Spurs fans are re:Adebayor.

    Scores goals,makes goals and works brilliantly in the channels to allow others through the middle – on a different level to Defoe (hence he’s played for Arsenal,City,us and Madrid whereas Defoe has played for….Pompey and West Ham!!!).

    Some people

    • But Defoe knows how to score – couldn’t wait to get back to Spurs – last season 17 goals in how many starts whereas Adebayor 18 goals and he played in every game that he was available. JD 119 goals in 300 appearances for Spurs. Whatever you think of Adebayor don’t slag off a player that has sown loyalty to the club – it makes having a pop at Modric hypocritical

        • “Turn it in with the stats ffs…you people are really showing yourselves up.”

          Yeah stats are a bit boring and not always indicative. But we’re not talking about how-many-corners-won-directly-after-kick-off-taken-by-players-just-back-from-injury-during-an-away-game-against-a-non-London-team. We’re talking about how many GOALS a player scores.

          • Douglas, you are mental if you think Defoe is half as good as Adebayor.
            What ade brings to the team, JD can not even dream of being able to do, he is a goal scorer, thats it. If you want to live in the world where players are signed on how many goals they score, why did we not move for Jordan Rhodes. He’s scored over 100 goals in the last 3 seasons. I’ll tell you why we didn’t go for him, becasue goals are not everything, you need to be a smart, intelligent player to go uptop alone. Ade is just that.
            Personally, at 5mil, i think its an absolute steal, if he were leaving any club other than City he would be a 15-20 million pound striker, if Defoe goes, what will we get? 10 mil if we’re lucky.

      • Unfortunately i live in the real world where football is a business.

        If you want to watch 11 half decent players finish mid table for Spurs but have them all show loyalty to the shirt then be my guest.Personally it’s not for me.

        It cost a fortune to watch matches at WHL and i want to see the best possible players that we can afford playing for us,so we are as successful as possible – and as long as they try their best while wearing our shirt i don’t care whatever else they do/have done.

        • Totally agree but Adebayor for me doesn’t come into that bracket…. I don’t know where you sit but everyone where I sit was mostly frustrated at his inability to put the ball away – if he was a more clinical finisher we would have finished 3rd … I hope i’m wrong and he finishes within the top3 or 4 strikers this year we are going to need it if we want CL football.

          • Well if you include the goals against Stoke and Chelsea that we’re fine but ruled for offside then we would have finished third. Sometimes it doesnt matter who you have on the pitch.

            I personally think that if Ade stays the main man (which I think this season he will be) then he’ll be happy and play well.

    • Couldn’t agree more.
      Ade is world class where as Defoe is a very good sub to put on when defences are getting tired.
      We need both and one more of Ades calibre. I have a feeling it wont happen though. Kane and Coulibaly really have to step up (1-2 years to early,imo) if anything happens to either Ade or Defoe.
      Come on Levy. Splash the Modric cash on Lloreente. He wants to leave, and right now Juve are in the lead to get him. Surely we can offer him a lot more in every department. (except the weather)


    • Season ticket holder for 20 years so don’t come on with lectures about loyalty or who’s stupid. We are all allowed our point of view- yes Ade works hard but first touch is awful and for positions he gets in, doesn’t score nearly as many goals as he should. Is not anywhere near the class of forwards we have had in the recent past, Sheringham, Klinsmann, Berbatov. I have nothing against him not even his gooner past but his motivation seems to be all about the money as he could have been with us in pre-season if he was really bothered about the club …

      • Peter,when you say Adebayor’s first touch is awful i assume you were asleep the rest of the time when he’s pulled balls out of the air and kept them under control and away from the opposition ?.

        Yes i’ve seen him miss control a pass but i’ve also seen him do far more good things than bad – and i’ve seen him do things that Defoe can only dream about.I will concede that he doesn’t finish as well as i’d like,given the positions he gets in,but to get someone who can do all that we’d need to pay £50m and be in the CL every season.

        • Yes have to agree it staggers e how sometimes he can do something spectacular (overhead kick against Villa) but he only has those games once in a while … I agree he runs his socks off and does create spaces for other players. I’m still pissed off at the way the whole transfer was dragged out, that he could have been in and settled – perhaps could even had a winning start against Newcastle but didn’t be cause he was trying to squeeze more money for himself and then the likes of you and me and all the other Spurs fans who put in our money and time to follow the club, who are absolutely gutted whenever we lose etc, are supposed to treat someone who is not that great as the messiah coming to save us. He isn’t that great a player but I hope he proves me wrong by having his best season …

  5. Over the moon he’s signed personally. Proven premier league striker for £5m? Ridiculous! He only stopped trying so hard at arsenal and city because he was unhappy. He’s lovin it at spurs

  6. Not best pleased. He disappeared to many times in matches last season and now he has actually signed a contract for us I fear he will become very lazy.
    He puts money before football and i know its a modern trait but I hate it, as I said i’m very disappointed we have signed him on a 4 year deal.

  7. Really non-plussed – if he had come no fuss and been available for first game then I might feel differently but he has shown that with him it’s all about the money … I’d go as far as to ask why we didn’t put in a cheeky bid for Berbatov it’s not as if either player covers themselves with glory when it comes to how they conduct themselves and berbatov is a better player …

    • he may be all about the money but when the guy uses that money to build hospitals and home for orphans in one of the poorest parts of the world I hope he gets every penny possible. It really irritates me when people say hes all about money then forget what he actually does with it.

  8. he’s an okay player, on his day really rather unplayable, but he only has those days about once every nine weeks. I hope he gets his head down and works hard for the team cos with all the anti-avb anti-spurs press thats around nowadays, a few average games and he will be pilloried.

  9. He is a top class international forward who has delivered for Spurs and the Gooners in the past.
    £50 mil for Torres
    £35 mil for Carrol
    £5 mil for Adebayor

    You chose which gives the best vfm

  10. At that price he is a steal! That is a third of the price of Flethcher I believe and Man City are paying half the wages so what’s not to like!

  11. I am very happy.
    Only total idiot fans fans fail to see what an all round contribution Adebayor had on our game last season, in both scoring, assisting and overall play.
    The way we play is perfect for him.
    I do hope we get another striker in and a Modric replacement but this is a good start, shame it took so long.

  12. Im happy about this deal 🙂 but if he is getting 25 who is getting number 9…….. Damiao? TalkSports Brazil correspondent (Vickery). seems to think its very likely!!

  13. Anybody who is doubting Ade’s ability is moron. He was crucial last season and will be absolutely crucial this season.

    We are lucky to have him. Levy has done us a great deal on his wages as well. Ade has got the best he could and Levy has got the best he could.. fair play to the both of them. Shame that he missed the first game.. but it’s only one.

    Not only is he a great player. Last year he was a model professional. He is has matured greatly.

    All round a great signing. No doubt. Any doubters are either blind, ill-informed or City or West Ham fans.

    • You mean anyone that doesn’t agree with you can’t be a true Spurs fan? I didn’t think we were living in Russia …

      Adebayor works hard for the team yes but natural goalscorer no .. gives a stuff about Spurs no …

  14. decent signing,lets just hope we get another couple,def need another striker.and who is the twat that cant spell tottenham hotspur [askenbfjhwjfc] or what ever the dick heads name is…….COYS………

  15. i’m happy, he holds the ball up well, which we really need.. he assists and scores, and likes the club too. Really good deal by levy this one, all we payed was £5m for him, and 80k a week wages, which is still 25k a week less than Bale, so the clubs wage structure remains balanced, and levy got Man city to pay ade his joining fee too, Brill!! plus, interesting fact, in the 7 years since arsenal won anything 17 players they’ve off-loaded have gone on to win 44 winners medals between them, lets hope ade gets another at spurs before arsenal win a thing!! coys

  16. Some people will complain JUST to complain!. We go and sign a player that DID extremely well for us last season, needs no time to settle in to the side and who on his day, is ONE of the best in the WORLD….yet still they moan.


    I also think that people have too many preconceived ideas about what both Ade and AVB are like, despite NEVER actually meeting either of them. Who’s to say they won’t share a PERFECT working relationship?

    Anyone who thinks Ade and AVB haven’t learnt from the past experiences they have encountered in their careers, would have to be considered foolish, as these are NOT silly individuals. BOTH have matured and BOTH seems to have brought into the SPECIAL atmosphere that seems to exist within the Spurs dressing room.

    You just have to look at the pictures the two have taken today, at Adebayors unveiling to know that they are BOTH very comfortable (and happy) in there new surroundings.

    The fact is, we have a talented young manager, with a point to prove and a top-class (not quite world class) striker who is also eager dispel the notion that he incapable of settling, and performing consistently for a club.


  17. Overrated player who strays offside too often and misses loads of chances. He is nothing compared to Spurs great strikers of the past. He is not good enough for this Spurs side.

  18. Both have matured? AVB is dismantling the squad and getting rid of the most popular players, Dawson, Hudd and soon Defoe, hardly the greatest way to win over the supporters. Ade puts in a good first season for Arse and Mancity, then his play and impact for the team goes downhill. yes he was happy at previous clubs for a short while and yes he said it is great to be back, now that he is a Spurs player this is his first season but “Beware the ides of March” when you might start to see the cracks begin and the downward spiral in his form before he announces he is not happy. Hope I’m wrong but lets keep the euphoria in check for a while, oh and the SPECIAL atmosphere was put in place by old Arry lets just hope AVB doesn’t damage that or the next man in the hot seat will have to start from scratch. COYS

    • Ian my friend, AVB is reshaping the squad, NOT dismantling it. Whilst I agree that Dawson, Hudd and co are popular, that DOESN’T NECESSARILY mean that they are the players to achieve the clubs goals and ambitions.


      AVB clearly doesn’t see them as an integral part of what he is trying to build, and anyone worth their opinion in football can see why given the tactics likely to be implemented by our new manager.

      Popularity DOESN’T win cups, mate. NEVER has NEVER will.

      Also Harry Redknapp played his part in helping recapture the SPECIAL atmosphere I referred to earlier on, but he wasn’t the SOLE reason for it. Harry knew how to keep the players he LIKED happy, and by all accounts, didn’t really speak to the rest!!! The truth here is that the club have done their homework on players characters, prior to signing them, therefore resulting in a squad of like-minded and fairly laid back individuals.

      RESULTS, PERFORMANCES and CUPS win supporters over, not spineless managers who bow to the supporters every whimper!!!

  19. The money problems were at the Man City end of the deal…..
    would you not want to be compensated for a contract cut short? No!
    He’s here now…….let judge him when he takes the pitch,and from what he stated on twitter it seems he is really up for it

  20. Well I never!! After more than half a century supporting Spurs I have been educated and the light shone on how to run a football club!! We should NOT sell a player if he is popular? So it doesn’t matter if they’re not top quality or past their best-I’m told it’s it’s not the way to win over supporters. Some of the most popular fans over the pasy half century or so have been honest triers and liked but in the past fans didn’t advocate running the club on sentiment. There have been many popular no-hopers who haven’t been moved on. You win fans over by the style of football and results and NOT by trying to ingratiate yourself to the fans. Manager are paid to manage and generally have more football acumen than fans.

  21. Good to have Adebayor back but i cant understand AVB wanting to get rid of Defoe and keep harry kane surely you have to think about who is the best of the two now and keep that player who surely is Defoe not who will be good in the future , we need players who can score goals at this level now, be sensible AVB

    • I think you might find it was a moment of slack defending and a penalty conceded by VDV ,that cost us the three points mate.

  22. Why is anyone on here saying we are going to sell Defoe? AVB has never said he wants to sell Defoe. If anything hes said the opposite.
    Adebayor is exactly the type of striker that fits the system we play, as such we will see a better more coherent team which will deliver given enough time (although I dont think it will take too much longer before this system starts to really light up the league) and hopefully Harry Kane will become a decent Prem striker in the same mould.
    I can see a plan emerging for this squad that given two or three years we will be challenging the Manchester clubs. Or am I speaking too soon???

  23. So care in the community is the jonah that has held Spurs back for fifty years from winning the league. We are not in the same position as ManU, ManCity, Chelski, Barca, Real Madrid, PSG, and Bayern Munich’s of this world where we go in and offer top dollar for the top players in the world of football. AVB has done to Spurs what he tried to do at Chelski before the end of August as opposed to mid season. Dawson, Hudd and Defoe are loved by the Spurs faithful for their commitment to the club and have all been instrumental to the 4th, 5th, 4th finished over the last three seasons. AVB brings a new style of play that may be succesful in a two horse race in european football, i.e Portugal where it is a contest between Benfica and Porto, with Sporting Lisbon and Braga fightimg for CL qualification and also 14 turned up to complete the fixture list teams. Bearing in mind he inherited an already succesful squad. He then went to Chelski where he tried to do what he is now doing at Spurs and lasted only 9 months having pissed off the players and the supporters (the 12th man). The point is not sentimantal keeping of players who are not in your words top quality, top quality comes at top price which we cannot compete with the earlier mentioned clubs, but Dawson for instance has been capped for England and was on a short list for Liverpool should Agger leave so he can’t be that bad, Hudd has also been capped for England and if rumpour is true is an ex 100m hurdler so is probably not that slow, admittedly he is too laid back in his attitude, but that was not so apparent playing in the previous system, and Defoe is a current England squad player who loves to play for the Spurs. These are the kind of players that will fight for the club when the going gets hard, unlike your Ade who will shine for a year and then look for where the grass is greener. As for other players AVB has been linked with bringing in, Leandro Damaio, Hulk and Moutinho are very unlikely, Llorente, Sahin, Pjanic, Ramirez and Lloris have all said no and M’Vila by the sound of things is the French equivalent to Joey Barton, skillful but with a terrible disciplinary record.
    The point is that AVB has a mindset and he wants to make wholesale changes to a squad to fulfill his dreams of a succesful team overnight, a team that has performed well over the last 3 seasons and would have been in CL qualifiers had Chelski not won it last season, with players from outside the Premiership who are not used to the rigours of our league. There is no transitional phasing in and out of players, but just a this is want I want to do. It all seems a bit Deja Vu, remembering those other successful in Europe manager/coaches who we have had in recent years like C Gross and J Ramos. When it starts to go wrong, the desent on the terraces works its way to the players and having got rid of the likes of Dawson . Hudd and Defoe who were Spurs through and through you are left with players who probably don’t give a toss cause they are still gonna get paid regardless, step in Mr Adebayor. Oh and as for your top players, er Berbatov and Modric come to mind and at the whiff of and interest from one of the aforementioned clubs and its a case of I want a transfer.

  24. We have just signed a world class (proven) goalscorer and Citeh are paying £80k a week… those who slate Levy confuse me!
    great buy and a great Chairman!

    Viv La Revolution!!

  25. “I really enjoyed my time here last season and I am hoping we can achieve great things together again.”

    Mr. Adebayor, what ‘great things’ did you lot achieve last year again? Pathetic!!!


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