It’s nearly a week since the transfer window closed in this country yet the papers are still talking about the late bid to bring Porto midfielder Joao Moutinho into White Hart Lane. With AVB reportedly fuming and Zenit st Petersburg set to pounce, could the Portuguese be forever seen as the ‘one that got away?’

By all accounts, the deal had been agreed at £20m but the issue of third party registration brought about the failure. There’s always January but will the player still be at Porto by this point? Alternatively, some of the transfer links to Spurs have been put into perspective by Hulk’s mega transfer to Zenit and for all the fuss over Leandro Damiao, the Internacional striker may well end up fetching a similar fee. Moutinho’s final price may not hit those heights but it could exceed to £20m that was reportedly agreed.

In January 2011, Spurs bid to bring Charlie Adam in to the club on deadline day also ran out of time – those who think the club aren’t aiming as high as the old regime should probably bear that in mind.



  1. Good job we didnt get that dodgy cun+ charlie adam….he and Gareth Bale would be fighting all over the training pitch every day!

  2. ……and as for the Moutinho deal, it should have been done and dusted 2 or 3 weeks before the fukkin deadline!!! Levy is a bookkeeper, not a fukkin football agent. He should keep his nose out of the players deals, just sign the fukkin cheques!!!

    • Totally agree with you. I’m trying to work out if putting information out about how close we came to getting Moutinho is supposed to be some kind of consolation for us fans. I mean , in what way does nearly getting him differs from missing by a mile?

      Levy is insulting us!

      • Still could happen in January, just won’t be able to play in Europe for us I’d imagine…probably should look at other targets to the big dogs touted by the press.

        Damiao -> Aubameyang
        Moutinho -> Clasie

        Think a new left sided CB would be a good shout too. Thought Nastasic would be great for us but he’s been snapped up. Don’t think Bassong should have gone. Just had shot confidence.

    • If we had signed him weeks before — while we still had Modric — we would have lost any leverage at all, since they’d have known we had to sell.

      We shouldn’t wait till January to sign him (or whoever) now, though. Get the paperwork done now and have him quietly arrive in January. Same thing for whichever striker (which we still need) AVB wants to get.

  3. I’m wondering if top totty can name another team that has improved as much as spurs over the last 10 years or so without spending more than they are making?
    Clearly Levy wanted to avoid the sort of mess Teves caused and the 3rd party owners where kept under wraps until it was too late to sort it out. It’s only an issue because the media are winding up the not so bright’s to over react.

  4. I think the only thing to improve in the players we are said to be over is the HYPE Joe Lewis is about to invest £50 million in Timeweave share why could he have not spent that on Spurs as he is a co-owner , because he’s not about Spurs he is a business man he is about making money just as Daniel Levy is.


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