Our Team to face Carlisle, what’s yours?

Andre Villas-Boas may not have the strength in the squad to field the sort of side that lost to Stoke at this stage of the competition last year but there are still likely to be several changes.

It’s claimed that Tom Huddlestone, Michael Dawson, Steven Caulker and Andros Townsend will all start the game while it’s also being suggested that AVB will ignore the opportunity to take another look at Hugo Lloris and give Cudicini or Gomes a run out instead.

Those likely to sit this one out include Bale and Gallas, while the only option at left back seems to involve switching Jan Vertonghen.

Here’s how we feel it will look tonight but what do you think?

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35 Responses

  1. balders77 says:

    would give naughton a start at right back

  2. judgement says:

    naughtons done his ligs! dont u think he would have started against qpr otherwise

  3. Kenny says:

    Naughton RB and Ade if fit up front with Townsend and Dempsey

  4. Jay says:

    Naughtons out, and you cant risk Walker and Vertonghen……come on its only Carlisle.

    Smith Caulker Dawson Stewart
    Huddlestone Carroll Sigurdsson
    Falque Dempsey Townsend

  5. Koba says:

    Walker – Dawson – Caulker – Smith
    Huddlestone – Carroll
    Falque – Mason – Townsend

  6. KJSpur says:

    I don’t think you can leave out Defoe, even if it is the League Cup, as he’s on form right now and is a confidence player really. My team would be:
    Smith, Dawson, Caulker, Vertonghen
    Falque, Livermore, Huddlestone, Townsend
    Defoe, Dempsey

    Bench: Sigurddson, Walker, Coulibaly, Dembele, Sandro

    You have to have one eye on the Utd game on Saturday night – what if Sandro gets a knock and Parker’s still not fit? Also, Walker is an important player for us too.

  7. Matt says:

    Would like to see Adam Smith, if he’s fit(?) given the nod at RB and Walker allowed a rest.

    Assuming Naughton is still injured, Vertonghen seems the only LB option but it would be good to rest him too.


  8. Graeme says:

    Smith Dawson Caulker Stewart
    Huddlestone Carroll
    Falque Dempsey Townsend
    Adebayor (if fit)

    Cudicini, Walker, Pritchard, Jenas, Coulibaly, Lancaster, Siggy

    • Istillluvking says:

      Spot on.
      Ade needs playing time.
      To risky with Walker and Vertonghen and we could see Dempsey playing in the space behind Ade.
      And very importantly we will be ready to beat Man U on Saturday……


  9. mike says:

    Smith Dawson Caulker Stewart
    Huddlestone Carroll
    Falque Dempsey Townsend

    Cudicini, Walker, Pritchard, Jenas, Coulibaly, Lancaster, Siggy

  10. TonyRich says:

    Let’s get one thing straight – we have a large enough squad to be able to play our best team. If they get tired, then we rest them throughout season. I think that we should use this game to continue to work AVB’s system’s in. Caulker and Dawson are itching to start. Vertonghen HAS to play. Walker HAS to play. Need ball winners in midfield. Possibly could rest Bale for the Man U game.
    Vertonghen, Caulker, Dawson, Walker
    Sandro, Livermore
    Townsend, Dempsey, Lennon

    If struggling, Bale, Siggy, Dembele can come on.
    If sailing, Walker, Sandro, Defoe, Dempsey or Lennon can come off for Mason, Carroll, Smith, Hudd, Falque

  11. try says:

    dempsey will start and sig

    they need to sharpen up a tad

    will be nice to see caulker to he looked great the other day

  12. Blow-wave says:

    Jenas /Dawson / Caulker / Smith
    Siggy /Carroll
    Falque /Dempsey /Townsend

    Cudicini / Stewart / Ade / Pritchard / Couli

  13. James Mooney says:


    Dawson Caulker Vertonghen

    Walker Huddlestone Carroll Townsend


    Dempsey Coulibaly

  14. Brian Owen says:

    Lloris, smith, caulker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Huddlestone, Jenas, Falque,Townsend, sigurdsson, Dempsey then a experience bench

  15. Paul says:

    Lloris, walker, caulker, Dawson, smith
    Falque, siggy, Huddlestone, Townsend
    Dempsey, Defoe.
    Done 3-1 victory

  16. D Doc says:

    Lloris, caulker Dawson verthongen smith, sigg hudd jenas Carroll townsend, dempsey, subs cudicini Stewart, Hall, dembele, pritchard, bale, defoe,

  17. Edwin says:

    We have Big games coming up so we will need our team at full strength.play youngsters like Mason,Townsend,Adam,Falque,Ceballos.
    Adam. Caulker. Dawson Naughton

    Hudd. Siggy

    Townsend. Ceballos. Falque


  18. AmanT says:

    Walker Caulker Dawson Vertonghen
    Sandro Huddlestone
    Lennon Sigurdsson Townsend

  19. AmanT says:

    Walker Caulker Dawson Vertonghen
    Sandro Huddlestone
    Lennon Sigurdsson Townsend
    Falque on for lennon,Mason for Dempsey.

  20. Paul says:


    Bartram. Caulker. Dawson. Stewart

    Fredericks. Carroll. Sigurdsson. Townsend

    Dempsey. Coulibaly

    Subs: Gomes, Defoe, bale, Lennon, sandro, walker, vertonghen

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