Why do we leave it so late?

As the transfer window passed, there have been many claims about reported Tottenham targets that failed to materialise on deadline day itself. While the Joao Moutinho bid was common knowledge, there were also suggestions that Spurs had gone in late for Dimitar Berbatov and Alvaro Negredo.

“A club from England went to £20million on deadline day for Negredo,” said Negredo’s Chairman at Sevilla, Jose Maria del Nido.

“Negredo was not interested in the offer. That was not a day to do business.”

The player was allegedly targeted as an addition to Clint Dempsey so it’s conceivable that something may still happen when the window opens again in January.

Berbatov, as we know has joined Fulham but another player who may come back under the radar is Atletico Madrid’s Adrian who has yet to sign a new contract in La Liga.

However, it seems that Joao Moutinho is still target number one but is this reported chaos on deadline day indicative of a haphazard approach to club transfer policy that hasn’t improved over the years?

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19 Responses

  1. killthespud says:

    Coz you’re not good enough. End of!!

  2. George says:

    Because Levy knows that a late deal will not materialise.

  3. Luke says:

    From DL’s point of view, the financial benefits of doing our business on the final day of the window, far outweighs footballing reasons

    • JAMES says:

      They had no intention of signing Moutinho, once again the spurs fans have been mugged off by the club. Always ‘linked’ to top top players but they never arrive and never will. When the deal falls through at the last minute the plan has worked, make the fans believe that they have tried…

  4. Dannyspurs says:

    Been thinking about this. We sold Berba late so to get the best price at the expense of getting a solid replacement in.

    Doesn’t that rule apply in reverse. We would end up paying top money and most teams wont want to sell if there is no time to buy a replacement?

    I hate it when we get players so late, no pre-season with the team and already two games gone. In the case of Ade and Dempsey, two players who are not match fit due to various reasons at their previous clubs.

    We did get Sig and Jan early but still its always strange to leave it so late.

  5. akshayaalase says:


  6. AVB LOL! says:

    That’s why he got “yes” man AVB. Levy just wants to be centre of attention, Spurs are a cheap second to him

  7. markyk says:

    Do you really believe what a foreign chairman says and is then reported in one of the redtops. Most of it is just posturing to their own fans to make them look like they have best interests of club in mind

  8. Stu says:

    Because of wage bills. You bring players in, your wage bill goes through the roof and you are lumbered with players you can’t sell because other clubs won’t pay the same in wages to them.

    It’s all common business sense.

  9. Killthespud says:

    I placing an order for a mind the gap T-shirt.

  10. akshayaalase says:


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