After a period of inactivity, it’s been an interesting 24 hours at White Hart Lane. After Sebastien Bassong completed his move to Norwich, the club finally announced the permanent signing of Emmanuel Adebayor before it was confirmed that we had accepted a bid from QPR from Michael Dawson.

The moves have spurred the media to link the club with even more deals this week and one of the names being widely mentioned is that of Brazilian international Willian. The 24 year old is currently in the Ukraine with Shakhtar Donetsk and his name has been mentioned on a number of occasions in the past.

Chelsea were reported to have made a bid earlier this summer but that was rejected. The player’s current employers were open to a move however and it’s being suggested that Spurs are ready to step in.

A versatile player, Willian can be used as a main striker, a winger or an attacking midfielder but is he really the nest piece in AVB’s jigsaw?




    • PLAYERS OUT Alex Song 15M
      Robin van Persie 24M
      Kyle Bartley Undisclosed Amount
      Ryo Miyaichi On Loan
      Benik Afobe On Loan
      Pedro Botelho Undisclosed Amount
      Carlos Vela Undisclosed Amount
      Denilson On Loan
      Gavin Hoyte Released
      Manuel Almunia Released
      Rhys Murphy Free Transfer
      Nico Yennaris Loan : Expired
      Benik Afobe Loan : Expired
      Andrey Arshavin Loan : Expired
      Craig Eastmond Loan : Expired PLAYERS IN Santi Cazorla Undisclosed Amount
      Olivier Giroud Undisclosed Amount
      Lukas Podolski Undisclosed Amount EVEN BETTER PROGRESS

    • Of course. We have an overloaded squad and need to replace quantity with quality. And if players aren’t getting games or don’t fit the system, then better to get fees in and free up wages, whilst removing players who might be bitter about not getting games. You have the same problem with Bendtner, Chamakh, Denilson and Arshavin – I bet you’d gladly replace those 4 with 2 players you actually want?

    • Another thing Mr. Gooner; Willian is an attractive signing for us because of his versatility because he can be used as a winger, striker or attacking midfielder which is an excellent asset to have rather than keep around two slow, unathletic players who would barely see first team play. Mind you, Thudd has a lazer range finder in both boots and he releases his shots with venom. Also, he’s a good tackler and he has very good passing ability and can play the attacking midfield role but again, maybe would be too slow on the counter attack. I think we’ll not like to part with Thudd, but he doesn’t fit the system unfortunately.

    • I am a batty man, i likes it up the gary glitter. My team relied m Martin Fulop to fluke 3rd, No Rvp makes us bitter im a battyman gooner yes i am.

  1. Yes. Two who weren’t going to play and generate some cash. One who will play every game and for a very low fee. Sure sounds like progress to anybody who isn’t a fan of a rival…

  2. Its called refinement dear girl…
    its where you got rid of the unwanted and make upgrades to the existing squad.
    Woolwich FC seem to be doing the opposite with Song and RVP leaving

        • No abuse from me Mr. Gooner, just facts. Olivier Giroud is and Lukas Podolski are supposed to more than be better covers for RVP leaving, especially now that you have Santi Carzola, but if teh goals don’t come and you struggle in your first 5-6 games, Wenga could be in a heap of trouble.

          • Let’s face it Andrew, if the goals dry up for any team the manager’s in trouble, the only thing is in the eyes of the owner, Wenger is untouchable. Just look around and try to pick a replacement for him. Very few could do what he has done for the last ten seasons with such a limited budget.

            All new managers come in with the idea to spend big money on rebuilding the squad in their own image. Very few last more than a couple of seasons.

            Even Mourinho has been sacked more than once and AVB has already been elbowed once.

      • It’s billy the Jid .. Blah blah blah yr 1st game tight ass tottenham.. I hear all these big names getting throwen around.. Are u F***en 4 real?? Time to get of them pills u tight arsers.. Get with reality…
        Yr the tightest football club in the UK.. What big name player wants to play 4 yr tight ass Club?? Enjoy 2012/13 being on the.. Championship football 2013/14

        • Are you ok feller? With all the great players on your team, you should’ve won at least 4 times in 6 or 7 years, and I hope your big-name signings pay off for you this year. Just enjoy the football. The time you spend worrying about us would be best used supporting your team. Have a nice day!

          • Andrew,

            I’ve supported Arsenal for so many years that six or seven is a drop in the ocean. I’ve followed them through long lean spells when the football was atrocious, at least now I can watch them play attractive, attacking, exciting football against the top teams in this country and in Europe. Trophies? of course I want to win them but there are only four available each season and there are some very good teams competeing for them.

  3. If this happens and Damaio signs will this mean Defoe and VDV could yet leave before the end of the window.With Ade in and maybe Damaio that would mean four strikers so it looks as though there is still a lot to happen yet at WHL.If Defoe and VDV do leave will it also mean the money might be there for say Mountinho.Willian plays from wing to behind the striker so that would mean three players for one spot.Four if you count Bale.If we were to sign A Johnson then what.This has to be the best window yet if we do sign Willian,Damaio,Mountinho and others.To think people were calling for Levy out a day or so ago.
    What say you now.
    To Dare is to Do.

    • Stop it with the Damaio stuff he is NOT going to come to Spurs. joao moutinho either for that matter. We will probly get outbid for adam johnson Even though I think he would be great at spurs

    • I believe it is highly unlikely that AVB would want to be rid of Defoe even if Damaio signs. Injuries play a part in every season with every team and young Harry Kane may not be ready and could see him being loaned out and Coulibaly or Gio dos Santos move up to 3rd/4th slot in the time being. Defoe is a good utility striker, not a loan striker but very useful nonetheless. To me it would be folly to sell Defoe unless we get Damaio and both Pjanic from Roma, Willian from Donetsk and M’Vila from Rennes are signed.

  4. I think is good news they are going after a player like this. My only worry is there should be more focus on replacing Modric. It seems as soon as we get linked to a CM a report soon follow saying that said player is not interested in playing for our team or that the player is too expensive or we won’t be able to meet their wage demands. We need a player to get the ball around the field and help keep possession

  5. Oh and yes would love to see Willian at the Lane.Looks real quality and a step up for us so gr8 yes get him if we can.

  6. I depends on the two that are out and the one that’s in. I’m not sure I wanted to see Thudd leave but I don’t believe Dawson would work in AVB’s system. Turning and running is a big problem for him so he wouldn’t be able to play teh high-line tactics AVB will look to use more and more throughout the season. He has a lot of heart and he loves the game so I believe he’ll do well in a 4-4-2 system somewhere else. He’s a leader, so he’ll be missed and I wish both he and Thudd the best.

    Cus lets be realistic-WE WON’T GET ALL THREE.
    Damiao’s signature is critical!I personally think a rotation in a match between Ade&Damiao would be awesome choosing who would be most effective against whomsoever the opponent with the other coming off the bench once we’re ahead-would work,especially alongside Defoe-BUT WILL IT WORK THE AVB WAY??
    But getting Moutinho as the Modric replacement pulling the strings in the middle is paramount.
    Levy needs to get it done asap cus we’re minus 3 points already.
    Don’t understand why AGAIN we’re not ready for the beginning of the season,expect so much when we’re catching up again already because of late preperations!!
    All of this should have been done as the Olympics were beginning.
    I have a little faith Daniel but you must put your hand in your pocket and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

    • I don’t see where we would spend £22m-£27m on DAmaio and also spend another £28m-£30m on Moutinho, so I really don’t believe we’re going to see Moutinho. Regardless of the past relationship between AVB and Porto, Porto’s transfer policy is very tough and they usually don’t budge when it comes on to the asking price of a player. Pjanic or Willian would make more sense based on the price, and based on their price would also make it possible to get M’Vila so he could start over Jake Livermore. Damaio will cost Spurs some money, Levy doesn’t like spending more than £17m in one go so don’t get your hopes up on seeing both Leandro Damaio and Jao Moutinho both in Lilywhite. No need to attact the feeling of disappointment.

  8. what,s really bugging me is that we need strikers..agreed.. and there is one sat there right at spurs..
    SOULEYMANE COULIBALY i mean this young man is pure talent just youtube him… i know he is young but then so was micheal owen and wayne rooney…

    • I watched the videos too the kid is fantastic. I mean he is amazing but I’m not sure if I would play him yet. I I think they are smart by easing him into the first team

      • i totally agree with what you said.. and any other time i would say leave him were he is…but we need to start taking risks. just like fergie done with sharpe scholes beckham….i think this boy would terrorize the premiership…

    • Agreed! I think this guy (Coulibaly) is better than Harry Kane. Let’s just hope Levy and AVB don’t treat him like Gio was treated. In my estimation, Giovanni dos Santos is the one that should have either beein starting over Aaron Lennon on the right or over Sigurdsson in the center as well as he can play striker. Why are we treating our Mexican superstar this way? I’m frustrated, just imagine how Gio must feel.

  9. Is this fantasy football ?? U tight ass spuds got stop playing fantasy football..u tight ass got to get off stilnox and stop dreaming ..tight ass tottenham are not a big club … Get over it …

  10. i be glad when modric goes cus it seems our chairman wont spend big till he has i bet he goes last min transfer day like berdatov did and we wont have time to replace him joke same old tottenham why cant we for once just trust and invest in the team get the top players and then finaly we can finish above arsenal

    • Well one problem is that Spurs always bids far lower than the asking price and when their bid is rejected there’s disappointment and frustration. It makes no sense to me. If a team asks for £19m for their player and you bid £12.5 you’ve got no chance, but if you respectfully bid £17 then you’d be in business. Levy likes bidding far lower than the asking price so he ends up signing 2 out of every 15 players he bids on. Thats a poor percentage.

  11. I here what you are saying about Coulibaly but i still think he might need another year yet.I think we could however let him have a run in the Carling Cup maybe to try him out but not in the league.On Defoe i still think if we sign Damaio (i know we won’t) but if we did then Defoe might want to leave.I also think that maybe AVB is unsure on VDV .Maybe i am wrong but just wondering the way he was on the bench for the first game and the fact Livermore got a place before him.These are two that before this window finishes will be worth watching.On Levy well sometimes he gets it right sometimes he overpays(Bentley) but for the most of late he has been in the money.Thats why i feel to please the manager and the fans and to make the club look really good to a new buyer?? he will make some top signings.Only time will tell but for the first time in about three or four years i am really enjoying this window.I also feel DL can see all the other major teams adding to there squads and he knows we need to add to ours to keep up.A failure to do this will cost us a lot of money and with the selling of players all is really doing is moving money around.Sells on and buys another and as long as he brakes even then he knows he is on the pigs back.Thats why i feel Damaio and Willian will happen and maybe one other.Who knows lets just enjoy the fact we might just be buying a striker at last who can score a lot of goals.
    To Dare is to Do.

  12. I’m glad we are scouting in Ukraine a lot of technically gifted players emerging in underage ranks from countries like Moldova & Armenia finding there way to ukrainian LG, only a matter of time b4 a world superstar emerges from old soviet block & good to know we are keeping an eye out.
    I’d b delighted with willian if price is right, never say no to some samba flair but the thing that gets me is if we have been watching shakter for last season or so I’m surprised we haven’t gone mkkitharyan instead, shakter fans voted him player of season last yr & he’s already scored 10 goals from 6 matches so far this season from midfield & his overall record is something like 90 goals in just over 200 games. Very similar to modric in playing style but he scores goals & is a better tackler although modric would have the better passing range. I’d go for mkkitharyan over willian if it was my choice but if its willian happy days either way.


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